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Jul 29, 2020

Heavy pay to progress. The rates for the gacha are bad and along with that the paid rates are just as bad. The pricing for the in game currency is to high and know newer games is coping there pilrices but Rhodes games you can do 2 to 3 draws while this one it’s 1 draw. They draws for paid don’t promise anything good. They are shafting global players so bad and I’m starting to think it has to do with race. It’s not just about you have to take care of people that live where the game is made. One thing is, japan players can get any character in one free pull while global has to fork over lots of money to do so. They shafting needs to stop, all japan made games always shafts global like seven deadly sins is the best example. Jp got good event rewards And character , global hardly got nothing and no character. Wish another eden would care about the people out side there country. Game needs a quality of life improvements. Maybe lower a 1000 crystals for a draw down to 500. Every paid draw should guarantee a 5 star character. Or even lower the price for once a month of 25 to 10 dollars. Game was fun you get a 4/5 to 5 star every first pull and over time not even one 4/5 or 5 now. Spend 10000 gems on ten pulls and only got 4/4 star characters. Just an example of what I spent to show you how bad the rates are. I read an article that they got in trouble for scamming people on gacha rates like the rates were lower than what they were saying and I believe they were going to get shut down but they changed their ways. But now they are doing it again to me. I think they need to add events to get past characters then trying to get them from gacha. It’s a story only, We should not have a gacha in it with such high prices. Hope they can change there ways. If you want to play wait for the news types like lighting, shadow, crystals and have an event going. Other wise it’s not worth play until then.

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