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"if you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly...." -One sacrilegious boi, 2018

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Cytus II

Reviewed on Jul 1, 2019
The game's design is very beautiful. UI is smooth, and animations are good. Cytus II has different characters; each with their personalities, stories, and songs. When purchasing the game, you get 4 characters. The characters' songs are in different genres, which correlates to their personalities and stories. The rest of the characters are to be purchased(and they are expensive, especially the collab with Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku). Songs can be purchased, as well. The gameplay can be buggy, and sometimes when tapping the hit-circles, they don't respond, and that's the reason why the developers kept updating the game. Overall, if you love challenging rhythm games, I would recommend Cytus II.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Reviewed on Jun 7, 2019
Seeing Puyo Puyo and Tetris together is...okay...If you like both Puyo Puyo and tetris. Personally, I prefer Puyo Puyo. But out of curiosity, I played this...And it's mehhhh. The characters were alright. Chaining can be quite difficult, especially when your opponent is in Tetris(or vice versa). There are multiple modes to play this game. Switch Mode can be manageable, though I'm not really used to switching puyo to tetris in Switch mode. The fusion mode, however is not an okay mode(It's hard if you're new and it can be quite annoying, especially your opponent just attacked you, and blocks just fell, just when you're about to chain*Intensifies*). If you want to follow the story, just got to adventure mode....Or any mode than the Fusion. If you want puzzle games, this one can be enjoyable...at times...

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Reviewed on Jun 7, 2019
I used to play the first Tekken Tag , and this brings back memories. Namco brought the old characters(like Jun, Miharu, and Jinpachi). Though, the Heihachi being young in this game was kinda confusing(I haven't seen his story ending in this one, yet), at least his moveset were polished, as well as the rest of the characters. Character customizations were okay. The stories were kinda extra, in my opinion(Check Lars' ending in TTT2). The gameplay is good, but not the best. The game has its few lags. Overall, the game is good.


Reviewed on Jun 4, 2019
The game was very nostalgic to the previous FF games. The best part was bringing the old characters in the story. The new characters were unique and some of them are funny. The villains were surprisingly amazing; the villains broke the stereotypical of being 'bad guys' into villains who were understandable and can be relatable.....sometimes.... (*cough* Sieghard). The gameplay was old school but with new features, the CG limit breaks. But the limit breaks were currently added to new characters, only, which was okay. Kinda hoping that the old characters had their own CG limit breaks soon, like Y'shtola, Squall, and even to secondary characters such as, Ayaka, Wilhelm, and etc.


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