13 Upcoming Xbox Series X|S Games Releasing in June 2021

While the May Series X releases leaned towards humble indie titles, some of the games coming to the console next month are a feast for the eyes.

ByPia AguilosMay 25, 2021
13 Upcoming Xbox Series X|S Games  Releasing in June 2021

The Xbox Series X has a new set of games to offer us this June. While the May Series X games leaned towards humble indie titles, some of the games coming to Microsoft’s latest console next month are a feast for the eyes.

Hired Gun

1. Necromunda: Hired Gun

There have been quite a lot of Warhammer 40K games, but this indie game from Streum On Studio is on a different pace entirely. Unlike the turn-based nature of most other titles in the series, Necromunda: Hired Gun has the intensity of DOOM's FPS action. Instead of demons, it takes you deep inside Warhammer 40k's infamous hive city.

Open Country Xbox

2. Open Country

How will you fare in the open country? Fun Labs' open-world adventure game takes you from the comforts of the city and into the precarious joys of the wilderness. The game's nature scenes look stunning, making it easier to dive into the world's various challenges.

Ghost Warrior Xbox

3. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

The sequel to Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts in 2019. CI Games continues to improve on their sniper FPS series. With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, the contracts look even more enticing. They're aiming for a new level of realism in both their visuals and their gameplay.

Persistence Xbox

4. The Persistence Enhanced

The Persistence's VR debut in 2020 did well enough. But, Firesprite will be doing one better for their survival horror. This enhanced version comes with refreshed lighting and effects, and particularly for the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions, a raytraced 'Quality' mode.

Chivalry Xbox

5. Chivalry 2

This sequel to Torn Banner Studios action game hopes to bring the franchise even further into the future. Expect bigger castle sieges, bloodier multiplayer maps, and exciting crossplay capabilities. It even offers 4K resolution and a Ray Tracing mode for the Series X. The Special Edition that comes with digital preorders will come with two special knight armors and some golden weapons.

Metro Exodus Xbox

6. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

The arrival of a new generation of consoles has led to a few titles refreshing their fairly recent titles. Metro Exodus was first released in 2019 to great acclaim. This new edition harnesses the power of the new consoles. It comes with ray tracing and improved lighting that will illuminate the dark Russian wilderness of the original.

Dungeons and Dragons Xbox

7. Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Deluxe Edition

Experience the world of Dungeons and Dragons in a new way in this action RPG from Tuque Games. D&D has never been this explosive. Dark Alliance offers real-time combat and a dynamic co-op which allows you to slay monsters with your buddies just like old times. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the Lich Weapon Set as well as the Echoes of the Blood of the War expansion.

Alex Xbox

8. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

A game from SEGA's Master system will be revived on the Series X next month. This remake has a world of difference from the original 8-bit look. Alex Kidd's personality shines through in its cute cartoon visuals. DX will have all of the classic levels along with a load of new ones, plus new game modes and features.

Roguebook Xbox

9. Roguebook

The creators of Faeria and Magic: The Gathering have come together to create a new roguelike deck builder. Recruit the best heroes for your playstyle and strategize your way around the procedurally generated world.

Scarlet Xbox


Bandai Namco's latest action RPG explores a combination of technology and psionic powers. A game five years in the making, a lot is riding on this release. But if their trailers are anything to go by, Scarlet Nexus will be a spectacle of visuals and hack and slash action.

Curved Space Xbox

11. Curved Space

This indie arcade shooter from Only By Midnight pits you against "energy spiders" in the curved recesses of their cosmos. Its hyperrealistic planets aside, there's still that retro feel to its graphics and gameplay. Test your skills in three different game modes, and compare your scores with others in the leaderboards.

Descenders Xbox

12. Descenders

No More Robots created Descenders to combat the lack of extreme sports on gaming platforms. Now that Xbox Series X|S is here, they're also taking the game up a notch for the new console. Players will be up for an even bigger experience with crossplay and lobbies for up to 8 players, plus all the natural improvements to graphics and resolution.

RICO London Xbox

13. RICO London

This isn't a remake of anything, but RICO has always tried to capture that modern retro feeling. With a cel-shaded art style, Ground Shatter's FPS makes for a convincing 90s setting. This sequel continues the co-op adventures of their first game. This time, a Die Hard-style situation set in London.