10 Best Xbox One Games of 2022

Games of the Year

ByFeliciano Mondigo III December 19, 2022
10 Best Xbox One Games of 2022

1. Starfield

PCXbox Series X|S

Bethesda's most recent achievement: a sci-fi RPG that’s essentially 'Skyrim in Space.' Todd Howard takes space exploration to new heights. The universe is massive. With hundreds of explorable plants to fly to, and a dynamic narrative shaped by your own choices.

2. Red Dead Redemption


This remaster of Rockstar’s first open world Wild West finds a new home in modern consoles. It’s one thing to enjoy horseback riding in the refreshed American Frontier. But if you get it on Switch and PS4, you can even get zombies with the Undead Nightmare expansion.

3. Baldur's Gate 3

PCPS5Xbox Series X|S

A strong contender for Game Of The Year, Larian Studios' playground for Dungeons and Dragons is a haven of possibilities. It's not as 'open' compared to other titles, but it has enough to have you perform perception checks in every nook and cranny for something interesting. Befriend a cast of characters that will take you on a grand fantasy adventure that's worth your while. Baldur's Gate 3 is your own story to tell.

4. Atlas Fallen

PCPS5Xbox Series X|S

Inspired by the old-school action of God of War and Devil May Cry. Atlas Fallen takes us to a sand-swept open world teeming with fearsome monsters. Despite its satisfying combat, it doesn't add anything new. If you love its gorgeous open world, or if you see it on sale, then you might find this a decent pickup.


You might get whiplash from seeing this alongside other games in this list. SLUDGE LIFE is a hilarious first-person adventure that whisks you into a dank yet delightful world. This sequel means new places to tag and new cigarette-obsessed characters to have weird conversations with.

6. Everspace 2

PCPS5Xbox Series X|S

If Starfield didn’t scratch your sci-fi itch, maybe Everspace 2 can. Jump from galaxy to galaxy and loot as much as you can from challenging dungeons. A spaceship shooter at its core, take your metallic beasts and ride it into battle against other plundering space pirates. With some RPG in the mix, you’ll have to make some interesting choices too.

7. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Another Game of the Year contender. You know it’s going to be a tight competition when a new Zelda game comes out. Tears Of The Kingdom expands on Breath Of The Wild's open-world scope. It’s still Hyrule, but with the Sky Islands and the Depths adding new layers of adventure. Plus, Link’s new abilities makes exploring even better.

8. Hogwarts Legacy

PCPS5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox OneSwitch

A whole generation went wild for the first ever Harry Potter open-world RPG. Hogwarts Legacy allowed us to explore Hogwarts to our heart’s content: casting spells, attending classes, soaring the skies. If you’re a Harry Potter fans, this is a magical experience you won’t get enough of.

9. Dead Island 2

PCPS5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox One

Dead Island 2 deserves some credit for bringing life back to zombie shooting. Messing around with the undead is better than ever with the game’s realistic physics. That even extends to the zombie gore. Set in post-apocalyptic Hollywood, it’s like being in your own Zombieland where you can do whatever you want.


PCPS5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox OneSwitch

A relaxing fishing game by day, a Lovecraftian horror at night. DREDGE’s nautical monotony offers hours of addictive fishing. The huge open waters can be tempting to wander, but the nightmarish creatures in hiding can make you think twice. Youll have to manage your ship, all while exploring the islands and staying sane.

11. Forspoken


It may not be this year's best game, but Forspoken's fantasy open world sure is interesting. Talk about Being Isekai'd into a new world with nothing but a talking cufflink. Sure, that cufflink can talk your ear off while you zip and dash across the map, but the combat and exploration make it worth it.

12. Digimon World: Next Order


After more than 5 years since its first release, this Digimon game finally made its way to modern consoles. This open world adventure challenges you to collect as many Digimon as you can. It’s a long adventure with over 200 to collect, feed, and battle with. Join forces and strengthen your bonds to rebuild its Digital World in Chaos.

13. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

PCPS5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox One

Cal Kestis' return turned him into a force to be reckoned with. Armed with new weapons and powers, Survivor ups the ante of Cal's relentless Jedi journey. Explore never-before-seen planets in a semi-open-world format. You're not just exploring; you're solving puzzles and retraciing your steps, like a 3D metroidvania. It's a complete step up from Fallen Order, with more heart-pounding action and interesting narrative beats!

14. Diablo IV

PCPS5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox One

Even with all the questionable patches and balance issues, Blizzard’s ARPG continues to break new ground in their latest Diablo title. IV's ambitious open world enhances the dungeon-crawling experience with a greater emphasis on exploration. Test your builds with each biome from its five major acts.

15. Black Skylands

PCPS5Xbox Series X|SPS4Xbox OneSwitch

Fly your own airship and Explore floating islands in this epic steampunk adventure. Take to the skies and discover the treasures and secrets that this expansive open world offers. Past its main storyline, you can do whatever you want, like raiding enemy encampments or defeating hordes of powerful enemies. After all, you're the captain of the ship.

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