Fantastic news for fans of the iconic Tomb Raider series, especially for Nintendo Switch owners.

The remastered version of Tomb Raider I, II, and III finally has a release date. Video game publishers Aspyr and Crystal Dynamics announced that they will release the remasters on February 14, 2024.

In addition, they confirmed that the three upcoming games will also get ported to Nintendo Switch. For their part, Nintendo, also published a video trailer, giving players a glimpse of how the game would look like on its popular handheld console.

Players can see how Lara Croft has evolved from her debut in 1996 to being one of the most recognizable video game characters in the world. The trailer also highlighted some of the classic action and innovative gameplay that helped pioneer 3D gaming.

Publishers also promised to deliver 'improved visuals and optimized gameplay' in the remastered Tomb Raider.

In the meantime, Aspyr and Crystal Dynamics will roll out Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft. Aside from the remasters of the three main titles, the bundle will include three expansion packs.

These are the The Unfinished Business, Gold Mask, and The Lost Artifact. All three downloadable content (DLC) remain in development.

The first Tomb Raider title came out in 1996, or nearly three decades ago. The game became a critical and commercial success. Many gaming critics and experts even considered it as a pioneer in popularizing the action-adventure genre.

Lara Croft's character was also recognized to have paved the way for more female protagonists in video games.

Due to its success, Tomb Raider spawned a franchise that included the blockbuster 2001 film starring Hollywood actress Angeline Jolie. The game has already sold more than 95 million copies.

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