10 Best PS4 War Games

Even in video games, war is hell.

ByFeliciano Mondigo III October 10, 2022
10 Best PS4 War Games

War never changes. The horror and the spectacle of unfettered violence is a common theme in gaming. Let's check out the best-rated war games for the PlayStation 4.

10. War Thunder

When it comes to immersing in war, there's this MMOthat's still active to this day. The vehicles and maps are based on real war machines and historical events. Take your pick in land or air and dominate the battlefield. Best of all, War Thunder has cross-play. This lets you play with other players regardless of the platform they're gaming on.

9. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

Sometimes war is not about stepping into the chaos of the field. Sneak in the shadows, 1000 meters away from your target. Perform those breathing exercises because you're gonna need them. This second installment improves campaigns, now set in the Middle East. Shoot your way through five primary missions and take down targets.

8. World Of Tanks

A free-to-play MMO that's bursting with explosive action and strategic thrills. Like War Thunder, World of Tanks is great for players looking to customize and fight in armored units.

It's not set in a specific time in history but it focuses on vehicle realism. World of Tanks tries to replicate tank designs from the foremost militaries in the world.

7. Insurgency: Sandstorm

This first-person shooter is set in a vaguely Middle Eastern country. It takes you to the forefront with so much realism, it might scare the hell out of you. Players can and will die from a single hit. It's a more tactical take on modern shooters. Merely aiming and shooting will not work. Pair this with a chaotic map design, and you get an immersive experience. It's best played with friends.

6. Sniper Elite 5

The X-Ray kill cams are back.

Set during World War II, take down Nazis with surgical precision and leave no trace behind. Sniper Elite sacrifices story for gameplay that lets you choose your objectives. It’s still no cakewalk. But there is satisfaction in completing your mission squeaky clean.

5. This War Of Mine: The Little Ones

11Bit Studios’ game about the consequences of war is a reality check for the current state of the world.

The Little Ones is a major DLC that adds new emotional pangs to its survival-strategy gameplay. You play as a little kid struggling to find food and resources to live another day. Nothing is more painful than watching children making those tough choices.

4. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

A remaster of the 2007 classic. It's not based on an actual historical event. But its story of espionage against ultra-nationalists is one rooted in real-world war scenarios.

Modern Warfare pushed the series forward with its fast-paced combat. Not only that, its story is so memorable that it still has fans making memes to this day.

3. Battlefield 4

It's scary that this game's “War of 2020” is a conflict that could happen in our lifetime.

The story isn’t the best here, but it gets better when you get the DLCs that expand on its fictional war. Battlefield's online multiplayer has always been its strongest suit. Pick from three factions and face off against 60 or more players --a huge upgrade from previous titles.

2. Battlefield 1

In an unexpected shift, DICE goes back in time. Specifically taking us to the peak of the First World War. From weapons, vehicles, and locations, Battlefield 1 is the series’ most authentic depiction of history. Its story was a huge step up from previous Battlefield games. Multiplayer went even further with different game modes.

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Taking the top spot for the best PS4 war game is none other than the final entry to Kojima’s acclaimed series.

Set at the height of a fictional Cold War, it takes Venom Snake and his band of mercenaries on a mission to take down the series’ big baddies. Its stealth and gunplay are some of the best of the series, making it the most fluid Metal Gear Solid game to date.

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