10 Best PS4 Games of 2022

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ByFeliciano Mondigo III December 19, 2022
10 Best PS4 Games of 2022

10. NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23

This is a slam dunk for basketball fans! It's probably the best of the series and a massive upgrade from past releases. It holds up pretty well on the PS4, performance is consistent and the visuals are smooth.

MyCareer Mode lets you play solo. Now if you want to test your skills with other players, there's online mode. Just watch out for pesky microtransactions; it can ruin the game. Despite this, longtime fans of the NBA series will love it. It receives a playscore of 8.6.

9. Pocky & Rocky Reshrined

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined

This is a cult-classic that has been remastered for modern consoles. Its controls and mechanics may be dated but its challenging gameplay is still interesting.

Raine and Third almost lost our sanity playing it. So if you're up for a challenge, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined's cute characters and Japanese setting will welcome you with open arms. It gets a playscore of 8.6.

8. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

On the topic of Remasters, this classic JRPG is a favorite among many gamers. All thanks to its captivating story and lovable characters.

This version not only updates the game's visuals, it also remasters the soundtrack. Its a good way to preserve a piece of gaming history and a must-play for new and old gamers. It gets a playscore of 8.7.

7. Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream

At our 7th spot is everyone’s favorite thick-thighed waifu. Get ready to fall in love with Sophie all over again! She is back and better than ever in Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream! This JRPG gem is a fan favorite, known for its heartfelt characters and classic gameplay. Synthesizing materials and battling monsters never gets old. The game boasts improved features and plenty of side activities to keep you entertained.

A playscore of 8.8.

6. AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative

A visual novel amidst blockbusters is refreshing. The game's storyline, which involves solving bizarre murders, is engaging and will keep you guessing. Its cast of goofy yet realistic characters is also a highlight, especially if you can handle Dante's pervy personality. It gets a playscore of 8.9.

It gets a playscore of 8.9.

5. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

As Sony's premier racing game, GT7 is a true masterpiece. It even works well on the PS4, with stunningly-detailed environments, carts, and interiors. With more than 400 collectible vehicles and support from 30 different manufacturers, it's clear that Sony really pulled all the stops. It receives a playscore of 8.9.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Remember those awesome turtles from your childhood? Well, they're back in retro stylized graphics and they're ready to kick some butt! With Shredder's Revenge, the fun never ends - mash those buttons to your heart's content and take down your enemies.

Plus, with online or local multiplayer options for up to six players, the turtle power is stronger than ever!

“As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and that’s exactly what you’ve got with TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.”, said Twinfinite’s Andrew Macmahon."

A playscore of 9.1.

3. Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West

While Forbidden West may have been burried with all the awesome releases, it still managed to get a spot here. And with good reason — this game is a stunner, both in terms of its visuals and its writing. Plus, the gameplay is top-notch.

There's no shortage of fun things to and places to explore. And it's well optimized on the PS4, managing to cramp amazing details.

Once you see the broken Golden Gate Bridge, or come face to face with a Tremortusk for the first time, you'll be just as impressed as we were. It gets a playscore of 9.2.

2. Elden Ring

Elden Ring

FromSoftware has really outdone themselves with this open-world action RPG - it's the perfect blend of epic adventure and intense difficulty. Hidetaka Miyazaki's masterful touch makes it a game that you'll never forget.

It is… A gorgeous and wonderful open world adventure full of discovery, magic, and the same threat that exemplifies FromSoftware's Souls series.

Whether you're taking in the starlit skies in the Siofra River, taking down Radahn for the first time, or beating Malenia to a pulp, every moment is unique experience. And don't worry, even if you're new to the Souls series, you'll still be able to enjoy this game - just bring along a healthy dose of patience and you'll be just fine! It has a playscore of 9.2.

1. God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok

Looking back, we knew it was going to be a hit. This was confirmed when the perfect reviews from critics and gamers started coming in.

Kratos and Atreus' journey to the Nine Realms is one that gamers have to experience, at least, once in their lifetime. Seeing Kratos' transformation from a god-killer to a loving father is truly an emotional experience.

Ragnarok's combat is so much fun — there's no Aesir god that can stand up to this father-son duo. Not even the God of Thunder himself. With its stunning visuals, top-notch writing, and incredible mocap acting, this is a must-buy for any PlayStation owner. It has a playscore of 9.3.

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