Northern Guilds 10K NFT Sale Sold Out in 43 Minutes!

Northern Guilds 10K NFT Sale Sold Out in 43 Minutes!

The Viking-themed MMORPG, Northern Guilds, had its first NFT minting last night and it was a resounding success. All 10K Viking Warriors available to mint sold out in 43 minutes.

Northern Guilds takes inspiration from the retro games of our childhood. Each of their 10K avatars features strong Viking warriors with unique armor styles, headdresses, backdrops, and weapons. These avatars will be fully usable when the game launches. A Viking could be minted for a minimum fee of 0.08 ETH, plus gas fees.

Developed by Pixie Interactive, Northern Guilds is conceptualized as a "fun-first, device-agnostic dungeon crawler." It differentiates itself from other NFT games with its focus on players' enjoyment of the world and everything it offers. This philosophy must have resonated with the those frustrated with the current state of NFT-based games.

After the successful sale, CEO Thomas Konig published a blog post that detailed the NFT sale and what’s in store for the project.

"The mint was obviously just beginning. Actually, no. It was the pre-beginning. It was the thing before the thing that everybody showed up for. Now development begins for real."

Stay up to date by joining the Northern Guilds Discord. You can also see the collection on the NFT's OpenSea page.


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