10 PC Shooters to play when you're sick of COD

Sick of COD? We know just the games that might spice up your collection.

ByPia AguilosSeptember 26, 2022
10 PC Shooters to play when you're sick of COD

We’ve all seen those FPS games that come back only slightly better every single year. Yeah. It can get pretty tiring being an FPS fan. And it’s not like they’re bad, but sometimes you just need a little change. If you’re as sick of them as we are, we know just the games that might spice up your collection.

10. PowerSlave Exhumed

Who hasn’t grown up on games like Doom and Quake. They may have been low on polygons, but certainly not fun. On top of Powerslave being a fun FPS to shoot monsters with, it also has some Metroidvania elements involved, letting you explore alternate paths, instead of just mindless run and gunning.

Like with those old games, patience is necessary. And you’re gonna need extra for this one since it doesn’t have any qualms giving you a beating.

We get there’s a Battle Royale burnout right now. But if there’s one game trying to make some changes, this is it.

9. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

There’s so much lore, and it seeps into the gameplay. And even if you’re not a Vampire: The Masquerade fan, there’s also the bloodhunt, parkour, and respawns to enjoy. Plus, it’s free!

Now we’re gonna check out some more great underrated titles:

8. Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed

Take over Earth during the swinging 60s and probe as many human specimens you can find. It’s open world so you can do whatever you want as Earth’s alien overlord.

Next, you can try this rail-shooter from 1996.


This PC version gave it more features for us to tinker with, like a new VR mode! If Bordlerlands-like insanity is what you want, there’s...

6. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

A mix of magic, fantasy, and guns. As crazy as it may sound, it works. It still has the familiar mechanics of the other gun-toting franchises. And you can pick from a wide variety of weapons.

5. Sniper Elite 5

This next one may feel the most like your traditional shooter. Sniper Elite been around for a while, and it’s stuck to what worked. The latest has been kind of a surprise though. Sure, it didn’t quite revolutionize the tried and tested formula, but the polishing has been impressive. And don’t get us started on the signature Xray killcams. Still, it’s best keep your expectations low on the story.

We posted a review roundup on our channel on what we and critics think about the game. Check it out!

It’s one thing to reconnect with the true blue classics. For these retro shooters, you’ll get the nostalgia factor, plus a lot of the modern perks:

4. POSTAL: Brain Damaged

You can’t find this game’s crude humor in all those serious FPS games. This is also one in a long-running series, POSTAL. Brain Damaged — despite its name — actually has some of the most clear-headed level designs of the series.

For this retro-style shooter, you’re bound to save a few brain cells if you just accept that nothing is supposed to make sense.

3. Fashion Police Squad

Enjoy a game where wearing baggy pants is a crime. Take the roles of these police officers trying to stop bad fashion from taking over. If you thought that sounds ridiculous, wait till you hear about...

2. Rollerdrome

Where you survive a sadistic post-apocalyptic playground on roller skates. It’s a combination of movement and action. Match your love for shooting enemies with a bunch of fancy rollerskating moves, and you might just survive

1. Neon White

Neon White’s movement system and shooting mechanics is a speedrunner’s dream. Move to and fro from its selection of tightly designed levels and use the power of cards in exchange for godlike traversal skills. Make sure you aim for the head!

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