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Giveaway #1: HITMAN 3

To celebrate the game’s release, whatoplay is hosting a raffle where you get a chance to win the game. Join using the form below:

By Neil Yamit | January 18, 2021

New The Sandbox Game Coming Soon with Voxels, NFTs, and Monetization

Since its release in 2012, The Sandbox franchise has grown into one of the biggest user-generated content and gaming platforms. Building on these successes, a new TSB game is coming soon. Voxels replace pixels and with the integration of blockchain technology, users can now monetize their works.

By Neil Yamit | October 16, 2019

The State of Video Gaming: A 2018 Year-end Report

In 2018, we tracked 10,054 games released in the eight gaming platforms; 18,524 critic reviews; and more than 45 million gamer ratings. This report provides a glimpse into the current status of video games, critics and gamers.

By Neil Yamit | December 12, 2018

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