Multiplayer is Finally Coming to Mario Kart Tour

Now fans can play against other players later this month

Multiplayer is Finally Coming to Mario Kart Tour

While Nintendo was initially weary of pumping out games for mobile devices, it looks like they’re slowly changing their minds. One of their biggest games to come to Android and iOS was Mario Kart Tour, and the studio has just announced that Multiplayer is finally coming to the game.

Here’s the official announcement on Twitter:

Multiplayer for #MarioKartTour comes out on Mar. 8, 8 PM PT! You can compete against seven other players, whether they're in-game friends, nearby, or around the world. Are you ready to play?

As far as online options go, standard match-ups feature two rule changes in a dat and allow for 100cc races. On the other hand, Gold races, which are exclusive to players with a Gold Pass, will feature four rule changes, and it allows 150cc and 200cc races.

It was initially said that Nintendo was initially hesitant to get into mobile games since it could veer away focus from their main console sales, but seeing as the Nintendo Switch was a huge hit, it seems that the company doesn’t have too much to worry about. If anything, the mobile titles are there to help entice players to check out the more ‘full’ experience of the actual games.

Multiplayer comes to Mario Kart Tour on March 8. The game is now playable for Android and iOS.


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