10 Best iOS Games of 2023 (First quarter)

The top new mobile games released for the iPhone and iPad

ByFeliciano Mondigo III April 28, 2023

10. Mini Tennis: Perfect Smash

We open this list with a mobile game full of smashing, but not in the kind of crossover fighting way we expect. This…is just Tennis. If all you want is a little back and forth with an opponent, then you’ll find that here. Plus, there’s a boatload of extra features that will make it worthwhile to grind to the top. Like gear upgrades and a lot of customization options. So take that racket and get ready to smash.

9. orange (game)

A minimalist puzzle game that clearly loves Orange. Whether it’s the fruit, or the color, we are not so sure. Squeeze out that brain juice and fill the entire screen with as much orange as you can. With over 50 levels to choose from, it can go from downright simple, to a mess that leaves a sour tang in your mouth. Just relax or maybe grab a glass of orange juice while you’re solving these pesky challenges.

8. Punch Kick Duck

A fighting game that explains it all in its title. Just remember three words: Punch, Kick and Duck. PUNCH beats KICK, KICK beats DUCK and DUCK beats PUNCH. It’s not that hard to memorize since it gets drilled into your mind as you play. Face off against a gauntlet of enemies that, with strengths and weaknesses, can still be defeated with the same three moves. It’s more than just a battle of reflexes, but wits too. Focus is key.

7. Rocco's Island: Pocket Edition

A fantastic puzzle game with a gorgeous art style. Embark on a race against time and find out the mystery behind this doomed world. This pocket-sized version of Rocco’s Island still has the same story as the original, but it’s built around your iPhone’s portability. So you can do some brain-teasing match three puzzles anywhere you go.

6. Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!

If you think this is a game about horse-racing, you’re both right and wrong. It is about horses racing to the finish line, but it’s also about Solitaire. Combining the classic card game with competitive jockeys is a weird twist. But we’re welcoming it anyway. Boost your prized racehorse by playing Solitaire as fast as you can to give them the energy to win the race. Don’t think too hard on this one, it’s really simple.

5. Brotato: Premium

Of all the games on this list, Brotato is the best game to play on the go. As a potato, gear up with six unique loadouts and fend off as many aliens as you can before help arrives. There’s really nothing too grand about it, really. It’s a straightforward game where you just watch your damage and enemy numbers go up. You don’t even have to shoot, the game auto-fires for you. You simply have to aim and let your fingers do the rest.

4. Ace Racer

Next up is this racing game where you can soak in neon and bathe in the life of futuristic luxury. It’s not all about that cyberpunk aesthetic, though. It also has cars from real-life renowned vehicle manufacturers like Porsche and Nissan. Each roaring engine has its unique skills too. So choose from its impressive selection of 100 cars and put them to the test in a variety of racetracks.

3. Ten Dates

Go out on dates in this interactive full-motion videogame. Featuring real-life actors, all you have to do is just get to know each of your dates and make your choice. It’s the ultimate dating fantasy: you don’t have to risk fumbling the first impression. Choose from two different characters, each with their own preferences, and go all out in finding their one true love. You’ll get to know each date by answering personal questions that can make or break that chance of a second date.

2. Pickle Pete: Survival RPG

This man turned into a pickle! A Pickle Pete! Much like Brotato, this is also a game that’s easy to pick up on the go. Simply survive waves of enemies and use firepower to make it through the day. You’ll also be taking down bosses and gearing up for the next horde. It’s this rinse-and-repeat process that can only get better with upgrades that will make surviving a breeze.

1. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

The turtles are back and now they’re available to play on iOS devices. What was once a console-only game has been ported for our portable convenience. This mobile release is powered by Netflix Games, so you’ll need to have a Netflix account to play. Whether with friends in online multiplayer, or solo, you can go on a rampage and stop Shredder’s goons from taking over the city. But if you want maximum brawler fun, playing with friends is the way to go.