A U.S. Military veteran has turned to game development not only as a post-service hobby. But also as part of his therapeutic journey.

Solo developer Darkware has launched his debut game project GunGuru. The first-person shooter game can be played for free on Itch.io. It will also be released via Steam soon, Darkware added.

GunGuru is set in a chaotic world where players have to face hordes of enemies.

The game features procedurally generated maps and an 'authentic arsenal of firearms'. According to Darkware, weapons in GunGuru are drawn from his firsthand experiences on the battlefield.

It also has two main gameplay modes. These are the Combat Simulator and Explore. In Combat Simulator mode, players need to kill as many enemies as possible. Doing so, they can activate healing spells to stay alive. Meanwhile, in Explore mode, players can enjoy the game’s dynamic landscapes at a more relaxed pace.

The game’s creator, Darkware, said that developing GunGuru was more than a hobby. It was a way of coping with the trauma and emotions that he faced on the battlefield.

It has been a therapeutic journey of channeling the raw emotions and experiences from my service days into a medium that offers both entertainment and a challenging endeavor for the brave at heart, he said.

Darkware also said that he wanted to create a game that would appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers. The game was also designed for players interested in military and warfare.

In addition, he wanted to share his experiences and emotions with others and to give them a glimpse into the life of a soldier.

It’s a game where every player can prove their valor, standing tall against the face of adversity, much like a true warrior, he explained.

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