10 FREE COZY Are Best Played On Your iPad

From cute simulators to a heartwarming tale of love, these cozy iOS games are perfect respite of the daily grind.

ByRaine ColubioMay 21, 2023

Here are 10 super cute and cozy games you can play on your iPad, for FREE.

We’ve already talked about Good Pizza, Great Pizza in a previous video, so for this one, we’ll look at similar titles.

1. Ice Cream Truck - Yo.Doggies

The best game to beat the heat this summer is Ice Cream Truck - Yo.Doggies. As the name suggests, it’s an ice cream truck simulator. It’s so adorable, I want stickers for all the animals and all the ice cream toppings! The gameplay is simple, and since this game is new, it’s still pretty short. I’m so excited to see the future updates and upgrades.

2. Boba Story

If bubble tea is more your cup of tea, then try Boba Story. We’re currently playing this game on our Tiktok on Wednesdays. In this game, you introduce boba to a world of animal people. The best part is you can actually create recipes for the drinks you sell — that way you can recreate all of your favorite milk tea flavors!

3. Cats & Soup

Moving on to games you can play while doing other things… Cats and Soup. This is an idle game where you can watch cute kitties make endless bowls of soup. It’s the perfect game to play on the side while working or studying… the cats in this game take breaks… it is like a gentle reminder to take it easy every once and a while.

4. Secret Cat Forest

Another idle cat themed game that was recommended by one of our Channel Members, Raj, is Secret Cat Forest. In this, you decorate a tree-house to make it as cat friendly as possible. If the cats like what they see in your treehouse, the might stay a while! So, collect sticks to craft the cutest furniture with, and catch some fish. Next thing you know, you got a full house of cats.

5. Summer of Memories Ver 2

For those of us who like games with touching stories, check out Summer of Memories Ver 2. You might have guessed from the title that this game will make you feel nostalgic for childhood summers. And true, this is about one boy’s summer at his dad’s place. Yes, this is also an idle game but it’s not endless. There are characters you’ll meet here that you will think about long after you’ve finished.

6. Sky: Children of the Light

This next game might be something you’ve already heard about, but in case you haven’t yet… you’ve got to try Sky: Children of the Light. Their tagline reads “play together with compassion.” And that’s exactly what this whole experience is about. There are seven realms to journey through with friends we meet along the way. We can take our time relaxing and playing around, or we can go uncovering the mysteries of the stars.

7. Love is in… small things

Another one that will make you go “awww”, is Love is in… small things. It’s a hidden object game with art made by Puuung… from the drawings, to the music. It tells the story of a young couple, from how they met, to how they fell in love, and more. Don’t worry, this is not a sad game. It’s described as a stress-free emotional healing art game.

8. I Love Hue Too

If you are an artist, there’s a puzzle game that I highly recommend: I Love Hue Too. It’s a puzzle that may teach you a thing or two about color perspective. You solve the puzzle, by arranging the colors into a perfect gradient. It’s very satisfying, and the puzzles are never too hard to be relaxing.

9. Deco Neko

Any cozy game list will not be complete without decorating games! Deco Neko is all about catifying your space to make it the perfect home for your four-legged roommates. It doesn’t end with just decorating the room — you also get to dress up the cats as well! But you know what the best part is? Not only is this FREE, you can also play it OFFLINE.

10. Old Friends Dog Game

Don’t worry dog lovers, our last game for this list is just for you. Old Friends Dog Game is a game inspired by a real-life senior dog sanctuary. That means every dog here is based on a real-life dog. You do everything a dog sanctuary does: from rescuing and caring for older dogs, to finding them their furever homes.

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