Indie game developer 10tons announced the development of its latest project. And this time, it will be an open-world RPG that can support co-op mode.

The Finland-based studio revealed that work had been underway for Dysplaced. It is a spin on their critically acclaimed zombie-survival title, Dysmantle. The upcoming game will make its way to PC and MacOS soon, 10tons said in a press release. They also said a mobile version would be released soon.

The developers of Dysmantle, 10tons, have revealed that they will use an updated version of their proprietary game engine to create their next game, Dysplaced.

[Dysplaced] represents a substantial upgrade to the 3D engine used in our previous title, Dysmantle, 10tons pointed out.

As we build our multiplayer technology, we're also incorporating new rendering techniques, enhancing the foliage system, and improving terrain systems, they added.

Players can expect to find several assets from Dysmantle in Dysplaced>. While a release date is yet to be announced, 10tons has started teasing fans and interested gamers with a 1-minute-long trailer on YouTube.

The game trailer shows gameplay of learning to live in the past and saving the realm from darkness. Its story arc involved an unnamed protagonist thrown into a mysterious and magical realm. Players will then take control of the character and try to survive and thrive.

Some gameplay in Dysplaced included construction, potion brewing, and even arcane. Mechanics from Dysmantle, like fishing, cooking, foraging, and harvesting, will also make their way to the new game.

Dysplaced will also come in two modes. Players can experience the game solo or with friends, 10tons said.

Dysplaced allows you to bring along another dysplaced being for a shared experience in the dream-infused world where you will find both tranquility and excitement, they added


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