Video Game Data Report: June 2021

Video Game Data Report: June 2021

June is E3 month. This means hundreds of new titles and thousands of info updates. So much so that we’ve had to publish a separate list of our most anticipated titles. All this on top of the data team’s daily tasks (keeping track of releases, reviews, etc.).

New Game Releases

816 games launched on major gaming platforms. PC leads with 183, followed by the Nintendo Switch with 166. The new consoles (PS5 and Series X|S) still lags behind their predecessors (PS4 and Xbox One) in number of releases. Then Android and iOS games; at the end of the list is Stadia with 22 -- surprisingly, still active.

Breakdown of video games released in June 2021

(Note: A title released on two platforms counts as two separate games.)

Games Added

Learning from our past coverage of E3, we already have an idea of the amount of data that gets dumped. To cut our workload, the team sifted for available information ahead of time. Sources include published press releases, tweets, email submissions, posts, interviews, and more.

Last month, we added 1673 games. Below is the breakdown of titles by platform.

Video games added to whatoplay database

The difference is not that big compared to previous months as most of the workload was with updating. To see the full list, check our new and upcoming pages.

Other data things...

  • We aggregated 2572 critic reviews.
  • Starting June, we stopped adding versions (Deluxe Edition, Gold Edition, Hardened Edition, etc.) as separate games. This has long caused confusion among users of the site. They rarely receive reviews and, sometimes, outrank the main game on search engines.
  • Improvements on data automation. These past few months, our web crawlers kept failing to capture newly-published reviews. We're currently working to improve their stability and performance.