All NFT Games You Can Play Right Now

All NFT Games You Can Play Right Now

With so many games available right now--and even more being developed--there are hundreds of choices. What started the NFT craze was CryptoKitties in 2017, which is all about collecting, trading, and breeding digital cats. Of course, one of the most popular right now is Axie Infinity, where every Axie is an NFT you can breed and battle with to earn currency. They’re the foremost example of the play-to-earn formula right now.

There are also games like Splinterlands where you build a deck of NFT cards and you use them to battle other players. What you choose will depend on the kind of games that you like to play and what you're hoping to get out of your investments.

To help you, we've compiled a list of all the available games on the market right now. This is an expanded list of the titles ranked in our NFT Games video.

Game Name Website Status
2140 Under Development
0xUniverse Playable
0xWarriors Playable
22 Racing Series Limited Playable
9Lives Arena Limited
Aavegotchi Playable
Age of Rust Limited
Alchemy Arena Limited Playable
Alchemy Toys Playable
Alien Run Playable
Alien Worlds Playable Playable
Along with the Gods Playable
Alpaca City Playable
Ameegos Presale
APWars Playable
ARAYA Limited
Arcona X-Reality Universe Playable
Atmosphere CCG Under Development
Aurory Under Development
Avaxtars Playable
Axie Infinity Playable
Baby Burger Time Under Development
Battle Pets Playable
Battle Racers Playable
Battle Wave 2323 Playable
Berserk Playable
Big Time Under Development
Binamars Playable
Binamon Limited Playable
Binapet Under Development
Binemon Playable
Bitcoin Bounce Playable
Bitcoin Bounty Hunt Limited
Bitcoin Hodler Playable
Bitrealm Limited Playable
Blankos Block Party Limited Playable
Block Ape Scissors Limited
Block Babies Limited Playable
Block Creatures Playable
Blockchain Cuties Playable
Blocklete Golf Limited Playable
BLOCKLORDS Limited Playable
Blood Rune Under Development
Bondly (BCCG) Playable
Boss Hunter Playable
Brave Frontier Heroes Playable
Breeders Under Development
Bullrun Babes Playable
Bunicorn Playable
Candy Fiesta Playable
Candy Pop Duel Playable
Cats in Mechs Under Development
Cede Presale
Chain Clash Limited Playable
Chaincade Under Development
ChainGuardians Limited Playable
Chainmonsters Limited
Chaino Playable
ChainZ Arena Playable
Chibi Fighters Cancelled
Chibis Global Cancelled
Chicken Derby Presale
ChickenHunt Playable
CHOJO CryptoGirlsArena Playable
Chumbi Valley Presale
CityStates: Medieval Under Development
CivD Playable
Clash of Coins Playable
Clash of the Aces Under Development
Clickfight Playable
CoddlePets Playable
Coin Hunt World! Limited Playable
Coin Pirates Presale
Colonize Mars Presale
Cometh Playable
Contract Servant Playable
Cradles: Origin Of Species Under Development
Crazy Defense Heroes Playable
Crazy Kings Playable
CropBytes Playable
CrossLink Playable
Crusaders Dynasty Under Development
Crusaders Of Crypto Playable
Crypt-Oink www.croink.ioypt Playable
CryptantCrab Playable
Cryptic Legends Playable
Crypto Brawlers Playable
Crypto Burst Playable
Crypto Colosseum Playable
Crypto Dynasty Playable
Crypto Knights Playable
Crypto Kombat Limited Playable
Crypto Raiders Presale
Crypto Shooter Playable
Crypto Slicer Playable
Crypto Space Commanders Playable
Crypto Summoner Under Development
Crypto Sword & Magic Playable
CryptoAssault Playable
CryptoBay Playable
CryptoBeasts Playable
CryptoBlades Under Development
CryptoBrewMaster Playable
CryptoCars Playable
CryptoCities Playable
CryptoCrusades Presale
CryptoDozer Limited Playable
CryptoDrakeball Playable
Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved Limited Playable
Cryptoheroes Season 3 Cancelled
CryptoHounds Playable
Cryptokitties Playable
Cryptomeda Under Development
CryptoMibs Playable
CryptoMonkey Empire Limited
cryptomonKeys Playable
Cryptonom Limited
Cryptopia Land Under Development
CryptoPunks Playable
CryptoRacingVIP Playable
CryptoServal Playable
CryptoSpells Playable
Cryptovoxels Playable
CryptoWars Playable
Cryptower Limited Playable
CryptoZoon Playable
Crystals of Fate Limited
CyBall Under Development
CyberDragon Limited
CyberKongz Playable
Dark Country Limited
dark forest Limited Playable
Decentraland Playable
DeFi Warrior Under Development
Defina Limited Playable
DeHero Playable
DeNations Playable
DeRace Under Development
Devikins Under Development
DinoX Under Development
Dissolution Limited
DNAxCAT Under Development
Doctor Who Presale
DopeRaider Cancelled
Dozerbird Limited Playable
Dragonary Limited Playable
DragonSlayer Playable
Drakons Playable
Drugwars Playable
Drunk Robots Under Development
Dungeon Universe Under Development
DungeonSwap Playable
Dvision Network Limited Playable
Echoes of Empire Under Development
EggChain Limited Playable
Eggrypto Playable
Elementos Presale
Elements Under Development
Ember Sword Presale
Emoji Clash Presale
Endless Siege Playable
Enemy Metal Under Development
EOS Knights Playable
EOS Planet Playable
ETH Fighter Presale
Ether Kingdoms IMPS Playable
Ether Legends Playable
Etherbots Cancelled
Ether Goo Playable
Ethermon Playable
Ethverse Cancelled
EVAVERSE Under Development
Everdragons Playable
EVOdefi Playable
EvolutionLand Playable
EXode Limited Playable
F1 Delta Time Limited Playable
Faraland Presale
Farmers World Playable
Farsite Under Development
Flowerpatch Limited
Flowerpatch Limited
Folk Warriors Playable
Fomodota Under Development
Forest Knight Limited Playable
ForgottenChain Under Development
Formula E: High Voltage Under Development
Fortified Under Development
Foxy Equilibrium Playable
Fusion Heroes Playable
Galaxy Fight Club Presale
Game of Blocks Playable
GNO City Limited Playable
Gods Unchained Limited Playable
Gold Fever Playable Playable
GoPony Playable
Grasshopper Farm Playable
Griffin Land Under Development
Guild of Guardians Presale
Hanzo Under Development
Hash Rush Limited Playable
HashGarage Presale
Hashkings Limited
Hashmasks Playable
Heroes & Empires Limited Playable
HeroFi Presale
Hexa Puzzle Duel Playable
Hexarchia Presale
HodlGod Limited Playable
Huntercoin Playable
HyperDragons Playable
HyperHeist HyperJump Playable
Idle Mystic Limited Playable
illuvium Under Development
Impulse Presale
Infinite Fleet Limited
Influence Playable
IOI-game Playable
IQeon Limited Playable
JobTribes Limited Playable
K.O.T.A. Limited
Kaiju Worlds Presale
Killa Koliseum Under Development
Kingdom Karnage Limited Playable
Knight Story Playable
KOGs Limited Playable
Koin Games Under Development
Kolobok Playable
Kurai Metaverse Limited
Laserchain Playable
Last Horde Under Development
League of Kingdoms Limited Playable
Li'l Goats Under Development
Light Trail Rush Playbale
LIGHTNITE Limited Playable
Lime Odyssey M Presale
LiteBringer Playable
LoserChick Playable
Lost Relics Limited Playable
Lucky Farmer Limited Playable
MAD COCK Under Development
Marble.Cards Playable
Meeb Master Playable
MegaCryptoPolis Playable
Meme Playable
Merge Cats Playable
Merge Dragon Evolution Playable
Metal War Limited
Metalands Under Development
Metaverse Office - A Game of Stonks Limited
Mezurashi Under Development
Mines of Dalarnia Limited Playable
Mining Tycoon Playable
Mirai Universe Under Development
Mirandus Under Development
Mist Under Development
MLB Champions Cancelled
MOBOX Playable
Monsta Infinite Under Development Playable
Moon Nation Game Under Development
MoonieNFT Under Development
MotoGP Ignition Presale
My Crypto Heroes Playable
My Crypto Saga Playable
My DeFi Pet Limited Playable
My Neighbor Alice Under Development
NBA Top Shot Playable
Neon District Playable
NeoWorld Limited Playable
Nestables Limited
NetVRk Under Development
NFT11 Presale
NFTeGG Surprise Playable
Nifty Wizards Playable
NiftyCards Playable
Nine Chronicles Playable
Noft Games Limited
Non Fungible Drugs Under Development
Node Runners Playable
Nova Rally Limited
Osiris Presale
Pagan Gods Under Development
Panda Hero Presale
Pandemic Shooter Limited Playable
Pathfinders Cancelled
Pepemon Under Development
Pepper Attack Presale
Pet Games Under Development
Pirates 2048 Limited Playable
Plant vs Undead Limited Playable
Plant2Earn Playable
PlayChap Presale
Polkamonster Playable
PolkaPets Presale
Polychain Islands Under Development
Polychain Monsters Playable
Privateers.Life: The Island Limited
Project Nebula Playable
Project SEED Presale
Prospectors Limited Playable
PyMons Under Development
R-PLANET Playable
Rabona Playable
Reality Clash Playable
Realm Under Development
Revomon Under Development
REVV Racing Limited
Reward Hunters Under Development
Rhinos Finance Under Development
Riot Racers Presale
Rumble Kong League Under Development
Rune Playable
RuneFarm Under Development
SamuraiRising Under Development
SaruTobi Under Development
Satvival Limited
Shabu Town Playable
SkyWeaver Limited Playable
Soccer Manager Elite Limited Playable
Solitaire Duel Playable
Somnium Space Playable
Sorare Limited Playable
Space Misfits Limited Playable
SpaceEx Limited
SpacePort Arcade Limited Playable
Spells of Genesis Playable
Spider Tank Limited
Spirit Clash Under Development
Splinterlands Playable
Star Atlas Under Development
StarLink Under Development
StarMon Under Development
Stellar Invictus Gaming Playable
StepHero Under Development
Strainz Playable
Street Fighter Playable
Street Runner NFT Presale
Super Crypto Kart Playable
Sweatcoin Playable
Synergy of Serra Presale
TamaDROID Presale
Taurion Limited
Templok Playable
Terra Virtua Limited Playable
The Crypto Prophecies Presale
The Galaxy Of Lemuria Limited
The Horrors Playable
The Lost Treasure Under Development
The Nemesis Playable
The Sandbox Presale
The Six Dragons Playable
The Uplift World Limited
The WonderQuest Presale
Thetan Arena Under Development
Three Kingdoms Battle Playable
Tides of Magic Cancelled
Tiny Hero Under Development
Tiny Titans Playable
Token Fighter Limited Playable
Tokenplay Playable
Topps GPK Playable
Topps MLB Playable
ToshiMon Limited Playable
Town Star Limited Playable
Traps Playable
Treeverse Playable
Tribal Books Limited
TronGoo2 Playable
Turbo 84 Playable
Undead Pixel Monks Under Development
Under Ground Warriors Limited
Upland Playable
Vero Farm Limited
Very Nifty Limited Playable
VIBEHub Playable
Victoria VR Presale
VIMworld Limited Playable
Voxies Presale
VulcanVerse Limited Playable
Wanaka Farm Under Development
War of Ants Playable
War of Crypta Cancelled
War Riders Presale
Warriors of Aradena Under Development
Waves Ducks Playable
WAX Arena Presale
WAX Tycoon Playable
Whack the Demon Under Development
Whack Your Undead Neighbour Playable
WhaleShark Lootcord Cancelled
Whisper of Soul Under Development
Wild Universe Cancelled
Worldopo Playable
X World Games Limited Playable
XPet Playable
Zeal Limited Playable
Zed Run Limited Playable
Zoo - Crypto World Playable

NFT games and their decentralized applications have literally changed the game and it's interesting to see the dynamic change between developers and their users.