Could Hideo Kojima’s Cancelled Silent Hills Game be Back in the Works?

Could Kojima be mending fences to bring back this classic horror title?

Could Hideo Kojima’s Cancelled Silent Hills Game be Back in the Works?

Before Death Stranding was a thing, Hideo Kojima was said to be working on a Silent Hill reboot called Silent Hills with Konami. The two had eventually parted ways, and it looks like we were never going to get Kojima’s reboot of the horror title, but the rumor mill is pumping out that the game could be back in development.

As per Rely on Horror, sources have come out to say that there are two Silent Hill games in the works; one from Masahiro Ito, creature designer for the first four installments, and another being Kojima’s originally cancelled project.

Ito is said to be working on a ‘soft reboot’ of the franchise alongside original director Keiichiro Toyama and composer Akira Yamaoka. We don’t have that much information on that game yet, but the team putting it together is said to come from Project Seiren, the same people behind the PS3’s Siren: Blood Curse.

As for Kojima’s cancelled game, the working title was Silent Hills, and it’s rumored to be a title that is being planned for the PS5. It’s said that the game is going to be playable for VR, but it can also be played normally, like Resident Evil VII. Then again, this is all just based on rumors. So far, the only done deal is said to be the first game with Ito.

Interestingly enough, Sony is said to be aiming to patch things up between Kojima and Konami in order to bring Silent Hills back to life. Wiith the mixed reaction of Death Stranding, some think that Kojima actually needs Konami to keep himself in check. Though Kojima has some great ideas, some think that Konami is there to make sure that his vision is still palatable to the general masses.

Then again, until we get an official announcement, all we can really do is speculate. For now, you can catch Kojima’s Death Stranding for the PS4, but the game comes to PC on June 2.


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