Big Time Announces Its Latest Mystery Box Collection

Big Time Announces Its Latest Mystery Box Collection

Big Time has just announced the coming of its last mystery box collection this October 4th. The upcoming NFT game unveiled the event details on its official Twitter page:

Big Time Tweet Announcing the last collection

The Infinity Vault collection will showcase Big Time's animated postcard. Each mystery box will have the chance of 1 out of 6 possible postcards ranging from rare to super rare. Those who get all 6 postcards will be rewarded with an exclusive wearable when the game launches.

Mystery box holders will also have a VIP Early Access Pass which gives you an early look into the world of Big Time.

Up to 40,000 boxes will be up for grabs. The event will be hosted on Binance and will start at 12PM UTC. All purchases will be made in BUSD, with each box priced at 20 BUSD.

Big Time has previously released 2 different packs in its Founders NFT Collection II. You can find more packs and VIP Passes on its Binance NFT page.

Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG set in space, with its events spanning different time periods. Players will be up against civilizations from the past and future. Plus, they can decorate their avatars and personal time machines.


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