Before We Leave is Coming to Steam

Help your ‘Peeps’ build a civilization and explore a brave new world.

Before We Leave is Coming to Steam

Developer Balancing Monkey Games is teaming up with Team17 to bring their game Before We Leave to Steam. Here’s the official partnership announcement:

Set in a world that’s recovered from an apocalypse and ready for exploring and recivilising, Before We Leave sees players guide a group of surviving ‘Peeps’ as they chart new discoveries and lands.

Other games like Civilization like to lean in on the war side as culture grows. Before We Leave encourages non-violence. You can explore the world and build different settlements in peace. Take note, while war may not be a concern when it comes to this game, there are other things that can keep your ‘Peeps’ from being happy, such as pollution, food, and resources.

Balancing Monkey isn’t the first developer to team up with Team17 either. Just last March, VOID Interactive had announced their partnership with Team17 for the highly anticipated Ready or Not. Creative Director of Balancing Monkey Sam Barhman said about the team-up:

"It's totally awesome that we're getting to work with Team17 to bring our debut game Before We Leave to even more players on Steam next month. We've been working continuously since we launched it last year, adding a ton of new stuff and extra polish. We're proud of what we've been able to achieve to create a more beautiful and immersive experience for our players."

Before We Leave is now available to wishlist on Steam, and you can also sign up for the newsletter here. There are also several other social media accounts you can follow like Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Catch Before We Leave when it launches on Steam on May 13. For more games, check out our list of the best PC games coming soon.


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