Aurory Releases  New Gameplay

Aurory Releases  New Gameplay

The gaming platform built on Solana and Serum, Aurory, has just released a preview of the project's multiplayer mechanics, showing us a glance at the game's turn-based tactical combat and some of its creatures, called Nefties, in action.

This is the first preview of the game's deeper game mechanics since their teaser last July. It shows a completely new direction compared to the Pokemon-like duels of their teaser.

Aurory's PvP plays like XCOM, where players move their units around and perform attacks on a grid-based arena.

Cards will play a part in the combat, representing the skills that each Neftie can use in battle. A few powerful abilities are already on display. Unika's charge, for example, can plow through enemies in one swoop. Players will have to think about playing their cards well, on top of team composition and proper positioning.

Nefties will have innate special skills and specialties, but they can unlock more as they win battles.

As a play-to-earn game, Aurory already has a few methods in mind for players to earn tokens. But this PvP mode may earn players even bigger rewards as they climb the ranks.

Even though it is still in early development, Aurory is already one of the top NFT games to watch out for. For one, it's built on Solana, a blockchain that's gaining steam for its high-speed transactions and modest gas fees. But, its cute art style is also one of its biggest draws. It's co-founded by Yann Penno who has worked as an animator for over a decade.

Aurory doesn't have an official release date yet, but Neftie artworks and avatars have already gone on sale. Follow Aurory’s official Medium and Twitter for more updates.


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