whatoplay points (WP) Explained

What is the whatoplay point?

The whatoplay point (WP) is a measure of your reputation within our gaming community. It is an assessment of how much other gamers trust you based on your actions.

How do I earn whatoplay points?

The primary way to obtain WPs is by reviewing the games that you’ve played. You gain points for publishing a helpful review as well as for every like that it receives.

To enumerate, you earn whatoplay points when:

  • verifying your account: +10
  • you rate a game: +2
  • you write a review of a game: +6
  • you write a long review of a game (at least 150 words in length): +12
  • your review receives a like (thumb up): +2
  • someone follows you: +2

While there are no direct deductions, for now, you can lose points when:

  • your review receives, at least, 67% dislike (thumb down): -6

Additionally, whatoplay points are only given to actions that other users can see. For example, you lose all the points that you receive from a review the moment you unpublish it. If a user reverses a like or dislike, the points gained will also be reversed.

*Note: We will continue to update how we calculate the whatoplay point as much as we introduce new features into the website as well as feedback from users.

How often is my WPs updated?

The whatoplay points of all registered users are updated every 15 minutes. In the near future, it will be updated as soon as the action (reviewing, rating, following, etc.) is submitted.