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Charlie HallMar 28, 2016
In spite of a few glaring technical issues, XCOM 2 represents a high-water mark for the entire franchise. Firaxis successfully tells an evocative story. It treats players with respect and includes so many small quality of life improvements over the original they are simply too numerous to mention. It is challenging enough at its basic difficulty level to feel like a complete experience. Despite the bugs, it's still the best-looking, most exciting turn-based tactical game I've ever played.
Dan StapletonFeb 01, 2016
With a focus on variety and replayability, this sequel has an answer to most of my complaints about 2012’s excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and aside from some mostly cosmetic bugs, it comes together brilliantly. Thanks to a new spin on the same great tactical combat, plus unpredictable maps and randomized objectives and loot, XCOM 2 is an amazing game I’ll easily put hundreds of hours into.
Maxwell McGeeFeb 02, 2016
With an arsenal of new gadgets and upgrades at your disposal, XCOM 2 feels like XCOM: Enemy Unknown with a million mods enabled, creating a deep and engrossing strategy game.
Sean EngemannFeb 05, 2016
It is the countless little touches, such as your troops whispering acknowledgments while in stealth, or ducking when within the line of sight of a comrade’s shot, that truly show the commitment and effort the team at Firaxis poured into this stunning sequel. If XCOM: Enemy Unknown was the standard-bearer for tactical turn-based games, then XCOM 2 has wrested control of that flag, and now holds it even higher.
Alessio PalumboApr 22, 2016
Firaxis managed to improve upon the already great Enemy Unknown in almost every way, with the exception of multiplayer. Unfortunately, the shockingly bad performance prevents XCOM 2 from reaching the status of a true masterpiece.
Tom SeniorFeb 01, 2016
There’s more you’re better off discovering for yourself, like the weapon mods, extensive troop customisation, Psi-ops warriors, exo-skeletal suits and the story, told over a series of special missions. I can find little to criticise. Exceptionally tough, rewarding strategy and a masterful reworking of the XCOM formula. We’ll play this forever.
Mike MahardyFeb 01, 2016
So time keeps ticking in XCOM 2, and the best we can do is make the right choices when we have the chance. XCOM 2 imparts the weight of those decisions, and that's what makes it extraordinary. It's mathematical, emotional, and thoughtful all at once. It's exhilarating, even in the face of failure. It's compelling, even though we often lose. Victory is the goal, but that's just an afterthought here--it's the complex journey that counts.
Nic RowenFeb 14, 2016
I would love to be able to give XCOM 2 my unreserved recommendation, but I can't ignore the elephant in the room. If you don't intend on playing on Ironman mode, and have enough patience to deal with (not so) occasional glitches, it's excellent. If you were looking forward to a hardcore playthrough, or can't stand it when technical issues get in the way of a good time, you'll definitely want to wait for a patch or two before deploying.
Nick TanFeb 01, 2016
I've sunk hours into XCOM 2, and there's no doubt that you will too. With an unnerving sense of persistent tension and procedurally-generated maps that extend the value of every map, XCOM 2 survives the hype train with just a graze.
Kat BaileyFeb 04, 2016
XCOM 2 updates the franchise's formula without sacrificing what works in the original game. You have more freedom than before, and relatively superfluous elements like the Interceptors have been cut. More importantly, the pacing and structure really does make you really do feel like a band of renegades taking on an occupying force. It's been a fun ride, and with more mods on the way, I'm looking forward to playing it again - the best possible compliment I can pay to a tactics game.
Joe VargasFeb 21, 2016
Josh HawkinsFeb 01, 2016
In many ways, XCOM 2 is more of what we already enjoyed in the recent reboot, with a few considerable improvements. The new units liven up the experience and add much more variety, while the procedurally generated maps help to customize every player’s experience into a one of a kind novelty. If you’re a newcomer to the resistance or an old veteran, XCOM 2 is a smartly designed action-strategy game with a staggering amount of content and replayability.
Dan RyckertFeb 11, 2016
The difficulty I experienced with the game’s performance makes me want to wait a few months, and then return to see if this game that I thoroughly enjoyed will be patched enough to ensure that all of its difficulty was fully intended by the developers. I loved XCOM 2 when it worked, but its numerous bugs, glitches, and other performance issues severely handicapped my overall enjoyment of it.
Adam BeckFeb 16, 2016
If the game wasn’t so demanding in its design, then a lot of these issues wouldn’t be a huge concern, but that would require cutting out what makes XCOM so appealing in the first place. Unless you plan on save scumming your way through the campaign, the outcome will ultimately end poorly. XCOM 2 truly has the makings of a great game, but it’s hidden in the bloated technical issues that drag it down.
Mike KayattaFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 is a fantastic accomplishment, and series fans will be happy to hear it's better than Enemy Unknown in pretty much every conceivable way. The few frustrations that do exist are primarily technical, and while the camera's unlikely to see a reboot anytime soon, the rest could probably be fixed with patches in the future.
Ben ReevesFeb 01, 2016
Firaxis' masterclass in strategy design has you second-guessing all your choices and analyzing your smallest decisions. It might sound stressful, and at times it is, but XCOM 2's battles are so compelling that it's easy to pick yourself up after defeat and jump back into the fray. Successfully navigating XCOM 2's storm of difficult choices is enough to make you feel like a true legend.
Ravi SinhaFeb 10, 2016
There are games that could be better and there's XCOM 2 which is amazing but hampered by its optimization. It's still game of the year material but needs patching stat.
David Soo ChanFeb 02, 2016
The number of mission types along with the randomly generated tile sets and varying enemies will keep XCOM 2 feeling fresh even through your 4th or 5th playthrough. With mod support and multiplayer in tow, the replayability just keeps on giving. Everything is bigger and better, XCOM 2 exceeds expectations and spawns new hope in future sequels. Future 2016 games have been served notice, XCOM 2 is an early contender for game of the year.
Scott MalcomsonFeb 23, 2016
A solid followup to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 delivers on story, action, and tension. It's nonetheless in serious need of optimization to correct glitching and framerate issues.
Kyle HansonFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 doubles down on everything that players enjoyed about the previous game. A deeper story, more strategy options, more enemies, and just more mechanics makes for an improved experience all around. Some technical issues pop up, and newcomers will have trouble wrapping their head around the vast array of game mechanics, but once it all clicks there is a lot to love about this game.
Drew LeachmanFeb 10, 2016
XCOM 2 does everything Enemy Unknown did and improved on it with more variations as well as some very interesting game mechanics. Anyone who enjoyed the first game has no reason not to pick this one up. It has a few performance issues here and here, but it is still a challenging yet rewarding game that made me have every emotion from joyous to devastated. One of the early game of the year contenders for me, and a fine game any strategy fan should own.
T.J. DenzerFeb 12, 2016
It’s great to see the XCOM back on the scene and generally improving over its predecessor, even if there are bugs and glitches to iron out. With everything in place as it is now, XCOM 2 is set up to be fun and exciting for a very long time.
Jacques WaughFeb 13, 2016
Firaxis have made tremendous strides to provide new mechanics and gameplay options for players who are still unsure what the XCOM series can offer them whilst retaining all the features that fans of Enemy Unknown have grown to love and now expect from the series. XCOM 2 is more than just a fantastic XCOM game, it's a polished and cohesive AAA experience that shines with a level of quality not often felt in these bleak, modern days.
Nick PlessasFeb 01, 2016
At its best, XCOM 2 is an engaging experience unlike most other games, and despite all that’s been said, don’t take away it isn’t worth a look. There are true moments of enjoyment to be had, but the constant stress as resources dwindled or a squadmate gets taken out due to complete nonsense too often turns the game from exhilarating to exhausting.
Alex DonaldsonMar 02, 2016
Even with those smaller issues noted, it's telling of the quality of XCOM 2 that I put some 80 hours into it over such a short period of time. It twists what players know about the series in brilliant new ways but also remains familiar enough that it certainly isn't throwing the baby out with the bath water. It takes one of the best games in recent years and makes it better on almost every front. Even if you have to endure performance issues, what XCOM 2 has to offer is well worth fighting through them for.
Dave IrwinFeb 12, 2016
XCOM 2 somehow manages to improve upon the 2012 series reboot in almost every single way; from the way that the concealment ramps up the pacing, to the minor changes to battles and management that both fit the theme wonderfully and make for great gameplay. Aside from a few moments where the impossible happened and a some optimisation issues XCOM 2 suffers from, this is one uprising worth taking part in.
Eric AceFeb 13, 2016
XCOM 2 improves many aspects over the original, as well as adding some much needed atmosphere through its uphill battle narrative. In many ways, this has much more balance between classes, and weapon customisation is a notable difference, and as players really come to know their soldiers they are potentially sending to death.
Jeremy PeelFeb 05, 2016
Happily, XCOM 2’s storytelling is worthy of the mechanical scaffolding it’s draped across. Given that the same alien overlords revealed their intent to us in Bond villain monologue at the close of Enemy Unknown, Firaxis have done a fantastic job of instilling them with new mystery and menace.
gamesTMFeb 26, 2016
With time always against you, every minute spent in the company of your squad becomes a blessing – even as you come to realise you’ll likely be toasting their virtual victories in the bar by the time the evening is out. In the end, time has a way of sneaking up and murdering even the best of us; never has that been more crushingly documented than in XCOM 2.
PJ O’ReillyFeb 25, 2016
XCOM 2 is, in almost every way, a perfect sequel. It’s a deep, tough, intelligent strategy game that offers you endless hours of intense fighting against some of the best enemy AI you’ll encounter. It’s a game that creates moments you’ll remember with characters you’ve created and care about and is quite possibly the best example of its genre to date.
Chris CapelFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 is everything a sequel should be, keeping the things that everyone loved about the first game while changing things up as much as possible. Turning XCOM into a scrappy resistance force alters the sequel considerably, not necessarily for the better but certainly for an equally interesting and different campaign.
Mike HolmesFeb 09, 2016
Simply put, Xcom 2 is a masterpiece. It improves on the original (Enemy Unknown) in every way. Firaxis has cut away the dead wood and replaced the outgoing features with game-enhancing additions that makes for a more exciting, more engrossing, and more rewarding experience.
David JenkinsFeb 04, 2016
XCOM 2 is a game without any serious flaws, and which achieves its ambitious goals with a disarming ease – while excelling in areas you never would’ve thought it would even touch. It’s one of the best sequels of the last decade, it’s probably going to end up as our favourite game of the year, and it’s arguably the best strategy game of all-time.
Alex HamiltonFeb 04, 2016
Despite being a fan of the XCOM series as a whole I never expected this new entry to be as polished, intricate, immersive, beautiful and exciting as it is. XCOM 2 is not only one of the greatest strategy games of all time, it’s also one of the greatest videogames of all time.
Reid McCarterFeb 12, 2016
XCOM 2, while familiar, is very much its own game and more intent on exploring new ideas than merely refining old ones.
BarryFeb 18, 2016
Overall XCOM 2 hits that sweet spot between paying homage to the previous games, but acknowledging and improving on their flaws. It's a brilliant sequel and a masterful game in its own right, and a must buy for fans of the turn-based genre, or fans of games in general.
Chris BrownFeb 02, 2016
XCOM 2 manages to raise the stakes and challenge of its predecessor without ever becoming too frustrating. Defeat will be frequent and death even more so, but victory is all the more sweet for it. In short, it's bigger, better, broader, and even more brutal!
Carlos LeivaFeb 01, 2016
A pesar de partir de la misma base que su predecesor, XCOM 2 consigue ofrecernos el suficiente número de novedades como para sentirse como una secuela de pleno derecho. Es un juego que resulta tan familiar como novedoso, ya que no deja de ser el XCOM que todos conocemos y amamos, aunque tendremos que adaptarnos a sus nuevas reglas y aprender a jugar otra vez.
DefaMar 07, 2016
Si tienes ganas de un título que ponga a reto tus habilidades para decidir bajo presión tanto en el campo de batalla, como en la parte de administración de recursos y que además, te ponga enfrente un universo de ciencia ficción verdaderamente interesante, este título es para ti.
José Manuel BringasFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 es exactamente lo que prometió que sería. Tiene lo suficiente de XCOM como para resultar reconocible, pero aporta un buen puñado de novedades que lo convierten en un gran juego por derecho propio. Los combates se centran mucho en el subterfugio y en el pirateo de unidades enemigas, en pasar inadvertido y dar la sorpresa en un primer turno de emboscada letal para los alienígenas.
SaúlGonzálezFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 es una más que digna continuación de XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Un título que volverá a ser uno de los referentes de la estrategia de este año y que apuesta por una fórmula jugable única, con un nivel de personalización que abruma y que, a su vez, resulta exquisito para todo tipo de jugadores.
Luis SánchezFeb 01, 2016
En resumen, XCOM 2 mantiene y mejora la formidable esencia de estrategia por turnos que, sin dudar, elevarán al juego a un nuevo estatus de culto. Recomendamos este gran exponente porque es una muestra tangible de mejoras que toda buena secuela debe tener sin olvidar sus raíces.
Alejandro PascualFeb 01, 2016
Parece que Firaxis sabía perfectamente de qué cuerdas tirar para implicarnos en la aventura y lo han conseguido con creces, maximizando los momentos de tensión tanto en la base como en los combates. Si, por el contrario, eres nuevo en este tipo de estrategia, puedes lanzarte sin muchas dudas; la capacidad del estudio americano de sumergirte en la acción es tal que ni siquiera notarás los turnos.
Jorge S. FernándezFeb 01, 2016
En definitiva se trata de un juego de estrategia por turnos que no va a defraudarnos, tanto si somos nuevos en la franquicia, como veteranos, y que por cierto, necesita de bastante máquina para funcionar de manera fluida, desde aquí un tirón de orejas a Firaxis por ello.
Robert HähnelFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 bietet ein bisschen mehr von allem, fordert gleichzeit aber auch mehr von seinen Spielern. Es gibt vielleicht keinen großen Sprung, aber viele kleine Änderungen und Verbesserungen. Und dass die alle so hervorragend ineinandergreifen und am Ende ein so stimmiges Spiel prägen, ist das, was XCOM 2 wirklich auszeichnet und unbedingt spielenswert macht.
Maurice WeberFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 treibt die perfide Grausamkeit der Serie auf die Spitze: Es ist ein Spiel, das mich jedes Haar auf den Köpfen meines perfekten Agenteams liebevoll anpassen lässt (und das habe ich getan, stundenlang!), nur um die Hälfte meiner wunderbaren Elitetruppe gleich in der nächsten Mission einen qualvollen Tod sterben zu lassen. Es erzählt vielleicht keine tiefe Story, weckt aber trotzdem große Gefühle.
Benjamin SchmädigFeb 02, 2016
Denn XCOM 2 ist so fesselnd, so umfangreich und auch einfach so gut, dass Stunden, Tage und mit Sicherheit Wochen wie im Flug vergehen! Nein, die ganz großen strategischen Entscheidungen werden auf der Weltkarte auch diesmal nicht getroffen. Der ständige Wettlauf mit den bösartigen Besatzern ist spannend und fordert knifflige Entscheidungen, die Handlungsfreiheit ist aber überschaubar.
Fabien PellegriniFeb 02, 2016
Ce second épisode estampillé "XCOM sans tiret" se montre à la hauteur de son prédécesseur, et reste fidèle au jeu culte de 1994 (X-COM avec tiret, donc). Pas mal de petites nouveautés de gameplay viennent rafraîchir le concept, tandis que l'arc scénaristique passe la vitesse supérieure en nous faisant passer de la simple défense face à l'envahisseur extraterrestre, à la résistance active contre un pouvoir alien établi.
Gauthier AndresFeb 04, 2016
En résulte un titre qui commet l'impossible : faire passer son aïeul pour une pauvre version de travail mal dégrossie. On y débarque avec les certitudes du vétéran, on s'y fait renvoyer au statut de bleu en quelques heures, on dit merci et on en redemande, chaque jour un peu plus.
MrderivFeb 01, 2016
S’il ne redéfinit pas les mécaniques propres à la saga, XCOM 2 parvient grâce à son nouveau contexte de dictature alien à renouveler avec brio la tension héroïque relancée en 2012 avec Enemy Unknown. Plus personnalisables que jamais, nos unités font face à un envahisseur extraterrestre désormais aux commandes de la Terre.
Abílio RodriguesMar 01, 2016
XCOM 2 continua a tradição do franchise, apresentando-se como um jogo divertido e viciante, que oferece também um ambiente muito imersivo e uma história decente. Mais ainda, é daqueles que pode ser jogado diversas vezes, pela complexidade das suas classes e pelas diferentes abordagens que podemos adotar numa mesma missão, possibilitando também a personalização dos elementos da nossa equipa e introduzindo suporte para mods, algo muito querido pela comunidade.
Gianluca ArenaOct 06, 2016
Di contro, questo titolo rimane un assoluto must buy per quanti abbiano come macchina di riferimento l'ammiraglia Microsoft o quella Sony, perché di strategici tanto profondi, rigiocabili e curati sin nel minimo dettaglio non se ne vedono tanti, oggigiorno.
Claudio ChianeseFeb 01, 2016
Il risultato è un gioco che non è né facile, né semplice, almeno paragonato ad altri strategici più o meno mainstream. Ma che non ha paura di essere se stesso. Un gioco coraggioso, in una parola. Lo stesso coraggio che devono dimostrare i soldati XCOM, sul campo. Lo stesso coraggio che è richiesto a noi, per affrontare una sfida seria, di quelle che fanno corrugare la fronte.
Aligi ComandiniFeb 02, 2016
Si tratta di un gioco difficile e vecchio stampo, come non se ne fanno quasi più. E per carità, non è perfetto, ma risulta sicuramente uno strategico eccellente, tra i più ricchi di tensione e impegnativi che abbiamo mai avuto modo di provare. Quindi lo premiamo esattamente come avevamo premiato il suo predecessore ai tempi, consigliandovelo senza remore. Anzi, con un solo avvertimento... occhio alle difficoltà maggiori, vi faranno raggiungere livelli di rabbia pericolosi per la vostra salute
Simone TagliaferriFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 riesce nel suo intento di portare delle novità, senza dimenticare le sue radici. L'ossatura rimane quella del primo capitolo, ma sono talmente tante le meccaniche a essere state riviste e le aggiunte fatte, che è difficile non plaudire al lavoro di Firaxis, unica a poter superare la sua stessa eccellenza.
Олег ЗайцевFeb 10, 2016
Обновленные правила на глобальной карте, новые специальности бойцов XCOM, незнакомые рожи в рядах инопланетян и генератор окружения для миссий, в которых можно зрелищно разрушить почти все, до чего удастся дотянуться, – всего этого хватает, чтобы XCOM 2 не надоедала вплоть до многообещающей развязки.
Алексей ЕгоровFeb 10, 2016
Несмотря на мелкие недочеты (и оптимизацию, которую цензурными словами и описать не выйдет) XCOM 2 остается отличной игрой – от нее все так же невозможно оторваться, пусть на часах давно утро, а на работу снова придется шагать с красными глазами.
Audi Eka PrasetyoOct 12, 2016
Saya merekomendasikan game ini untuk kamu beli segera bahkan dengan harga penuh. Bagi penggemar genre strategi dan game buatan Firaxis, XCOM 2 sudah jelas merupakan judul yang wajib kamu miliki. Bersiaplah untuk menghabiskan puluhan jam dengan game yang membuat jantung terus berdebar dan penuh tantangan ini.
Can ArabacıFeb 04, 2016
Evet, hem de her anlamda! Fiyatı Türkiye şartlarına göre biraz bel bükücü olsa da, XCOM 2 kesinlikle 2016 yılının ilk büyük hiti olmayı fazlasıyla hak ediyor. Şahsen ben XCOM: Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within ayarında bir oyuna daha razı olabilecekken onun kat kat üzerine çıkabilmiş olmasıyla fazlasıyla tatmin oldum XCOM 2’den, sizin de olacağınıza eminim.
Ralph BeentjesFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 is in veel gevallen een voortzetting van XCOM: Enemy Unknown, maar dat is zeker niet een negatief punt. Firaxis Games weet dat de gameplay staat als een huis en heeft er in de basis zo min mogelijk aan veranderd, maar ondertussen biedt het wel een compleet andere dynamiek als het gaat om missies en de denkwijze die je moet beheersen.
Reinoud SchaatsbergenFeb 04, 2016
XCOM 2 is een turn based tactische game die doorbouwt op alles wat Enemy Unknown - en het origineel uit 1994 - geweldig maakt. De vernieuwde gameplay waarin de rollen zijn omgedraaid zorgt voor een frisse wind, net zoals de nieuwe klassementen en aliens, terwijl de kracht van het hopen op dat perfecte schot onveranderd blijft.
Michał LisieckiFeb 12, 2016
XCOM to seria z wieloma tradycjami, która również i tym razem nie zawodzi. Najnowsza jej odsłona to świetny nowy rozdział sagi, dodający do sprawdzonego przepisu nowe, świeże elementy, tworząc satysfakcjonującą mieszankę, której udaje się godnie kontynuować sukces poprzedniczki.
LucFeb 01, 2016
XCOM 2 jest więc zarówno spełnieniem marzeń fanów wcześniejszych odsłon, jak i ich przekleństwem. Przez niecałe 40 godzin, jakie zajęło mi ukończenie kampanii, bawiłem się absolutnie świetnie, i to pomimo problemów z dziwaczną kamerą... choć jednocześnie nie jestem w stanie ukryć, że podobieństwa do poprzedniej gry są nazbyt widoczne.
Aaron Vesterberg RinghögFeb 01, 2016
Trots sina tekniska tillkortakommanden är Xcom 2 så mycket bättre än vad jag hoppades på. En närmast perfekt balanserad spelupplevelse med enorm variation och extremt högt omspelningsvärde. Att ställa upp sex till tänderna superutrustade soldater i Overwatch-läge och sedan se hur kalaset bryter loss framför ögonen när utomjordingarna anfaller, är svårslaget.
Andreas BlomFeb 05, 2016
Sen ser jag verkligen fram emot att skapa min armé av topptränade soldater så att vi tillsammans förhoppningsvis kan rädda jorden en gång för alla. Spelet är inte perfekt och har lite skönhetsmissar här och var, men det tycker jag inte gör något och det här är faktiskt värd en lite svagare åtta. Just därför att det nog kommer passa den nyfikne strateginovisen som den inbitne generalen.