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Whispers of a Machine

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Andy ChalkApr 26, 2019
Whispers of a Machine is a bit like a good Law & Order two-parter from season four: not too long (five or six hours) and not too deep, but comfortable, fun, and easy to digest. Keep your expectations squarely in the middle and you'll have a good time.
James O'ConnorMay 08, 2019
Despite having big ideas, Whispers of a Machine is ultimately a traditional example of the genre with some neat ideas rather than something revelatory. But it's very good at what it does, and those augmentations help to differentiate it from all the other adventure games out there. It's short but gripping, offering a well-written, interesting and clever experience that wraps up well and which rewards your choices and play style with unique powers and puzzle solutions.
BrandedwolfApr 17, 2019
Overall Whispers of a Machine is a fun well thought out point and click adventure game. This genre isn’t for everyone, but for those who like it, then this is a definite buy. If you’re new to the genre this would be a good first dip into the water, although its sub-genre of a sci-fi Nordic Noir may be a bit different than what you’re expecting; but in a good way.
Nick CowenJun 05, 2019
Whispers Of A Machine is a solid Point & Click adventure underpinned with some intriguing choice mechanics, boasting a solid, if not revelatory plot. Worth seeking out.
Kenneth AraulloMay 01, 2019
A very strong point-and-click mystery title that excels in every area, and where each element subtly complements the short but bittersweet narrative.
Courtney EhrenhoflerMay 15, 2019
With a promising premise and great voice acting, Whispers of a Machine starts out on the right foot but is brought down by poor puzzle design and shallow writing.
Omri WallachMay 22, 2019
Some puzzles were simple, some were frustratingly difficult. If you’re occasionally unwise like myself, you’re going to click every part of the screen, interact with every character and location, and eventually stumble onto the answer. The cool augmentation detective powers actually further this problem, since their promise of extra information had me try to use every single one on every single screen to no avail. At the end of the day, Whispers of a Machine is an excellent point-and-click mystery that I would recommend to both a fan of the genre and a solid entry point.
Aran SuddiJun 04, 2019
Whispers of a Machine is an approachable point and click adventure. The story is pretty interesting and the main character, as well as few side characters, are well-crafted too. It falls shy of the best examples of the genre, but Whispers of a Machine isn't far off the mark from being considered great.
OfisilJun 08, 2019
Whispers of a Machine does exactly that: it whispers. Rather than "shouting," with flashy audio-visuals, cool action, and in-your-face storytelling, it uses the humble, grey-haired Adventure Game Studio, to offer something that's far more subtle in its approach. Clifftop Games creation is a simple, yet stunningly well-written, immersive, and all around fun point-and-click adventure game, with a gripping sci-fi plot, and an unwavering focus in its flawless, detective-style gameplay loop. Currently just a hidden gem, this must-have needs you, fellow adventure fan, to spread the word.
Adam HolmbergMay 20, 2019
We have to say we're happy to have tried Whispers of a Machine and while we wanted more of the game, it's still a unique experience with an elegant overall design, challenging but fair puzzles, great voice acting, and a lovely sense of nostalgia. We absolutely recommend point-and-click fans play it and we're very excited to see what the developers will unveil next.
Lane MartinMay 06, 2019
Whispers of a Machine is a puzzling enigma, a fascinating story, and a bit of an ugly beast, but well worth your time.
johnson007Dec 06, 2020
En soi, il n'y a rien de révolutionnaire dans Whispers of a Machine… mais ce qu'il fait, il le fait bien. Le cahier des charges est respecté, nous ne sommes ni surpris, ni déçus. Bien que quelques idées soient les bienvenues, telles les choix de dialogues ayant des conséquences, l'histoire reste classique, mais pas désagréable pour autant.
Stefano CalzatiMay 14, 2019
Whispers of a Machine racconta uno spaccato post-cyberpunk di grande fascino, dove i destini del mondo si giocano tra le vie di una minuscola cittadina di periferia. La scrittura è brillante, tesa come solo un buon thriller sa essere, ingegnosa come l’ottima fantascienza, ambiente perfetto dove far muovere attori sempre interessanti da ascoltare, spiare e su cui azzardare congetture e ipotesi. Un’investigazione stimolante, sorretta da idee intelligenti e puzzle ben amalgamati nel tessuto punta-e-clicca dell’opera, complici nell’alzare il ritmo generale della narrazione.