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We Were Here Together

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Richard HooverDec 06, 2019
We Were Here Together is a fun and engaging challenge for two players, offering as much a test of each partner’s ability to communicate as cracking the conundrums. While a few bugs have crept into the experience and the story isn’t exactly prominent or clearly explained (at least to series newcomers), the process of solving puzzles cooperatively is at the core here, and in that the game succeeds extremely well, with no repeated puzzles or duds in the bunch.
Becca S.Nov 12, 2019
We Were Here Together isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you’re a good communicator and enjoy working together then you really ought to give it a try. Especially if you enjoy being challenged. The puzzles are so tough that you’ll likely find yourself ignoring the story and forgetting that its even there – but if you do pay attention, there’s something pretty cool to unfold there. Be warned, We Were Here Together is a huge challenge and many will fall along the way – but if you do power through, you’ll have a good time.
Nikola SuprakAug 12, 2020
This isn't quite Portal 2 levels of co-op bliss, but it comes somewhat close, and manages to be a decent way to kill a weekend with a friend. The puzzles aren't quite as good as the previous two titles in the series, and they would occasionally vacillate between being too easy or too vague. That winds up hampering what was otherwise a perfectly enjoyable experience.
Luiz H. CoelhoNov 15, 2019
Ultimately, We Were Here Together is a must-play for fans of both co-op adventures and challenging puzzles. There are a few minor issues here and there (especially where the online matchmaking is concerned), but this new entry serves as a delightful cherry on top of an already impressive franchise cake. If you can find a likeminded friend willing to go on this adventure with you, I’d recommend doing so as soon as possible. One the other hand, if you’re still not convinced, I’d suggest picking up the original We Were Here, which is currently free on Steam.