Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War-Dark Crusade for PC
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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War-Dark Crusade

Oct 9, 2006
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The second expansion to Dawn of War includes all-new, explosive Dawn of War single-player action play, new multiplayer content, and two new playable races including the technologically devastating Tau. In addition to the two new playable races, Dark Crusade will feature an all-new single player campaign centering on the conquest of a "meta-map," with each territory captured giving tangible rewards to the occupying force. Also featured is a greatly expanded multiplayer component and a completely unique economy model for the Necrons.

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Apr 20, 2020
the return of Necron, the best race ever (in my humble opinion), love what they do in this series, unfortunately you can only play Necron in this game only, the new one doesn't have Necron, it's a bummer
Neil Adrian Manit

Neil Adrian Manit

Sep 28, 2020


Apr 16, 2020


Jan 13, 2020

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Dan AdamsOct 09, 2006
The basics of the real-time strategy game have remained largely unchanged. This certainly isn't a bad thing as the Dawn of War experience has always been a super-charged and exciting real-time strategy experience. Two new factions and new units for existing factions add even more variety to an already stacked package.
jkdmediaOct 29, 2006
I wish PC expansion packs had always this much bang for the buck! Dark Crusade is a great entry point into the Dawn of War series for newcomers. It has an incredibly robust single-player experience and you also get a good taste of the online play. It's more fun when combined with the original game and first expansion, but it can be enjoyed quite well on it's own as well.
Greg KasavinOct 10, 2006
Dawn of War was a fantastic real-time strategy game to begin with, but it takes an expansion pack like Dark Crusade to make the original game feel as fresh and interesting as ever two years later. It helps that the game's presentation has held up so well, between the spectacular graphics and all the thunderous weapon effects and lively unit voices, but it's all been built on a foundation of great underlying tactical gameplay.

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