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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Dan AdamsJul 02, 2002
WarCraft III is a finely tuned game and an amazing example of the importance of polish and presentation. Everything in the box, from the game itself to the terrific manual that has tons of info plus loads of extra background story for each of the races, is top notch and adds to the overall luster of the game. If you're one of those that ordered the collector's edition or plan on buying it than you're in for a treat as well if you're a die hard fan of the series.
William HarmsMay 04, 2006
Graphically, WarCraft III looks sensational. The world of Azeroth is packed with a ton of details, including highly detailed and wonderfully animated characters. The fully animated cut-scenes - which match anything that Hollywood produces - catapult the story forward while never breaking from the game's tone.
Greg KasavinJul 03, 2002
So if you've ever enjoyed a real-time strategy game from Blizzard, then you'll undoubtedly enjoy Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. And even if you're skeptical and approach it with extreme caution, wondering whether mere mob mentality is what makes people flock to this particular product, you'll still eventually find that the reasons for Warcraft III's popularity are pretty straightforward. It's just an outstanding game, filled with all the charm, all the detail, and all the lasting appeal that characterizes all of the finest games ever made.
Rob FaheyJul 11, 2002
It's not perfect by any means - the food limit and unit selection limit will drive you nuts after a bit of play, and the "Upkeep" tax on your gold mines when you have more than a certain number of units is frankly daft, since it encourages you to build as few units as you possibly can. It is a worthy update to the series though, and makes the transition to 3D with flying colours while adding some interesting new gameplay elements to an already hugely enjoyable title.
OfisilJul 04, 2017
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is impressive, even for the high standards that its developer has set throughout its long history. It offers great fun, whether that's online or not, and although its mix of RTS with RPG mechanics and low unit cap might put some off, it surely has the right to remain on the highest step of the pedestal, as one of the most entertaining of its kind.