War of the Vikings for PC
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War of the Vikings

Apr 15, 2014
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Developer: Fatshark
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War of the Vikings delivers the next generation of Paradox’s close quarter combat focused brands that moves the setting to the Viking Age. All of these factors enabled us to create a game experience that has an increased intensity, improved accessibility, and more intuitive combat experiences ensuring you're always presented with interesting choices.

Critic Reviews

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Ian BirnbaumApr 25, 2014
With limited weapons, limited ways to play, and unreliable servers to play on, I can't recommend War of the Vikings over its two-year-old predecessor. Fatshark may refine the Vikings formula in time, but after such a lengthy testing phase populated by paying customers, I can't see any excuse why the game isn't ready on day one.
Joshua VanderwallApr 26, 2014
War of the Vikings is a neat distraction, if a bit of a shallow experience. If you can get the hang of the controls, you'll have a good time hacking away at your enemies and deftly parrying incoming attacks. The play modes on offer are exactly the same as every shooter out there, which is good for familiarity, but obviously a bit lacking in innovation.
Daniel TackApr 30, 2014
You just repeat the same drill over and over again, with little sense of progression or accomplishment. That repetition is probably the largest factor holding War of the Vikings back. The action is fun and fast-paced (when the latency issues aren’t letting you down), but things get stale too quickly.

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