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Phil SavageOct 24, 2018
Wandersong might be the most heartfelt platformer that I've played since Night in the Woods. And while I don't think its message is as specific or revelatory, it's still a worthwhile and clever exploration of its themes, and a reminder that there's joy in the act of play.
Maus MerryjestSep 23, 2019
With its creatively whimsical yet sincere approach, entertaining mechanics, memorable story, likable characters and vibrant world, Wandersong proves to be one of the most memorable and endearing games to come out of an independent studio in recent times.
Lillian KingOct 03, 2018
Wandersong also feels a little long, not because the story gets boring, but because the puzzles can get a bit repetitive. However, the strength of Wandersong is such that these complaints feel pale in the face of the kind of relentless optimism that the bard has in spades. Get out your guitar and strum along to this one, because Wandersong brings a fun, meaningful story fully grounded in a colorful world that’s worth saving.
Jimmy DonnellanOct 15, 2018
These are minor nuisances in an orchestra of praise I have for Wandersong, however. It’s been an intense time with plenty of stresses for me personally lately, though the game wasted no time in helping to soothe some of them. Wandersong is an emotional and seriously affable experience that is bound to put a smile on the face of even the most jaded of gamers.
Amanda BowerSep 27, 2018
The amount of love that went into creating Wandersong shows through its vivacious environments, harmonic compositions, diverse characters, and engaging story. Sure, not every quest overflows with excitement, but the bubbly atmosphere makes up for the humdrum moments. Unmasking the world’s mysteries and making an effort to save the day using a musical approach puts a new spin on the adventure genre in the most wonderful way.
Ramón NafriaOct 22, 2018
Como hemos dicho ya varias veces a lo largo del texto, este juego es una de las obras más originales y recomendables (si sabéis inglés) de las que han aparecido a lo largo del año. Destaca sobre todo por la originalidad en los controles y todas las mecánicas derivadas de ellos, pero además la historia está perfectamente hilada, visualmente llama la atención, y sobre la música lo más interesante es que participa en todo el juego.
Valentin CeboSep 27, 2018
Vraisemblablement bourré d'inspiration après avoir roulé huit mille bornes à vélo sur le continent américain, le développeur canadien Greg Lobanov se lançait début 2016 dans la folle aventure de Kickstarter pour financer Wandersong, une fabuleuse épopée pleine de monstres fantastiques, de valeureux héros, de chansonnettes et d'objets magiques.
Daniele SpeltaOct 03, 2018
Wandersong è uno dei seri candidati al premio di indie dell’anno, trofeo che forse gli va pure stretto visti i suoi pregi, la sua vena innovativa e le sperimentazioni che emergono ad ogni atto. Da qualsiasi punto di vista lo si guardi, il titolo riesce a stupire: da una semplice meccanica di gioco – la voce del protagonista – scaturiscono infatti una molteplicità di situazioni, ma è soprattutto a livello narrativo che l’asticella viene alzata, con un’avventura capace di toccare le corde del cuore e di trasportare la mente giocatore a riflettere su tematiche per nulla banali, ma sempre con spensieratezza e senza mai voler essere il primo della classe.