Untitled Goose Game for PC
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Untitled Goose Game

Sep 20, 2019
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Developer: House House
Content Rating: Everyone


Untitled Goose Game is a slapstick-stealth-sandbox, where you are a goose let loose on an unsuspecting village. Make your way around town, from peoples' back gardens to the high street shops to the village green, setting up pranks, stealing hats, honking a lot, and generally ruining everyone’s day.

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KelleyOct 29, 2019
Untitled Goose Game is a stealth game lovers dream disguised as a charming adventure game. Designed to be pesky in every possible way the mechanics are simple enough for all ages yet the objectives keep even the most thrill-seeking seasoned gamers intrigued. The only gripe I have is the in-game camera does not pan or zoom in enough. Whether you are looking for another adventure or are curious like I was why this game is so popular Untitled Goose Game brings out the mischievous side in all of us encouraging the most honking good times!
Untitled Goose Game is a charming, simple title that lets you live out the fantasy of being a jerk goose. From the fowl’s lovely waddle to stealing slippers or pulling chairs from under people as they try to sit down, its simplicity carries it well over its short run-time. The small village has quite a bit of activity going on within its small area, always giving you something to do, while more optional tasks pop up once you’ve “beaten” it the first time.
Luke KempSep 23, 2019
There’s no denying that once you approach the six hour mark, the joke (slowly) begins to wear thin. The game's small village gets repetitive after a while, but that really, really doesn’t matter. This wasn’t designed for GTA levels of playtime, and I can’t remember the last game that made me laugh so loudly and so often while I was playing it. It’s the sort of game that makes your friends, when they see you playing it, say “goose a go, mate”.

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