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Dominic RosattiAug 08, 2018
When you boil it down, Unavowed takes the tried and true formula of the Point-and-Click game and uses it as a stage to talk about humanity. Technical problems and gripes do not sully what was a great experience. Unavowed is worth a play if you’re interested in the genre, and Wadjet Eye Studios might just be a team worth watching for the future.
David RayfieldAug 08, 2018
But Unavowed's greatest strength is that it maintains an admirable focus on incredible characterization that feeds into every quest and conversation. Every question you ask, every decision you make, and every sacrifice you make carries you and your team members on an impassioned journey that epitomizes the best qualities of an adventure game.
Andy KellyAug 08, 2018
Unavowed is another fantastic adventure from Wadjet Eye, and it’s great to see studio founder Dave Gilbert back in the saddle. The humour didn’t always land for me and some of the voice acting is a little iffy, but otherwise this is a fine example of a modern point-and-click adventure. The addition of character customisation and companions doesn’t sound like much, but it massively changes the feel of the game, even if other aspects, such as the puzzles, are still steeped in the past.
BeccaAug 14, 2018
If you’re a fan of the point-and-click genre, Unavowed should definitely be on your radar. At £11/$15,  it is well worth the price – especially considering there’s multiple endings and multiple origin stories to play through. When it all comes together, Unavowed is practically flawless. In fact, no other point-and-click game has blown my socks off quite like this. At least, not since 2014’s Broken Age.
Richard CostaAug 08, 2018
Unavowed is a smooth and seamless adventure as a whole. It takes fantasy very seriously, abiding by its own rules in a way that makes the world it paints seem credible and engaging. At its worst, it may seem a bit too eager to shock, but when players have the chance to interact with the characters at a human level, it truly shines. It will offer adventure gamers a solid and delightful experience, packed with replay value and branching interactions.
Adam RileyAug 17, 2018
WadjetEye Games has done it again! Unavowed does not disappoint at all, relying on the tried-and-tested formula that has worked so well in the past, but now taking that and polishing it beyond belief, and then expertly blending in themes from popular titles, sprinkling a whole host of fresh ideas into the pot to make for one of the most engaging experiences of the year.
Kosta AndreadisAug 24, 2018
Thanks to Wadjet Eye’s now decade-long commitment to creating narrative driven point-and-click adventures that look and sound like products from a bygone era, it has seemingly done the impossible with Unavowed. Created a modern-day pixel-art driven, point-and-click classic. An adventure to savour, and one to revisit in the years to come.
Yago Lago ÁlvarezAug 08, 2018
No nos engañemos, estamos ante una grandísima aventura gráfica, pero que ha quedado un peldaño por debajo de la otra gran obra de Gilbert, la saga Blackwell y su colosal cierre con Blackwell Epiphany, y otros grandes lanzamientos de los últimos años como Thimbleweed Park o Kathy Rain. Pese a ello se trata de un título muy recomendable, especialmente para los jugadores con menos experiencia en el género, dado lo interesante de su trama, su accesibilidad y su excelente apartado audiovisual. Esperemos que Dave Gilbert tome nota de las aristas por pulir y este Unavowed suponga el primer peldaño de otra magistral saga de aventuras gráficas como nos ofreció en el pasado..
Ramón NafriaAug 10, 2018
Unavowed es, seguramente, la mejor aventura gráfica de los últimos años. No se conforma con seguir el ritmo a su legado, sino que se empeña en forzar cada uno de los apartados para crear un juego fascinante. Si en algún momento te ha gustado o interesado el género, sin duda alguna merece la pena.
Jan WöbbekingAug 09, 2018
Mit Unavowed haben die Adventure-Spezialisten bei Wadjet Eye Games wieder mal ins Schwarze getroffen – zumindest, was die Erzählung betrifft: Endlich wieder ein Abenteuer, das die unbeschwerte Stimmung alter Gruselkomödien zelebriert – inklusive vieler humorvoller Seitenhiebe und einer filmreifen englischen Synchro.
Gauthier AndresAug 08, 2018
Ne vous laissez pas berner par sa grosse grille de pixels et ses animations comme un hommage aux classiques des années 90, car Unavowed est probablement ce qui se fait de plus moderne en point'n'click à l'heure actuelle. Au delà de sa tranche de fantasy urbaine fort bien garnie, le dernier Wadjet Eye mélange aussi les genres et réussit le mariage délicat du jeu à énigmes et de la narration flexible, en ajoutant même une pointe de RPG à la mixture.
Francesco DestriAug 16, 2018
Difficile che Wadjet Eye Games deluda e infatti anche questa volta ha fatto pieno centro con un’avventura notevole per scrittura, novità nel gameplay (scelte morali, diversi personaggi), atmosfere e struttura a missioni. Il livello di difficoltà non è certo tarato verso l’alto, ma la presenza di più personaggi giocanti aggiunge un pizzico di sfida in più e il solito ottimo lavoro sulla grafica in pixel art è un marchio di fabbrica difficile da non apprezzare.
Francesco UrsinoAug 20, 2018
Chi cerca puzzle astrusi forse rimarrà deluso, ma il basso livello di difficoltà dà modo di concentrarsi sulla storia, nonché sulle decisioni da prendere. Un gioco che trasuda cura e passione, e che merita di essere giocato non solo dagli amanti dei punta e clicca, ma anche da chi è sempre in cerca di titoli story-driven ben realizzati.
kordiSep 21, 2018
Ale tí ostatní, ktorí si chcú užiť skvelý príbeh, výborné gradovanie zápletky, pútavé rozhovory a plynulú hrateľnosť, nemajú momentálne lepšiu alternatívu. Unavowed patrí jednoznačne medzi horúcich kandidátov na adventúru roka. Napríklad aj preto, že ju môžete rozohrať znovu a vybrať si jeden zo štyroch možných koncov.