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Total War: Shogun 2

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Steve ButtsMar 22, 2011
Finally, Total War usually takes a lot of knocks for overall performance and stability. Without bragging too much, I've been largely immune to the crashes that plagued previous versions, and that holds true for Shogun 2. Even after several hours, I've yet to have a single crash and, apart from the pathfinding problems, I've yet to encounter any game-killing bugs.
Josh TolentinoMar 29, 2011
Total War: Shogun 2 is Creative Assembly's most polished game to date, and serves as a reaffirmation of the values that made the series the revelation it was more than a decade ago. It seems only fitting that those values were reaffirmed in a game based on the same setting as way back then.
Creative Assembly trimmed some of the fat while boosting the flavor to make Total War: Shogun 2 one of the tastiest entries in the franchise yet. It’s much more accessible than the last few Total War games without sacrificing any depth or strategy. If you’ve been holding off on the series due to its complexity, Shogun 2 is a great place to jump right in. Simply put: it’s an awesome game.
Daniel ShannonMar 17, 2011
Shogun 2's delightful and all-encompassing world, coupled with its excellent production values, artful interface, deep strategic campaign, and thrilling real-time battles, makes it more impressive than its predecessor was a decade ago. Its only real flaw is the stability issue that occurred almost exclusively during multiplayer campaigns. Overall, Shogun 2 is just about everything you could want from a strategy game and is easily the apex of the Total War series up to this point.
Nicholas WernerMar 22, 2011
If you’re a fan of military history and tactics, you will adore commanding thousands of troops in realistic battle simulations. If you like samurai, there are literally thousands here for you to play with. If you’ve never played a Total War game before, but have ever had even the slightest interest in strategy games, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game and see just how many times you can say “One more turn” into the wee hours of the night.
Al BickhamMar 11, 2011
Shogun 2 demonstrates an admirable re-setting of Total War's sights. It's a tighter, more focused experience than the continental sprawl of Empire and Napoleon, sacrifices none of their intricacy, and brings improved AI to the battlefield. In the final count, it's consistently thrilling, grand in scope, surprisingly atmospheric, and bloody hard to put down.
David BrownMar 15, 2011
Shogun 2 is a worthy successor to the original and shows that Creative Assembly has no desire to stop making great strategy games. It's wonderfully colourful and completely unique, and it should provide the usual hundreds of hours of gameplay for the hardcore. Those worrying about a retrograde step being taken for the series shouldn't have done so - it's a classic, no question.
Charles OnyettMar 16, 2011
Shogun 2 is an expertly tuned turn-based strategy game filled with exhilarating real-time tactical battles against a capable artificial intelligence or others online. With a gigantic multiplayer suite and fantastic visuals and sound, Shogun 2 is a high point for the Total War series, featuring a staggering attention to detail and immensely satisfying gameplay.
Game TrailersMar 23, 2011
With Shogun 2, Creative Assembly proves it can move forward by taking a step back. There may not be any truly revolutionary additions here, but the tightly-focused map, extensive streamlining, and rich opportunities for strategic gameplay inject a welcome freshness into the series. Considering that its only glaring downside is the unstable multiplayer implementation, Shogun 2 may very well rank as the best of the Total War games.
Nick WernerMar 26, 2011
Joe VargasMar 18, 2011
Joe RobinsonMar 11, 2011
The Total War Community, especially in recent years, has become a bit hard to please. We’re confident though that this will meet most of your expectations. Given the nature of the franchise, don’t expect a ton of depth on the scale that Paradox manages, but there’s enough here to play around with. This is the most fully featured Total War to date, and a great homage to the game that launched the series.
Tim StoneMar 11, 2011
Those expecting revelatory improvements in areas like AI may be mildly disappointed by Shogun 2. Those after a sumptious, weekend-whittling strategy epic heaving with flavour and challenge can reach for their uchi-bukuro with confidence. This is a corker.
Reid McCarterMar 14, 2011
Shogun 2 is the end result of a developer that is continually taking note of the lessons it’s learned throughout a decade of releases within the Total War franchise.
James CullinaneMar 21, 2011
That’s unlikely to be any time soon. When announcing this game last year, the Creative Assembly stated they’d set out to create what they called “the Zen of the Total War series” – a title with none of the superfluous or poorly implemented features that have put just the slightest limp in the franchise’s indomitable march. Shogun 2 is a tour de force, plunging even the most detached and practical of real-time strategy fans into the heady waters of the Shengoku Jidai.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 11, 2011
Total War: Shogun 2 es un fantástico videojuego de estrategia al que, sin embargo, comienza a pesarle la falta de innovación que muestra la saga en los últimos tiempos. El cambio hacia un prisma más minimalista está ahí y es de agradecer en cuanto a la frescura, pero este viraje quizá no agrade a todos los perfiles de público y es que algunos echarán en falta precisamente el grandilocuente estilo de, por ejemplo, Rome o Empire.
Ramón Méndez GonzálezMar 10, 2011
Shogun 2: Total War es lo que todos esperábamos pero, al mismo tiempo, es mucho más. Sin innovar demasiado en ningún aspecto básico de la jugabilidad, The Creative Assembly ha dotado a la producción de pequeños matices que se van asimilando de forma tan natural y paulatina que el resultado no podría ser más satisfactorio.
HiroMar 11, 2011
Comme annoncé par ses développeurs, Shogun 2 constitue un véritable retour aux sources de la série, un sublime hommage qui se paie tout simplement le luxe de rassembler en son sein le meilleur de Total War. Un contexte passionnant fidèlement retranscrit, une gestion intelligente aux multiples possibilités et des batailles aussi riches en possibilités tactiques que spectaculaires, voilà ce qui compose la recette de ce nouveau monument du STR. Incontournable.
Fabien PellegriniMar 14, 2011
Nettement moins buggé que ses prédécesseurs, encore plus riche, et toujours aussi passionnant, Total War : Shogun 2 a vraiment tout pour plaire. En fait, il s'agit tout simplement du meilleur épisode de la saga Total War. Les habitués peuvent donc se le procurer les yeux fermés, tandis que les novices trouveront en lui le meilleur moyen de découvrir le gameplay si particulier de la série.
Thomas MangotMar 15, 2011
The Creative Assembly nous rassure d'un geste en offrant simplement leur meilleur titre à ce jour avec cet excellent Total War : Shogun 2. Bourré de très bonnes idées de design à tous les niveaux, immergé jusqu'au menton dans son ambiance d'époque et renforcé par un multijoueur revu des pieds à la tête, le dernier épisode de la prolifique série de stratégie ne se contente pas de mettre un petit coup de polish sur une formule éprouvée mais cherche plutôt à l'approcher de son paroxysme.
Adolfo SoaresMar 24, 2011
Estamos assim perante a mais uma referência dentro do género, Total War: Shogun 2 é um digno sucessor e dá continuidade a um legado recheado de sucesso. Tudo o que de bom existe na franquia está presente e até melhorado, sendo ao mesmo tempo um jogo ainda mais complexo, colossal, e garante ao jogador muitas horas bem passadas. É um título imprescindível para os amantes do género, recomendo vivamente.
Roberto BertoniMar 11, 2011
Una migliore resa tattica delle battaglie, una maggiore profondità, un'intelligenza artificiale ben strutturata e, in generale, un deciso ritorno alle atmosfere del passato, sono infatti un piatto che credo gli appassionati gusteranno per diverso tempo. Forse non siamo alla perfezione, ma la battaglia per lo shogunato della strategia ha ora il suo candidato più agguerrito.
Joeri HertogsApr 23, 2011
Dit zorgt ervoor dat het spel erg toegankelijk is voor nieuwe spelers, mits ze uitgebreid de tijd nemen om alles rustig door te nemen, je kunt immers zoveel doen. De multiplayer heeft vaak connectieproblemen maar dit is het enige minpunt waaraan je je zult storen. Total War: Shogun 2 is met zijn geweldige gameplay en detailvolle beelden en verhalen een absolute topper!