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Total War: Rome II

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Dan StarkeySep 02, 2013
Technical issues aside, the upgrades to Rome II have helped blur the lines between tactics and strategy, creating a powerful, engaging drama that works well on every scale. It really is a fantastic sequel and a great addition to an already remarkable series.
William SchwartzSep 06, 2013
Rome 2 is indeed a Total War game and you will definitely find it one of the most enjoyable experiences you'll ever have in the series... In a few months from now when updates, patches and DLCs should have come out to fix the game. It has potential, but as it is now, it just feels incomplete and broken.
Edge StaffSep 03, 2013
It’s big and beautiful, but it’s also too swollen, too slow, and too buggy to sustain its lofty ambition...
Adam BiessenerSep 04, 2013
The age-old problems that have plagued Total War since its inception, which were mitigated with such great skill in the last game, return with a vengeance. As much fun as the battles often are, I never feel like I’m masterminding the rise of an empire against all odds – and that lack keeps any grand strategy game from realizing its full potential.
Joe VargasSep 09, 2013
Josh TolentinoSep 10, 2013
It is easy to imagine a point, perhaps soon, when most, if not all of the kinks have been patched out and the waiting times cut down, leaving players with Total War: Rome II its best: a game that can actually make good on claiming "epic" scale and delivering a truly grand strategic experience coupled with blockbuster production values and satisfying tactical challenges.
Mike SuskieSep 02, 2013
If you know what you're getting into, or are at least patient enough to figure out everything on offer, Rome II is a worthy continuation of the franchise and an overdue update to one of the greatest strategy games of all time. It's every bit as vast and absorbing as you've come to expect.
Ben RichardsonSep 16, 2013
But for now, it’s a bloated mess, and it’s unfair for the developers and publishers to take everyone’s money and then give them a game that has so many obvious problems. Maybe Creative Assembly and SEGA will learn a lesson. Maybe Total War fans will. Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic.
Justin ClouseSep 04, 2013
Ultimately, the rest of the game is well worth working through these issues, but it's disappointing that they keep the game from being the masterpiece that it could be. Like a grizzled veteran of countless battles, Total War: Rome II is still set in its ways, for better or worse. Technical issues aside, seeing your massive armies clash is still a joy to behold.
Ben MooreSep 09, 2013
...it requires you to think beforehand about how units complement one another.
Dan CrabtreeSep 03, 2013
As Caesar's lilting British tongue desperately recalls his rule over the crumbling columns of a militant empire, I don't mind the ketchup oozing from his invisible wounds.
Daniel StarkeySep 05, 2013
It really is a fantastic sequel and a great addition to an already remarkable series. For millennia, war has altered the face of the world in which we live. Men could earn their freedom, families could rise to or fall from power, and nations could leave their mark on history. It serves as the dramatic fuel for some of humanity's greatest stories, both fictional and real. Total War: Rome II brings that drama back in a great way.
Sean HannleySep 09, 2013
Armed with a new engine, Rome II looks great, plays smoothly, and will be a challenge to both veterans and novices. One of the most immersive strategy games available, you can easily get swept up in the narrative you write for yourself, scrawled in the blood of barbarians from one side of Europe to the other, experiencing triumph and disaster as you seek to reenact one of history’s greatest stories.
Tom SeniorSep 02, 2013
Aesthetically, it's a triumph. Empire management, alliances, the UI and battlefields have all improved, which makes it doubly frustrating to encounter the floppy AI that will be extremely familiar to Total War fans by now. Still, nothing out there does what Total War does with this degree of scope and detail. I'd still recommend it to armchair generals anywhere.
Steve ButtsSep 06, 2013
The setting and gameplay of Total War: Rome II are a perfect match, giving us some of the most satisfying and visually striking tactical battles we've ever seen in video games. The campaign systems are absorbing and full of meaningful decisions that make me feel like I’m in charge of my own victories and defeats.
Mike HolmesSep 02, 2013
Overall it's a hugely impressive package. The campaign is ripe with intrigue, the battles are challenging and engaging. In a word, it's epic. There's a couple of things that could be slightly better. For a start, it's very CPU intensive, lesser rigs will struggle at times, and there's the occasional glitch. Some of the unit animations are still not perfect, and scenery can be walked through by troops on the ground.
Joe RobinsonSep 02, 2013
It’s fairly stable, as things go, and while you will probably break the game in some way, there’s nothing really game-breaking about the technical flaws we’ve encountered. The simplest way to sum up its biggest problem is that, really, it can be quite boring sometimes. Everything kind of just plods along and while you will get moments of brilliance, moments of wonder… they’re too easily buried by a startling amount of mediocrity. Total War: Rome 2 is a perfectly adequate/decent game. It should have been a bloody brilliant game.
Paul DeanOct 09, 2014
Total War: Rome 2 is still rickety in many places and, for all its improvements, it remains a very similar experience. It's not worth getting now if you were on the fence before. It's not a radically different experience or a dramatically changed game. Like the Roman Republic itself, it's still prone to collapsing and to repeating its mistakes over and over, but that doesn't stop it from being terribly entertaining and, at times, worryingly compulsive.
Kosta AndreadisSep 02, 2013
There’s no shortage of variety on offer as every faction has their own set of specific incremental objectives with distinct paths for both Military, Cultural, and Economic victories - a new addition to the series that acts like a glue that holds all the disparate objects together. If you’ve ever been a fan of the series or are curious about it or the genre as a whole, there’s no better Total War game than the one offered here.
Álvaro CastellanoSep 03, 2013
Quizá tiene menos novedades de las esperadas, y las que presenta a veces son más vistosas que útiles, pero con la base de la serie Creative Assembly continúa demostrando inusual maestría. Cargado de contenidos extraordinarios, y con una duración que prácticamente supera los límites de lo imaginable, el nuevo RTS nos ofrece una vez más la mejor forma de vivir algunas de las batallas eternas de la historia de la humanidad.
Francisco AcostaSep 02, 2013
Total War es una de las sagas de estrategia más populares que existen por buenos motivos, y sin duda la más espectacular. Rome 2 es un nuevo capítulo de esa saga, un juego enorme, variado, no demasiado complejo pero con el suficiente número de opciones para poder dedicarle cientos de horas alegremente.
Michael GrafDec 13, 2013
Die Bedienung immerhin flutscht nun spürbar besser, vor allem dank der beschleunigten Zugberechnung. Gemeinsam mit dem angehobenen Detailkomfort ist mir das eine Aufwertung wert. Von der aktuellen Qualität eines Civilization 5 ist Rome 2 allerdings noch ein gutes Stück weit entfernt.
Thomas MangotSep 05, 2013
Le tout fonctionne encore très bien grâce à ces habitudes historiques vénérables de la série mais, patchs ou pas patchs, ce Rome II n'aura sans doute jamais sa place parmi les épisodes les plus glorieux de la série Total War.
Fabien PellegriniSep 05, 2013
Mais heureusement, Total War : Rome II arrive à nous les faire oublier grâce à sa richesse stratégique, son accessibilité revue à la hausse, et un ensemble de petites nouveautés franchement bienvenues. Autrement dit : que vous soyez un vétéran de la saga ou un petit nouveau désireux de goûter au grand frisson de la stratégie totale, vous ne serez pas déçus !
LespolSep 03, 2013
The Creative Assembly a une nouvelle fois réservé de fort belles surprises aux fans de Total War pour ce Rome 2. Les campagnes sont à la fois plus intéressantes, plus riches et plus profondes que dans les opus précédents tandis que les batailles se dotent d'éléments stratégiques très intéressants.
Claudio ChianeseSep 03, 2013
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