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Follow an amateur photographer on a journey through Scandinavian inspired landscapes with the goal to see the magical phenomenon TOEM. Travel by bus to different regions with distinct architecture and sights to behold! Encounter different characters and solve smaller problems

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Bob RichardsonSep 13, 2021
A casual speedrun to just get to the end will run about two hours, but if TOEM is played how it’s “intended,” then expect to get a few hours out of it, while completionists might hit five or more. If content’s your concern, there it is, but if a high-quality, easygoing experience to escape the anxiety of these pandemic times—or whatever ails you—then TOEM works wonders. The world needs more TOEM, and it’s been a pleasure to get to live in this meditative place, even if only for a short while.
Alex HadzamanSep 13, 2021
If you’re new to video games or are looking for something different that doesn’t want to get your heart racing, TOEM is definitely for you. Just remember to slow down and see the sights along the way.
Steve WattsSep 15, 2021
Toem is a slight game--just around three to four hours--which keeps it from overstaying its welcome. Going back through every area to collect every last photo for your collection will extend its playtime, but on the whole it's just short and sweet. When you reach Toem, the event itself, it really does feel spectacular in the context of the game. More important, though, is what it represents. Toem is a simple, cute fable about growing up and engaging with the world. And like the phenomenon, it's really best if you see it for yourself.

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