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Ben ReevesJan 11, 2018
Tiny Metal’s visual style pays homage to Intelligent Systems’ dormant Advance Wars series, but its under-baked action isn’t as cute. The battles never feel like a chore and I enjoyed basking in my easy victories, but Tiny Metal needs a few more tools in its arsenal if it wants to take on the legacy of Advance Wars.
Jeremy PeeplesDec 21, 2017
It’s a gorgeous-looking game with a cartoony art style that adds a touch of slapstick to battles, which remain funny thanks to voice clips that entertain until they get a bit too long in the tooth due to repetition. Minor quibbles aside, though, Tiny Metal is an excellent tactical RPG at the end of the day and one that longtime fans of the genre should check out.
T.JDec 28, 2017
Underneath a forgettable campaign and unimpressive AI, Tiny Metal houses the seed of a really deep and entertaining multiplayer wargame. But until a head-to-head mode is added, it’s not much more than a set of unchallenging training scenarios broken up by far too much overwrought dialogue. I had plenty of fun with it, but didn’t get the kind of edge-of-my-seat decision-making moments that turned the tide of a difficult battle I could find in similar games. I’d recommend delaying your enlistment until all the pieces are in place.
Francesco De MeoJan 10, 2018
In its current state, Tiny Metal is a more than worthy purchase for fans of Advance Wars and turn-based strategy games in general, as the experience is solid and can provide hours of fun, especially in Skirmish mode. Sadly, the game lacks any true innovation, so those looking for something that goes beyond the staple of the genre would do better in looking elsewhere.
Justin ClarkDec 29, 2017
Newcomers to the turn-based strategy genre are likely to have a blast with Tiny Metal all the way through its campaign, though the endgame is no doubt a little restrictive. Old hands to this type of strategy game will find a campaign that wears its influences on its sleeve, but still admirably and respectfully fits right in with them. It’s the kind of game where you jump in just to take two or three more turns and suddenly an hour has passed, and you can’t rest until that pesky enemy gunship or tank fleet is down for good.
Reece ArmstrongMar 13, 2018
Right now, Tiny Metal feels slightly undercooked. It has the strong foundations of a game that could be great, but is let down at almost every turn. The weak campaign wouldn't be too much of an issue if there was a multiplayer mode, but as it stands, players might find the lacking feature a bit of a game-breaker. Skirmishes might keep you around for a bit longer and Tiny Metal does feature a lot of replayability. As it stands though players will be wanting that added bit extra which Tiny Metal is currently missing.
Ramón VarelaJan 13, 2018
Tiny Metal no te hará olvidar Advance Wars ni otros juegos de estrategia bélica, y no presenta nada rompedor, pero precisamente eso hace que sea un juego que apuesta sobre seguro. Sin arriesgar demasiado, entretiene, e incluso es una buena opción para entrar en el género –carece de la multitud de variables a tener en cuenta de otras propuestas mucho más elaboradas-.
ClementossJan 14, 2018
Vous voulez un tactical facile à prendre en main mettant en scène des généraux extravagants qui se font la guerre à coup de missiles et de gros blindés ? Tiny Metal vous le sert sans trop se casser la tête en s'emparant d'une formule ayant déjà fait ses preuves. Le plaisir de retrouver un titre dans la veine d'un Advance Wars ne suffit toutefois pas à faire de l'ombre à ses trop nombreux défauts.
Thomas PillonJan 02, 2018
Que reste-t-il lorsque se taisent enfin les fusils, et que vient le temps de compter les cadavres ? Avec sa farandole de bonnes idées quasi-systématiquement contre-balancées par autant de défauts qui témoignent d'une sortie quelque peu précipitée, Tiny Metal avait largement de quoi séduire les bonapartistes de salon. Mais à trop hésiter entre l'assaut et la retraite, le premier jeu d'Area 35 donne l'impression de ne pas toujours savoir où il va.