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The Walking Dead: Michonne

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Chris AndersonFeb 29, 2016
In the end, the stage is set. The players have taken center stage. The folks at Telltale have a solid basis for a story, all they need to do is knock it out of the park now. Even though I think they could've done some innovating here and there, that doesn't take away from the fact that they've written a compelling start to what I hope is going to be a compelling story and I'm definitely looking forward to the next episodes. It's good, now all that remains is to see if it's going to be great.
Stefan LMay 03, 2016
Its brevity allows for a single, fairly simple story arc that’s punctuated with a handful of well played set piece moments, but it doesn’t allow for the new characters to breathe and grow. It’s great to explore the background of one of the comic’s more popular characters, but doesn’t significantly push Telltale’s games on from their previous highs.
Bengt LemneFeb 23, 2016
As a whole, this mini-series is a weird experiment and it worked for the most part. If you're looking for a Telltale experience with rich narrative and emotions, but less exploration and a higher pacing, this may be something for you. Ultimately, for us, it didn't have the same impact as the first two seasons and that is in spite of the fact that we really like Michonne and enjoyed being able to scuplt her persona, softening some of her edges compared to her normal self. There are some great themes and concepts explored here, and once again The Walking Dead excels at telling stories where good people do bad things, and how that changes them, and how having something bad happen can change you deeply.
Silent JayApr 27, 2016
Le terme “opportuniste” résume à lui seul ce spin-off de la saga The Walking Dead. Le personnage de Michonne apporte un intérêt certain à cette série de 3 épisodes introduisant les origines d’une héroïne emblématique de la franchise. Sans jamais renouveler la formule, le titre de Telltale Games se dote uniquement des mécaniques inhérentes au film interactif.
Czarny WilkApr 27, 2016
Tytuł wyciska ze zużytej formuły ostatnie soki, nie próbując dodawać do niej niczego od siebie ani przysłonić jej coraz bardziej widocznych wad. Co jednak gorsze, gra zawodzi również tam, gdzie powinna najjaśniej lśnić – w warstwie fabularnej, zamiast niezapomnianej opowieści oferując ledwie solidną, mocno sztampową historię o przetrwaniu.