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The Stanley Parable

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James CunninghamOct 17, 2013
The Stanley Parable is many things all at once, and all of them are clever and fun. It’s a story made of stories, an exploration of the limits of freedom in gaming, a battle between narrator and narrated, and a giant self-referential meta feedback loop. It encourages exploration by rewarding you with entirely new game paths leading to wildly differing ends, and Stanley even manages to survive a few of them.
Pete DavisonOct 18, 2013
Many of the environments are bland, but deliberately so; delightful hidden details show their faces everywhere if you're willing to look, however. By turns hilarious, disturbing, witty and poignant, The Stanley Parable is a successful experiment in the video game medium's inherent interactivity and how this can affect an author's story -- for good and for ill.
Phil SavageOct 25, 2013
There are pacing issues, but they're inherent to the illusory freedom. The more subtle endings can fall flat if experienced directly after the most shocking and bizarre. More ironically, this game about game endings doesn't have one of its own. Having run through my internal checklist of possible paths, I'm now left poking around for possible secrets. And so The Stanley Parable ends on a whimper, but to have it any other way would spoil the frequent bangs along the way.
David HinkleOct 18, 2013
The conclusion of my own personal experiment was that I discovered I don't like doubt; I don't like having unanswered questions, especially when I have the faculties to clear away uncertainty and find resolution. Your own conclusion is bound to be very different from mine – and that's something we should all celebrate.
Carolyn PetitOct 17, 2013
The Stanley Parable is both a richly stimulating commentary on the nature of choice in games (and in other systems, too, like our workplaces and our families) and a game that offers some of the most enjoyable, surprising, and rewarding choices I've ever been confronted with in a game. Going the wrong way has never felt so right.
Philip KollarOct 17, 2013
Like the best comedians, The Stanley Parable is both hilarious and insightful. It respects quick, cutting observations over a padded experience that would be deemed more valuable by some. For a small commitment in terms of time and money, it delivers a ton of laughs and just enough thought-provoking commentary on the nature of narrative in games. Getting everything you need out of a game in a few hours might just be the ideal format for comedy.
Paul TamburroOct 18, 2013
The Stanley Parable is a game which isn’t really applicable to the standard rating system. It’s a game that achieves what it has set out to achieve perfectly, and though it could be longer and have more endings, it doesn't need them. It’s a thought-provoking and intelligent game which should be experienced by everyone, and one which will be referenced for a long time to come.
Keza MacdonaldOct 18, 2013
Sometimes The Stanley Parable feels like an exploration of the peculiar madness of boredom. Other times it’s something else entirely: a joke at the player’s expense, a commentary on choice and consequence, a parody, a bureaucratic nightmare. All its different plotlines and personalities overlap and combine to create something that’s intriguingly opaque, but always entertaining, and genuinely funny. Whatever it is, it’s worth playing.
Jim SterlingOct 17, 2013
Comparisons, too, are going to be woefully inadequate. Perhaps its closest cousin would be Dear Esther, but where Dear Esther wastes the form of interactive entertainment, Stanley Parable uses and then subverts it. Where so many games that aspire to be more than games end up less than any form of art, Stanley Parable strives, and then succeeds, to be every game ever created. Even so, holding the game to the standards of any other title is simply not going to be correct.
Jeff GerstmannOct 20, 2013
It's a small, very charming release. You could blow it up into something bigger, if you like, and talk about how it serves as commentary on how meaningless player choice in most games actually is, and certainly there's some amount of discussion you could have about the larger context in play. But you don't need to have that conversation to enjoy The Stanley Parable.
William SchwartzOct 21, 2013
There is no combat in the game, and your journey is not about fighting, exploring, overcoming or even surviving; At one stage I died and literally had to restart the game to play again, after looking at a black screen for half an hour...wondering what I was supposed to do. And that's the key.
Game TrailersOct 25, 2013
Depending on whether you spend a minute or three hours with The Stanley Parable, your impression of it will change. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, the game will throw you as far off course as possible. You’ll feel a bizarre motivation to uncover each of more than a dozen endings, even when the game is openly mocking you for doing so. The insults speak to a larger truth and may make you question what it means to play games at all. This introspection, however, will have you laughing the entire time.
Now GamerOct 22, 2013
Truth be told The Stanley Parable won’t be appealing to everyone. You’ll need to be willing for the game to work, to accept that you won’t be doing anything more than moving forward and looking at things. The Stanley Parable might not prove that videogames are art, but it is an intriguing - and original - game that plays around with the tried-and-tested tropes of player choice in gaming.
Leif JohnsonOct 17, 2013
This is a thought experiment of sorts, and in comparison to some of its hordes of first-person peers, it may even be said that there’s not much of an actual point to the gameplay. But keep in mind that if that’s your conclusion, there’s a strong danger that you’re exactly the type of complacent player The Stanley Parable’s criticisms are aimed at.
Jeff MarchiafavaOct 22, 2013
The Stanley Parable is built upon a single, simple premise, and only offers a few hours of entertainment. That said, those few hours were unlike any I've experienced playing games before. If you're a fan of experimental indie projects or just in the mood for a fun detour from your typical gaming adventure, look no further.
VGChartz StaffNov 04, 2013
The Stanley Parable doesn't convince 100% in what it does, but it gets very close, and it becomes something extraordinary in the process. While it doesn't score highly in terms of play time versus price, or indeed in terms of actual gameplay, these end up feeling like unimportant considerations. The Stanley Parable is simply incredibly well thought out satire that looks inside the minds of gamers and game creators alike; it will frustrate you and make you laugh, just because you know everything it shows you is true.
Christian DonlanOct 17, 2013
Familiar but consistently surprising, this new Parable even fits beautifully into the existing game - a game that took its power not from a single narrative but the interaction of all its possible narratives, super-positioned and entangled. Here is another suite of variations, another arrangement of false choices to consider. I'm heading back in now, actually, looking for a door - I'm sure it'll be a door - that will hopefully lead me from the new build and into the original 2011 code.
Andrew ToddOct 29, 2013
Insightful and incisive commentary on game design and gameplay. Strong, simple art direction and level design. Extraordinary voice acting and scriptwriting. Potentially infinite replay value. For gamers looking for something intellectual about their medium, in their medium, The Stanley Parable is the only choice available – and thankfully, it’s a good one.
Alberto PastorOct 24, 2013
Nunca es fácil recomendar un juego de carácter experimental como este. Pero The Stanley Parable es tan original, y es a su vez tan bueno a nivel narrativo, que no podemos más que invitaros a que os dejéis llevar y lo probéis por vosotros mismos. Os gustará en mayor o menor medida, pero estamos seguros de que al final, el mensaje que transmite os hará pensar largo y tendido. Y solo por eso merece la pena.
Benjamin SchmädigOct 17, 2013
The Stanley Parable dreht sich schließlich vollständig um Spiel und Spieler. Es konfrontiert mich mit alltäglichen spielerischen Entscheidungen und erzählerischen Einbahnstraßen, führt sie ad absurdum und formuliert ein ebenso subjektives wie allgemeingültiges Anliegen. Wie ein cleverer Kabarettist schwingt es den lehrreichen Spiegel dabei nicht wie einen Holzhammer, sondern bringt mich mit Witz und Charme zum Lachen.
Alexander Bohn-EliasOct 25, 2013
Aber vielleicht habe ich auch schon zu viel verraten. Ohne, freilich, dass ihr jetzt auch nur eine Ahnung davon hättet, was euch in Stanley Parable nun wirklich erwartet. Vielleicht belasse ich es wirklich einfach dabei, euch zu sagen, dass ihr The Stanley Parable gespielt haben solltet, auch wenn es im Grunde eher euch spielt.
Erwan LafleurielOct 22, 2013
Clins d'oeil, référence, non-sens, sarcasmes, cynisme, autoparodie... L'univers fou de The Stanley Parable aborde des sujets intéressants, mais toujours avec un humour corrosif qui vous fera ricaner à chaque détour de couloir. On n'est déçu que lorsqu'une action débile ne déclenche pas un nouvel embranchement dans un scénario complètement barré. Des fins, il y en a plusieurs, bien entendu. Il n'y en a même jamais assez.
Elio CossuAug 11, 2013
The Stanley Parable è, nella sostanza, una sorta di sketch comico interattivo, brillante e geniale, non ha un vero e proprio gameplay e in molti lo farebbero rientrare nella categoria dei non-giochi, ma in qualunque modo lo si voglia chiamare resta comunque un titolo che ogni appassionato di videogiochi dovrebbe provare, per riscoprire un po' di sana autoironia quando, come Stanley, ci ritroviamo davanti ad uno schermo a premere pulsanti così come ci viene detto di fare.
Simone TagliaferriOct 17, 2013
Mettersi a discutere di voti riguardo a The Stanley Parable è davvero risibile. Però in questo contesto un voto va dato e non ci si può tirare indietro. Leggete il 9.5 come un modo per valorizzare l'eccezionalità del gioco e consigliarlo davvero a tutti, senza distinzioni. Ma no dai, non esageriamo. Quasi quasi portiamo tutto a 4.0 così scappate e non ci pensiamo più. Insomma, la scelta finale spetta a voi... sempre che non si tratti di un'altra scelta illusoria e che qualcuno non abbia già scelto per voi.
Lars PaymansNov 17, 2013
The Stanley Parable is een aparte game, maar zeker eentje die je een avondje gespeeld moet hebben als je een hardcore gamer bent. Misschien zorgt die verteller er zelfs voor dat je voortaan anders gaat kijken naar het verhaal dat je volgt in games. Als bovenstaande trailer je ook maar een beetje nieuwsgierig maakt, wacht dan niet langer met het spelen van deze unieke game.
Tobias GarstenOct 28, 2013
The Stanley Parable tar narrativ till en ny nivå. Det understryker problemen med berättande i spel, granskar dess brister och hånar sina egna brister. Hur det samtidigt lyckas vara en gripande berättelse i sig är närmast obegripligt. Den där fjärde väggen är ett minne blott. The Stanley Parable smyger in sin hand i mitt psyke. Leker med det, visar det vägen, manipulerar det och roar det.