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The Sinking City

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Samantha NelsonJun 26, 2019
There’s so much wonderful potential in this game that its flaws are all the more maddening. I wished that it had followed Call of Cthulhu in abandoning combat altogether and just used its larger space and considerably more nuanced investigation system to tell a great story. But it seems I’ll have to keep waiting for the perfect Lovecraft game
Chris CapelJun 25, 2019
The enjoyable Cthulhu detective story is enough to be worth seeing through, but it’s a mystery why the other parts of the game couldn’t be as strong.
Alexander ThomasJun 25, 2019
Its powers of immersion and fear are not to be overlooked, and fans of eldritch horror, Cthulhu, and things that go bump in the night will definitely be satisfied playing in the dark.
Ty ArthurJun 18, 2019
It's significantly longer than Call Of Cthulhu, especially if you go around trying to find all the hidden brain cylinders or completing side cases around Oakmont. From unlocking outfits to finding random side stories of terrible things that have happened to people since the town started going mad, you can easily sink dozens of hours into the game and won't ever run out of things to do. With an excellent re-interpretation of the Lovecraft mythos and solid open world gameplay, The Sinking City is just about everything you could ever want from a Cthulhu game.
Jordan OlomanJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City’s engrossing premise is ultimately betrayed by counterintuitive systems and bleak monotony.
Jason RodriguezJun 25, 2019
A treat for fans of H. P. Lovecraft's works, mystifying settings, and followers of the Cthulhu Mythos. Unfortunately, its weaker combat and exploration mechanics remain asleep at the bottom of the ocean.
Robin BairdJun 25, 2019
From the first moment when I fired up The Sinking City, I was immediately transported to a world HP Lovecraft could have created himself. From the creepy visions and sounds in a town overrun by maritime mayhem to the all too real human inclinations during times of disaster, safe was not something I felt very often. When I did feel safe, it was most often because I wasn't aware of what was lurking one step ahead of me. The mystery of what is really going on in Oakmont, and with lead character Charles Reed, kept drawing me in and often kept me playing far longer then I intended to.
Chris McJun 25, 2019
It won’t scare your socks off, but if you can avoid getting bogged down by The Sinking City’s clunkier elements, there’s enough to enjoy here.
Josh HawkinsJun 25, 2019
If you’ve ever been a fan of Lovecraftian horror or just mystery stories in general, The Sinking City is one stop you’ll want to make a little time for on your trip down the rabbit hole.
John BorbaJun 25, 2019
Though the laborious open-world travel, clunky combat, and aggravating research system can grow wearisome, there’s much to like in The Sinking City. I really hope to see a sequel from Frogwares, giving them the opportunity to refine these ideas in a sequel, because there's a lot of promise here that gets watered down by the tedious stuff.
Andy KellyJun 25, 2019
An occasionally entertaining detective game blighted by poor writing, rote combat, and a dreary open world.
Samuel GuglielmoJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City has a fantastic story, atmosphere, and investigations, leading to something that feels genuinely unique. It's just a shame that it's brought down by an overabundance of crummy combat and glitches.
Francesco De MeoJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City is probably the best Lovecraft inspired game currently available on the market, thanks to its oppressive atmosphere and its story, which utilizes the lore masterfully without deviating from the canon. AI and technical issues, as well as the clunky combat, are often immersion breaking, but the excellent investigation mechanics and exploration features make it easy to look past these issues. Highly recommended to survival horror fans and those who live and breath Lovecraft.
Josh WiseJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City is well worth playing for the initial rhythm of its casework and the freshness of its setting, but its mechanics, like its mystery, end up flooded.
Rebecca Hills-DutyJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City is one of the best Lovecraft-inspired games available and, despite some slightly awkward controls in places, the game is brilliantly crafted. Fans of horror will love its atmosphere and those who enjoy investigative games will quickly become absorbed in the depth offered by the gameplay. Those who loved L.A. Noire or Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, and players of the tabletop game, should definitely give thought to picking this title up.
Stuart ThomasJun 27, 2019
There's a stealth mechanic as well, but I didn't really use it as it was hopelessly useless. For all of these small failings, however, the feeling that you're a detective investigating a series of unfolding mysteries, this is a really solid contender. The Sinking City is deeply evocative in its oppressive dourness, and stays true to the investigative backbone of Cthulhu. We are presented an open world of horror and suspense that HP Lovecraft surely would have enjoyed investigating.
Will BorgerJun 24, 2019
The Sinking City provides a compelling story, gorgeous art, and genuine scares, but.
Brad LangJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City is a great game for fans of Lovecraftian horror and delivers some stellar quest writing but unfortunately stumbles due to overused and uninspired mechanics, a bland protagonist and general lack of life
Kenneth AraulloJul 13, 2019
The Sinking City, like most of Frogwares' other titles, offers a great concept with a somewhat poor execution. The severe lack of polish destroys the promising atmosphere, and some of the misguided gameplay elements can be annoying. If you're willing to look past that, however, then you get a very enjoyable investigative thriller in and of itself, even without those Lovecraftian elements.
Dan RoemerJun 25, 2019
Overall, as much as I adore the story and atmosphere of The Sinking City, it definitely feels like a budget title at times. If you can get past the weak combat, harmless jank, and enjoy a solid detective experience that won't hold your hand and throw tough choices your way, you shouldn't pass up on it. Even more so if you're a fan of Lovecraft. Because as the Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be and that's a good enough reason for me!
Marcello PerriconeJun 29, 2019
While The Sinking City’s exploration and world-building is far above previous Frogwares products, it still has a way to go to being truly good. Hopefully, the company will switch whatever modus operanti it has when creatively designing their games, and will be able to do a truly exceptional title next time.
PJ O’ReillyJun 25, 2019
Overall then, on the one hand The Sinking City is a well-written, solidly acted and mostly compelling detective story with satisfying investigation mechanics set in a mad world that’s sure to please fans of Lovecraft and Frogware’s previous Sherlock efforts. On the other, it’s a somewhat janky, last-gen open world effort with pretty dire, totally unnecessary combat and tedious methods of traversal stuffed in. If you can ignore the technical failings, set the combat difficulty to easy so you breeze past the monsters and stick to getting embroiled in the story.
Benedict DanielsJul 20, 2019
I so wanted to like The Sinking City and at the start i was invested in enjoying it, but after playing more and more, I just get frustrated and annoyed at the poor execution. If anyone can explain why a game which was in dev for so long comes out with so many glitches and poor code, then answers on a postcard. A brilliant concept with some excellent ideas, let down badly by the game engine, inconsistent writing and plotting.
Lisa DahlgrenJun 25, 2019
Even though the game isn't flawless, its narrative and world hold it up above the surface quite well.
Steve CJun 27, 2019
The Sinking City promises a nightmarish journey through a Lovecraftian townscape filled with monsters and threatening cults, but too often falls into a loop of forced combat and resource hunting. The investigative parts are excellent, and this is probably the best Lovecrat adaptation since Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth, but it still never really lives up to its potential. Close, but no Shoggoth.
Alberto PastorJun 25, 2019
Sentirse como un auténtico detective e investigar los horrores cósmicos de Lovecraft es genial, y ya solo por eso cualquier fan del escritor debería probar The Sinking City. Acción, sigilo, terror y supervivencia se dan la mano en una aventura de mundo abierto que se muestra fiel a los oscuros Mitos de Cthulhu, con un relato que atrapa y sorprende por lo macabro de sus historias, por lo turbio de los ambientes que describe. El juego se siente limitado en muchos aspectos, pero es una de las mejores experiencias basadas en la obra del autor de En las montañas de la locura.
Alejandro CastilloJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City es un quiero y no puedo. Las brillantes horas iniciales dan pie a un juego monótono, aséptico y que echa por tierra todos los intentos por diferenciarse del resto de obras basadas en el universo Lovecraft. Algunos casos individuales están bien narrados, sobre todo los secundarios, que sí cuentan con un buen nivel; pero a medida que avanzamos cae en un sinsentido del que no sabe cómo salir airoso. Ni el combate, errático, ni la exploración, aburrida, dan motivos para permanecer mucho más en Oakmont.
Jörg LuiblJun 28, 2019
Zum einen gefallen mir die fließenden Übergänge zwischen Realität und Wahnsinn. Zum anderen können die Sherlock-Holmes-Macher im Bereich der Recherche besser unterhalten, wenn man in Archiven suchen, Hinweise kombinieren und Entscheidungen treffen muss. Aber all diese stimmungsvollen Ansätze werden von einem gewöhnlichen Spieldesign, unglaubwürdigem Figurenverhalten, fehlender Interaktion, plumpen Gefechten, schwacher Technik und einigen Bugs immer wieder konterkariert. Unterm Strich bleibt ein ernüchterndes Erlebnis, das diesem außergewöhnlichen Mythos mal wieder nicht gerecht wird.
Florian ZandtJun 26, 2019
Wer stimmige Atmosphäre und gehaltvolle Themen sucht, wird bei The Sinking City fündig, muss aber mit Abstrichen beim Kampfsystem leben.
[87]Jun 25, 2019
S'il ne réussit pas tout ce qu'il entreprend, The Sinking City reste un jeu qui ne manque pas de caractère. Certes, nous aurions aimé une enquête plus libre que celle qu'on nous avait promise, des combats nettement mieux maîtrisés ou une technique plus solide. Il en reste cependant un titre bien ficelé, intéressant, qui parvient à laisser au moins l'illusion de l'autonomie pour l'enquêteur que vous serez, et qui sait s'auréoler d'une atmosphère pesante et d'une écriture soignée laissant la place à des choix qui comptent. Une bonne surprise.
Gauthier AndresJun 27, 2019
Frogwares ne s'y est d'ailleurs pas trompé, et The Sinking City propose une fonction de voyage rapide pour qui voudra réduire au minimum les temps morts.Sur le papier, l'idée d'une enquête sans GPS automatisé fait tout de suite germer
Jonathan BushleJul 10, 2019
lLe jeu n'est pas moche, mais souffre d'une multitude de bugs graphiques assez agaçants. Malgré tout, si vous êtes fans du genre et prêt à passer outre ses quelques défauts, The Sinking City pourrait sans doute être le jeu qui vous sauvera de la canicule cet été.
Fabien PellegriniJul 01, 2019
Bref, The Sinking City n'arrive jamais à tutoyer l'excellence, et il doit son salut essentiellement à son ambiance lovecraftienne. A réserver aux fans de Cthulhu, qui sauront passer outre ses quelques manquements.
Tommaso MontagnoliJun 25, 2019
Il titolo sviluppato da Frogwares a nostro avviso riesce a battere abilmente il concorrente, ma purtroppo si macchia di troppe imperfezioni, che gli impediscono di raggiungere il posto che avrebbe meritato. Un enorme peccato, poiché in The Sinking City c’è veramente dell’ottimo materiale, come ad esempio una buona storia, personaggi interessanti, un’atmosfera e una direzione artistica assolutamente degne di nota. D’altra parte, però, abbiamo un gameplay che funziona soltanto a metà, ovvero sul fronte ruolistico delle decisioni e dell’investigazione, mentre quando si parla di action, la situazione si fa problematica.
Domenico MusicòJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City dimostra di avere delle ottime e profonde meccaniche legate all’investigazione, affinate dopo anni di giochi dello stesso genere. Ciò nonostante, la voglia di Frogwares di fare il grande passo ha dovuto fare i conti una realtà ben diversa, fatta di grosse limitazioni che minano in modo determinante la qualità complessiva di un prodotto che voleva essere senz’altro migliore di quanto effettivamente ha dimostrato di essere.
Erica MuraJun 25, 2019
Anche con i suoi (pochi) difetti, The Sinking City riesce a brillare proprio là dove rivali come Call of Cthulhu – pubblicato lo scorso ottobre – hanno barcollato. Non abusa di jumpscare e inutili boss per forzare la sua parte horror, ma si concentra invece su un sistema investigativo ben pensato e coinvolgente e su piacevoli parti d’azione, che portano con naturalezza il giocatore a scoprire le mostruosità degli abissi e a pentirsi amaramente della propria curiosità.
Andrea GiongianiJun 25, 2019
The Sinking City è un gioco ben riuscito che permette realmente di fare il lavoro dell'investigatore in quello che forse è il luogo peggiore in assoluto in cui farlo. Uno dei migliori giochi creati sui Miti, rovinato solo in parte da un sistema di combattimento che non convince e da una mancanza di un reale feedback sulle scelte prese in gioco. Nonostante questi difetti si tratta comunque di un'esperienza di gioco decisamente piacevole.
Davide SpottiJun 25, 2019
Ne è scaturito un prodotto a velocità alternata, dove le carenze del sistema di combattimento, la scarsa vitalità della mappa di gioco e un comparto tecnico poco entusiasmante si contrappongono all'efficacia delle attività di ricerca e deduzione, impreziosite dalla libertà d'azione lasciata al fruitore e dal potente immaginario veicolato dalla tormentata letteratura lovecraftiana. Alla luce di tutte queste considerazioni e in virtù del prezzo di lancio, ci sentiamo di suggerire l'acquisto soprattutto a chi ha apprezzato i precedenti lavori di Frogwares e più in generale agli utenti che adorano le avventure di stampo investigativo.
Денис КнязевJun 25, 2019
Важно понять: The Sinking City — недорогая игра, и ее бессмысленно за это критиковать. Важнее ответить, готов ли ты терпеть ее недостатки ради того, чем она действительно сильна. То есть ради отлично поданных расследований и жутких, но при этом увлекательных историй, разворачивающихся на фоне мистического бедствия, итогом которого может стать пробуждение древнего глубоководного монстра.
Furkan GülerJul 04, 2019
Sona geldiğimizde oyun, oyuncuyu merak ettiren bir hikaye gidişatına sahip olsa da, The Sinking City bir oyunda en ön planda tutulması gereken konu olan oynanış mekanikleri konusunda pek yeni bir şey sunamıyor. HP Lovecraft evrenini yeterli düzeyde oyuna yansıtmayı başarabilen yapım, maalesef bizi tatmin edemedi. Eğer son dönemde çıkmış Sherlock Holmes oyunlarıyla haşır neşir olmuş biriyseniz, The Sinking City size hiç yabancı gelmeyecek.
Remco HayesJul 02, 2019
De nieuwe liefdesbaby van Frogwares en auteur H.P Lovecraft belooft minstens 40 uur aan speeltijd, waar je veel politieke problemen moet oplossen en ook nog eens tijd moet nemen om je eigen verstand niet te verliezen. Jammer is wel dat de game met veel problemen kampt, waardoor je niet echt lang achterover kunt gaan zitten om van de in basis prima titel te kunnen genieten. The Sinking City is te spelen op PlayStation 4, Xbox One en PC.
Dariusz DM MatusiakJun 25, 2019
Mimo że fabuła nie zapada w pamięć, nadrabiają to przeróżne pomniejsze sprawy, które potrafią zaciekawić, zaskoczyć, a nawet spowodować, że zaczynamy przejmować się losami jakiejś mało ważnej postaci. W The Sinking City mamy do czynienia z czymś pokroju syndromu „jeszcze jednej tury”, tyle że tutaj jest to „jeszcze jedna lokacja do odwiedzenia”, „jeszcze jedna rozmowa do przeprowadzenia” czy „jeszcze jedna poszlaka do sprawdzenia”. Gra wygląda topornie, ale wciąga. Potężny Cthulhu trochę się w tonącym mieście utopił. Sherlock Holmes czuje się tam za to jak ryba w wodzie.
کسری کریمی طارJun 26, 2019
The Sinking City مشخصا یک شاهکار نیست و ضعف‌های پرشماری دارد اما حداقل عنوانی پرهیجان است که داستانی فوق العاده دارد و شهر اوکمانت و کاراکترهایش را باجزییات تمام به تصویر می‌کشد. اگر بتوانید با مشکلات فنی، مبارزات ضعیف و بعضی از ماموریت‌های جانبی بازی کنار بیایید؛ این بازی به یکی از متفاوت‌ترین تجربه‌های گیمینگ شما طی ده سال گذشته را رقم می‌زند. در غیر این صورت قید خرید بازی را بزنید زیرا The Sinking City در مقایسه با open world های دیگر از محدودیت زیادی رنج می‌برد.
saverJun 26, 2019
Frogwares spravili z The Sinking City veľmi zaujímavý titul, v ktorom spojili svoje dlhoročné skúsenosti s detektívnym žánrom v Sherlock Holmes sérii a pridali k tomu akciu, schopnosti a aj výrobu predmetov. Sú to síce len doplnky, ale pekne rozširujú hrateľnosť a prispievajú k úspechu hry v neotrepanom štýle. Možno autori stále nemajú dotiahnuté technické detaily a animácie, ale atmosféra je parádna, príbeh pôsobivý a fanúšikovia Lovecrafta si to celé vychutnajú.