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The Sexy Brutale

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Jonathon DornbushApr 10, 2017
I enjoyed the process of solving every murder in The Sexy Brutale, and by the time the enjoyably twisted ending came along I was really only disappointed to not have more murders to prevent. Every murder The Sexy Brutale includes is uniquely fascinating to investigate, with the central loop of searching for clues and executing a plan to alter time continually engaging. I found Boone’s quest so fascinating, the Brutale’s secrets so alluring, and its world so charming that I rewound the clock just to spend a few more days in Lafcadio’s beautiful nightmare.
Ben ReevesApr 10, 2017
The Sexy Brutale’s repetitive nature bogs down what is otherwise a clever title. Tequila Works’ cast of characters are lovably eccentric and its puzzles are consistently rewarding. Unfortunately, The Sexy Brutale confirms one of the overlooked flaws of time travel: reliving the same day repeatedly can be tedious.
Jae LeeApr 20, 2017
Sexy Brutale is a title with an intriguing premise, backed up by a story well worth experiencing. However, the lackluster characterization and singular, uninteresting solutions to its puzzles hold it back from greatness.
Christopher LivingstonApr 18, 2017
The Sexy Brutale is a beautiful game, each chamber and hallway interestingly and exquisitely decorated. The manor is filled with secrets and curiosities, hidden rooms and intriguing portraits, and bizarre and often morbid sights. There's no voice-acting, and though the writing is engaging enough to want to read the description of every last item in the mansion.
Josh WiseMay 11, 2017
The Sexy Brutale nods back to ancient tradition while wrapped in the trappings of the 20th century, taking notes from some of the best adventure games there have been. At the same time, it looks forwards, unwinding to its own tempo, creating a game that feels distinct from any other.
Ed OrrMay 17, 2017
Despite this minor frustration, I was utterly enthralled by The Sexy Brutale. The exaggerated characters and isometric art breathes a kind of life into point and click mysteries that leaves other members of the same genre feeling listless and two dimensional. Puzzles prove themselves to be entirely accessible for newcomers, and the script is just fantastic. Take a gamble. Try The Sexy Brutale and if the house wins, just go back and try again.
Perry RuhlandApr 10, 2017
Even when the story’s at its most predictable, the fact of the matter is that The Sexy Brutale just works. Sure, the narrative may be lackluster, and sure, most of the masks are useless in most scenarios, but the central time-looping hook is done so well that it’s hard to stay too disappointed in it. Besides, there’s a gambling robot that’s modeled after the Grim Reaper. And that’s just awesome.
Michael ChowApr 19, 2017
Overall, The Sexy Brutale is an intriguing title where its mood and narrative stand out the most. While artistically sound, the technical prowess of the title is somewhat lacking. Though the various elements of The Sexy Brutale have been utilized in games past, The Sexy Brutale takes them and makes its own game. The Sexy Brutale is creative, interesting, challenging, and fun.
Ray PorrecaApr 10, 2017
Though The Sexy Brutale fumbles a few times -- especially near the end when it rushes toward a narrative payoff -- it never hurts the experience. Uncovering the mansion's secrets and the twisted plot that dooms its guests is exciting. Compared to almost any other puzzle game, The Sexy Brutale's dark tone and inspired art stand out from the crowd. Solving murder might not be the most cheerful work, but it's one hell of a good time.
Kyle LeClairApr 10, 2017
In the end, The Sexy Brutale is a marvelous and unique delight of a murder mystery, one you’ll have walked away from feeling shocked over what exactly you just saw play out in the story, satisfied over the challenging puzzles you’ll have solved to help out each masked guest, and dazzled over the vibrant and mesmerizing aesthetics.
Alice BellApr 11, 2017
The secret stories Father Lafcadio uncovers are lovely, but you won't always enjoy the process of uncovering them. Still, a series of elegant murders, with elegant stories, in an elegant mansion is enough to show anyone a good time. Time and time again...
Mark "Mr Black" BrearleyMay 22, 2017
The Sexy Brutale is a delectable slice of murder and mystery. The exquisite art design, twisted puzzles, and excellent audio design combines to create a truly memorable experience. The unique setting and thoughtful tale will remain in the memory long after the case has been closed.
Juan A. FonsecaMay 09, 2017
As its name suggests, The Sexy Brutale is easy on the eyes, it attracts you with its visual style, its design, and its characters, but it is also a brutal affair and death is an ever-present. It's a charming game full of character, and it's a joy to watch the events unfold, and there are concepts here that feel unique and fresh.
Jorge CanoApr 10, 2017
Como amantes de las aventuras gráficas y los puzles, The Sexy Brutale nos ha gustado mucho, es un juego original tanto en el fondo como en las formas, que nos ha dejado un buen sabor de boca. Hubiéramos preferido que fuera un poco más difícil y complejo, ya que si eres un aficionado al género nunca te va a plantear un gran reto, y que tuviera una historia mejor planteada, pero todo lo que propone lo resuelve bien, y se hace realmente entretenido, del principio hasta el final.
Alberto PastorApr 10, 2017
Cada vez que he evitado un asesinato, que he logrado cambiar el funesto destino de un inocente, The Sexy Brutale me ha hecho sentir increíblemente bien… y sonreía. Así de divertida es la experiencia de juego que proponen Tequila Works y Cavalier Game Studios, que con esta aventura de puzles han demostrado que no todo está inventado, que todavía se nos puede sorprender.
Ramón Méndez GonzálezApr 10, 2017
Es un juego que enamora y encandila sin darnos cuenta y, en cuanto los créditos empiezan a aparecer, estaremos con una sonrisa inherente a un final feliz y a haberlo pasado muy bien en un casino extravagante que esconde mucho más de lo que parece a simple vista. Bienvenidos a la aventura gráfica de nueva generación. Bienvenidos al Sexy Brutale.
Luis SánchezApr 19, 2017
Recapitulando, el juego presenta una atmósfera visual impecable y bien cuidada, acentuada con una excelente banda sonora. Las mecánicas están bien implementadas y son ingeniosas, aunque su espectro se vea limitado por la narrativa restrictiva de salvar a un huésped a la vez. A pesar de ser un título relativamente corto, The Sexy Brutale es una experiencia anímica de acertijos, exploración, sigilo y melancolía que se distingue por cuenta propia. Una gran sorpresa por parte de Tequilla Works, recomendada para los aficionados al género de sigilo y acertijos.
Gerardo MorenoApr 19, 2017
A pesar de ser un título relativamente corto, The Sexy Brutale es una experiencia anímica de acertijos, exploración, sigilo y melancolía que se distingue por cuenta propia. Una gran sorpresa por parte de Tequilla Works, recomendada para los aficionados al género de sigilo y acertijos.
Benjamin SchmädigApr 11, 2017
Cavalier Game Studios und Tequila Works haben dabei nicht nur ein ausgesprochen prachtvolles Adventure geschaffen, sondern auch ein spielerisch einzigartiges. Denn bei der freien Suche nach Hinweisen und dem eigenständigen Erkennen der Lösungen entfaltet sich ein eleganter Spielfluss, der durch die ständige Wiederholung desselben Tages immer in Bewegung ist. Frustrierende Sackgassen gibt es nicht und zahlreiche Geheimnisse stiften zum gründlichen Beobachten an.
Johannes RoheApr 13, 2017
Sie merken es, ich bin von The Sexy Brutale wirklich begeistert, dabei hat es mich auch ein wenig enttäuscht. Das ganze Spiel über habe ich ein bisschen drauf gewartet, dass die Entwickler mich endlich vom Haken lassen, mir die ganze Spielwelt öffnen und mich in kniffligen Rätseln auch mal zum Um-die-Ecke-Denken zwingen, statt mir die Lösung auf dem Silbertablett zu präsentieren. Doch diesen Schritt wagt das Spiel nicht und darunter leidet die Spieldauer.
KaarajApr 26, 2017
Difficile de ne pas tomber sous le charme de The Sexy Brutale, qui parvient à partir d'éléments bien connus du jeu vidéo à nous servir une production rafraîchissante et originale, s'appuyant également sur sa direction artistique soignée et sa bande-son impeccable pour nous proposer en plus un univers attrayant.
Angel DavilaJun 07, 2017
The Sexy Brutale réussit à insuffler un vent de fraîcheur au genre grâce à un gameplay original, basé sur boucle temporelle qui nous fait revivre les mêmes événements à l'infini. Une idée très bien exploitée par les développeurs, appuyée par une ambiance des plus réussies ainsi que des énigmes à la difficulté savamment dosée. Tous ces éléments positifs permettent d'obtenir une aventure prenante qui, bien qu'assez courte (environ 7 heures de jeu), saura captiver les amateurs du genre.