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The Saboteur

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Charlie BarrattDec 08, 2009
When we learned that the storyline would revolve around the French underground resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II, we hoped for a deep moral narrative with real historical significance. When we witnessed the unique visuals, which paint terrorized parts of the city in depressing grayscale and liberated sections in bright, eye-dazzling color, we immediately tho
Jonathan MarxDec 08, 2009
The only thing more played out more than WWII is perhaps open-world action. Nevertheless, both conventions are overused for a reason: they have great video game potential. In the case of The Saboteur, they combine to provide for a compelling if uninventive experience. Working in concert, this game's tired, uninspired mechanics still manage to get the job done; the whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts. If you're looking for a truly unique experience, this game isn't for you.
Neon KellyDec 03, 2009
If you saw any of the early promotional trailers for this game, you may remember a clip that was cut to the svelte tones of Nina Simone, as she sung Feeling Good. Well, that track has been included here - along with several other excellent jazz numbers that play whenever you enter a vehicle. The thing is, that song was recorded in 1965 - over 20 years after World War II ended. It's inclusion makes no sense at all, and yet the tune itself is a perfect match for the tone of the game.
Matt BertzDec 03, 2009
I can’t decide which I like better – the stylish black and white treatment of Paris under German occupation or the colorful world it becomes once you liberate a neighborhood. French Resistance? More like International Resistance – this game has enough foreign accents to rival BBC World News. A great 1940s jazz soundtrack accompanies your street carnage. While the driving, shooting, and climbing get the job done, they lack the polish of superior experiences. A fresh take on World War II that should appeal to fans of sandbox action games.
Ryan DavisDec 08, 2009
About the greatest success an open-world game can achieve is to dupe the player into believing, even on a sub-conscious level, that they are in a real place. Deep down, we know that these are all clockwork playgrounds constructed specifically for our amusement, so it's not an easy thing to do. But The Saboteur's gameplay systems never let you forget that you are playing a game, and the nakedness of the underlying machinery is one of the game's greatest shortcomings.
Christian DonlanDec 03, 2009
With the moody black-and-white filters off, Saboteur is a rather unattractive game, with boxy environments and grim textures. Character animation is jerky and puppet-like and the numerous sheeny-skinned strippers hanging around at one of Devlin's favourite haunts look like they've been dipped in superglue. Teenage boys will like it, certainly, but then they've probably had a thing for glue for quite some time. the limp first few hours suggest. It's perhaps not the greatest company epitaph in the world
Joe RobinsonJan 11, 2010
The Saboteur can be both addictive and engaging, but also rather stale, all at the same time. Serious issues such as the nature of a resistance campaign, terror tactics, victory at all costs, etc… are fairly buried underneath the game’s lighter tones. Still, it’s in line with Pandemic’s other works so it’s not like you should expect a moral masterpiece. If you want to put in the effort, than the rinse/repeat actions won’t seem as boring as they should be.
Michael BregnbakDec 04, 2009
Simple and functional gameplay lifts it to an acceptable level and dedicated fans of the open world genre will be able to derive enough enjoyment out of it to warrant a purchase, but for most people you will be best advised to wait until it hits the bargain bins. Because as it stands it is one further example of what happens when a developers opts for quantity over quality.
Jörg LuiblDec 09, 2009
Diese ebenso anrüchige wie explosive Mischung hat nicht nur in Amerika für Neugier gesorgt. Spätestens das interessante Artdesign mit seinem Wechsel vom bedrohlichen Schwarzweiß hin zur warmen Farbe der Befreiung hat sicher auch viele Europäer aufhorchen lassen. Aber was sich im Ansatz noch gut anhört und Lust auf den Widerstand weckt, scheitert in der Praxis - egal ob banale Story oder plumpe Inszenierung.
DinowanDec 03, 2009
Tout n'est pas parfait et le titre n'est pas un hit interstellaire, pour cela, il lui manque une IA plus finaude et moins fofolle dans ses réactions loufoques, il aurait fallu que l'infiltration soit mieux maîtrisée ou que la technique soit fignolée mais dans le genre bac à sable explosif, il tire son épingle du jeu et on passe un moment bien agréable à errer dans les rues parisiennes bardé de dynamite. The Saboteur est donc un GTA-like sympathique qui tire son charme de sa personnalité pas banale.
Matthieu HurelDec 03, 2009
La prise en main laisse à désirer sur certains points, l'I.A. des ennemis est décevante, les animations manquent de soin, les doublages comme les traductions donnent parfois des sueurs froides, mais pour peu qu'on aime les mondes ouverts vastes regorgeant de quêtes annexes, combattre des Nazis et prendre le script, les personnages et les dialogues au second degré, il y a matière à passer des moments assez rigolos avec le titre de Pandemic.