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The Pathless

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Heidi HawesDec 16, 2020
I can honestly say that I’ve never played a game quite like it. Once you get the hang of the movement system, venturing across the land is a delight. Even the boss fights feel like one fluid dance. It’s an ambitious game, but one that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Without a doubt, this is one path worth traveling.
Luke KempNov 23, 2020
The story comes to a satisfying end, after which I gleefully jumped back in to start mopping up the remainder of the puzzles. The cherry on top is the soundtrack, a typically wonderful Austin Wintory score that incorporates the superb sounds of throat singing band Alash. The Pathless sacrifices difficulty at the altar of fun, and it works superbly.
Andrew FarrellNov 13, 2020
The Pathless is a lovely game that just begs to be explored. The serenity it can provide and the satisfying feeling of locating rewards make it an experience that can be easily recommended.
Austin WoodNov 10, 2020
It's a small thing, but petting the eagle brought me joy every time. So did The Pathless, really. You could knock it out in one long binge – or a short binge, if you only focused on beating the spirits – but I finished it over a couple of days, and I constantly looked forward to playing more of it.
Mick FraserNov 19, 2020
Giant Squid have created a beautiful world worth getting lost in, a cause worth fighting for, and a hero worth following. The movement and archery elements are sublime, while the puzzles will challenge but not confound you. It’s effortlessly playable and utterly charming, and it does it all without unnecessary violence and bombast. If you want an adventure to lose yourself in for a few hours, The Pathless is the way to go.
Fabrizia MalgieriNov 17, 2020
Ultimately, The Pathless is a really great game. Exciting, relaxed, visually flawless, Giant Squid's new game confirms the excellent direction taken by the studio, since the time of Abzû. If you are looking for a game to dedicate some time to, but without rushing, I can only recommend the adventures of the Hunter and her friend eagle, available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. You won't regret it.
Jose María VillalobosNov 17, 2020
The Pathless es una solvente aventura donde Giant Squid camufla de forma inteligente su débito a las ideas de influyentes títulos. Es capaz de dotar de personalidad a su producto a pesar de cierta continua familiaridad, y lo hace asimilando, expandiendo y hasta perfeccionando lo que coge de otros juegos.
Gianni MolinaroNov 20, 2020
La liberté qu'il offre au joueur, le plaisir qu'il procure par ses mécaniques de déplacements, sa multitude de casse-têtes et ses combats, son île magnifique et sa pertinence musicale le placent sur un chemin tout tracé, celui du succès, qu'on lui souhaite grand. Même s'il n'est pas parfait et pourra sembler un peu vide ou court et un peu simplet scénaristiquement, il le mérite.
Paolo SirioNov 25, 2020
The Pathless soffre di una struttura narrativa e ludica molto lineare, finisce esattamente come comincia perché non ha grosse vibrazioni lungo la sua spina dorsale, ma gode di una direzione artistica ispirata, amplia il ventaglio delle funzionalità rispetto ad Abzu, ha un bel mondo e un bel modo di raccontarlo, e... un'aquila da accarezzare, che non sottovaluteremmo se fossimo in voi.
uniNov 19, 2020
The Pathless zvládnete približne za 8 hodín. Záleží aj na tom, ako dlho sa budete potulovať po okolí a či vyriešite viac hlavolamov, ako je potrebné. Je to vydarená hra, ktorá je predovšetkým o objavovaní a relaxovaní v éterickom univerze, kde však nájdete aj väčšie výzvy, ktoré otestujú vášho bojového ducha.