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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

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Bryan VitaleFeb 14, 2018
Cold Steel II is the latest game of the overarching “Kiseki” series of games that been localized for western audiences so the future from here on is a little bit murky. We know that the first two games are getting PS4 re-releases in Japan in the coming months, but details concerning the future of the series for the west are sparse at best. We’re hopeful this isn’t the last time we’ll be able to write about the series for the western audience and that fans who invest into the games, on any platform, will be able to see the story continued someday soon.
Stephanie TangFeb 19, 2018
In Japan, Trails of Cold Steel III was released last September, and a fourth and final game, Trails of Cold Steel IV: The End of Saga, is supposed to be released later this year as well. No word yet has been announced regarding English localizations, and at this rate, we probably can't expect one for a few years yet at least.  Considering the impressive success of Nihon Famcon's games on Steam though, and the fact that a remastered version of ToCS2 is coming out on PS4 soon as well, the future seems fairly bright. Here's hoping we can stand the wait. 
Francesco De MeoFeb 22, 2018
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is an excellent JRPG and a more than worthy continuation of the saga, thanks to a gripping story, well-developed characters, and engaging battle system. While the gameplay experience hasn't changed much, with only some small enhancements to the battle system and an airship customization system, the game manages to be slightly better than its predecessor, mostly thanks to some interesting and unexpected plot twists and a story that doesn't end in a huge cliffhanger like its predecessor. Highly recommended to all JRPG lovers.
DottorKillexJun 04, 2019
Più libero a livello narrativo dai vincoli di world building e di introduzione di un complesso mondo e di decine di personaggi rispetto al primo capitolo, The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II ne mantiene intatta l’ossatura portante, ma colpisce ancora di più nel segno con una serie di colpi di scena ben congegnati.