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The Evil Within 2

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Angry JoeOct 28, 2017
Philip KollarOct 18, 2017
The same could be said for the game itself, honestly. The Evil Within 2 represents one of the starkest and most astounding turnarounds from a debut title to its sequel that I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a brilliant horror game, one that understands when to ratchet up tension and when to pull back and let you collect yourself. If the first game was a failed attempt to capture the spirit of Shinji Mikami’s classic Resident Evil 4, the sequel is a successful attempt at something much better: finding a chilling, exhilarating voice of its own.
April MarieOct 13, 2017
If you are considering getting The Evil Within 2, be prepared for some slightly clunky movement and somewhat repetitive walking simulator sections. Past that, it’s a wonderful sequel to a game that was originally sort of a miss, rather than a hit. You’ll become just as invested as Sebastian is when trying to find his daughter and walk away from the experience feeling like you got your money’s worth. The Evil Within 2 is well worth the purchase, but especially those who enjoyed the first game and want something more.
Stephanie ChanOct 16, 2017
If you’re a horror buff, you’ll likely be disappointed because there aren’t that many unique monsters in the game. It’s not even scary, to be honest; most of the tension and fear comes from the lack of ammo. All in all, it’s not a bad game, but it’s not a great game either. You’ll probably have fun shooting the zombies and checking out the occasionally cool surreal locales, but that’s it.
Paul TamburroOct 12, 2017
In the end, The Evil Within 2 is a worthy sequel that makes a number of bold decisions. For those solely looking for the survival horror thrills of the first game, its spotlight upon combat will likely be a disappointment, as will its introduction of a dull open world. However, there's plenty tucked away in The Evil Within 2 that will appeal to both fans of the original and new players, with it presenting a mix of Mikami's best ideas and John Johanas' new direction. It's certainly not what I was expecting, but in a good way.
Lucas SullivanOct 12, 2017
The Evil Within 2 doesn't quite manage to step out of the first game's shadow - but while it may not have the same bold, unified style, you won't have to worry about frustrating mechanics or enraging difficulty spikes. If you've got a soft spot for the original game in your survival horror-loving heart, you'll surely enjoy this sequel (and get a kick out of the many callbacks to the previous plotline).
Alessandro FillariOct 12, 2017
Coming in at a lengthy and surprisingly packed 15-hour campaign, the sequel does an admirable job of ratcheting up the tension and scares when it needs to, while also giving you the freedom to explore and proceed how you want. It's a tough thing to balance, but The Evil Within 2 does it remarkably well, and in a way that leaves a strong and lasting impression after its touching conclusion.
Jon SuttonOct 21, 2017
The Evil Within 2 is definitively better than the original. An already great horror game has been refined and expanded, offering just the right balance between overwhelming oppressiveness and a satisfying fight for survival. It’s another love letter to fans of Resident Evil 4.
William MurphyOct 12, 2017
And yet, for all its atmosphere, The Evil Within 2 never feels terrifying. Tense and nerve-wracking, sure. But it’s not a really scary game. It’s like a grindhouse horror movie. Grotesque and rife with disturbing images, but it doesn’t quite get you freaking out the way something like Slenderman or Layers of Fear might. Your mileage may vary, of course.
Chris JarrardOct 16, 2017
The Evil Within 2 is a better game than the original. While I feel that no part of the game close to the excellent opening moments of the chainsaw man chase that opened the first game, the sum of those parts makes for a better overall experience. That said, I did not really fancy any of it. My aforementioned gripes and PC port issues leave me feeling indifferent towards the scattered high points. In classic horror fashion, the game ends with a hint towards another sequel. Hopefully it will try breaking new ground in gameplay systems and offer a more compelling story. 6/10 Green Herbs
Joe DonnellyOct 16, 2017
An intense and thrilling psychological survival horror sequel that improves on its forerunner in almost every way.
Matthew ByrdOct 16, 2017
The Evil Within 2 is the easiest rental recommendation I’ll make in 2017. The things it does well are worth experiencing. Unfortunately, it’s a sequel that ultimately left me uttering the same sentiment that the original title inspired: “Man, I hope this game gets a sequel so that the developers have another chance to get this right.”
Sam BishopOct 14, 2017
A deeper RPG-esque upgrade system bolsters this, as by collecting both green and red gel from throughout the world, the former obtained by defeating enemies and the latter by exploring, you can make Castellanos better by purchasing skills in five different categories: Combat, Stealth, Recovery, Athleticism, and Health.
Jordan ForwardDec 08, 2017
At its core, The Evil Within 2 is still a survival horror experience, a modern take on the time-honoured suspense of having only one round but two deranged enemies lurching towards you.
Chris J CapelOct 23, 2017
The Evil Within 2 is an excellent game and a wonderful survival horror, perfectly mixing Silent Hill and Resident Evil 4 while correcting all the flaws of the original. The story’s better, the locations flow together well, the more open areas are fun to explore, and the ability to choose between action and stealth is very welcome. It’s also incredibly creepy with truly wonderful monster designs.
Andrew WowkOct 26, 2017
Tense, terrifying, and a significant improvement on its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 capitalises on the potential the franchise clearly shows.
Valentin AschenbrennerOct 20, 2017
The Evil Within 2 kann unbarmherzig und gemein sein – und genau dafür kann ich es sehr gut leiden. Was sich nach einem eher ungesunden Verhältnis anhört, spricht eigentlich nur für ein Survival-Horror-Spiel. Manchmal ist The Evil Within 2 gruselig und manchmal blanker Horror.
Marcel KleffmannOct 19, 2017
The Evil Within 2 ist so gar nicht wie sein Vorgänger, denn durch die nur teilweise offene Welt mit dem relativ harmlosen Szenario und vielen abstrakten Passagen kommt kaum Survival-Horror-Feeling auf. In den ausschweifenden Ausflügen geht viel vom Gruselfaktor verloren, da Enge, Fokus und Bedrohung weitgehend fehlen.
Michael HeroldOct 13, 2017
Auch wenn The Evil Within 2 optisch einige Schwächen hat, war ich dennoch begeistert vom expliziten Ekelfaktor des Spiels. Ständig fliegt Blut- und Gehirnmasse in Zeitlupe durch die Gegend und Bossmonster wie Obscura sehen einfach alptraumhaft gut aus. Wer wie ich ein Faible für absurde Horrorfilme und auch mit ein wenig Gore klarkommt, wird mit The Evil Within 2 große Freude haben.
Jonathan BushleOct 13, 2017
The Evil Within 2 reprend la formule du premier épisode avec du challenge, de l'infiltration et des combats à l'arme à feu, et y ajoute une bonne dose d'exploration dans une ville d'Union semi-ouverte. Ces nouvelles phases de liberté sont très réussies, représentent environ la moitié du jeu en termes de volume.
Laurely BirbaOct 13, 2017
Justement, par rapport à ce manque de finition, certaines absurdités peuvent surprendre en 2017 comme le fait de ne pas pouvoir passer par une fenêtre alors qu’il y a la place pour, ou encore des objets par-dessus lesquels on ne peut pas sauter. Mais le must demeure les exécutions à couvert qui ne se déclenchent pas. Reprendre au dernier checkpoint à cause de ça alors que l’on avait nettoyé tout le secteur, c’est un scandale.
MrderivOct 12, 2017
Cette suite ne cherche finalement pas à réinventer quoi que ce soit, mais plutôt à prolonger le travail effectué par Tango Sotftworks en matière d’équilibre entre la tension, l’horreur et les trouvailles visuelles chargées de véhiculer l’angoisse et la confusion dans l’esprit du joueur. Malgré d’évidents défauts, The Evil Within 2 parvient à s’imposer comme une bonne expérience anxiogène.
Domenico MusicòOct 12, 2017
Nonostante sia macchiato da un paio di fasi sandbox poco convincenti, The Evil Within 2 è un prodotto solido e in grado di raggiungere anche punte di eccellenza.
Раффаэль ГригорянOct 19, 2017
The Evil Within 2 — это не новое слово. Это компиляция всех жанровых наработок за последние лет пятнадцать. Превосходная и местами даже пугающая — а хоть немного жутких хорроров в индустрии мало. Получив больше творческой свободы от Синдзи Миками, авторы игры сделали главное: они сохранили фирменный шизофренический стиль оригинала и разбавили его собственным художественным окрасом. Теперь мы точно знаем, что в Tango Gameworks работают талантливые разработчики, а их творчество держится не на одних лишь идеях Миками.
Александр СадовскийOct 19, 2017
После неоднозначной первой части, которой многое прощалось за громкое имя на обложке, сиквел внезапно оказался куда более скромной (в плане пиара), но и значительно более приятной игрой. При этом сохраняющей, насколько это в наше время возможно, все родимые пятна некогда плодородного жанра.
Furkan GülerOct 13, 2017
Sona geldiğimizde The Evil Within 2, ilk oyunun üzerine oldukça güzel bir hikaye ve dolu dolu içerikler ekleyerek oyuncuların karşısına çıkmış. Oyuncuyu anlık şaşırtma (jump scare) üzerine kurulu korku oyunlarından bezdiyseniz, sizi The Evil Within 2’nin baskın ve soğuk terler döktüren dünyasına davet ediyorum. Ayrıca Resident Evil ve Silent Hill gibi korku oyunları ile büyümüş bir oyuncuysanız, The Evil Within 2’nin sizi az da olsa geçmişe götüreceğinden emin olabilirsiniz.