The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC
PC - Windows

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Nov 11, 2011
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Content Rating: Mature


The Empire of Tamriel is on the edge. The High King of Skyrim has been murdered. Alliances form as claims to the throne are made. In the midst of this conflict, a far more dangerous, ancient evil is awakened. Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel. The future of Skyrim, even the Empire itself, hangs in the balance as they wait for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
  • Memory: 2GB System RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 6GB free HDD Space
  • Video Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
  • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card

Gamer Reviews

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Apr 21, 2021

A great RPG that will make you 100% addicted so make sure you have some time on your hands.

Mar 25, 2021

One of the best games i ever played, i have more than 1000 hours of default gameplay and i dont know how many hours with mods. Truly an amazing game with infinite possibilities due to the mods. Also the mod community is one of the best and one of the most amazing ones out there.

Mar 14, 2021

Some people give it like 5 cause "buggy" well it is, not gonna lie, BUT its imperfectly perfect, the best role-play medieval game i ever played, so many options and places to go, simple combat system, magic and weapons LOTS OF THEM, can't say im not disappointed its not polished and have some crashes and stuff but its a software, what game doesn't crash or sometime gets glitchy??

Critic Reviews

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Brad ShoemakerNov 10, 2011
No other game I know of operates with this many moving parts to create such an immense world filled with this much choice in how you engage its excellent, endless fiction. It's one thing when a game offers dozens of hours of gameplay; it's quite another when that gameplay is good enough you'll want to live in its world for that long.
Charles OnyettNov 10, 2011
The changes made since Oblivion are many, and result in a more focused and sensible style of play, where the effects of every decision are easily seen. Featuring the same kind of thrilling freedom of choice The Elder Scrolls series is known for along with beautiful visuals and a stirring soundtrack, playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced.
Robert VerBruggenNov 11, 2011
More than any game before it, it manages to be exactly what you want it to be—it can be a tight and well-told story, an epic and wandering adventure, a hack-and-slash, a first-person brawler, a magical quest, or, most likely, a customized blend of all that. No matter how you play, it will consume your gaming hours for weeks at a time. The process of exploring the world, improving your character, killing dragons, and raiding dungeons has never been so expansive, or so addictive.