The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for PC
PC - Windows

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Apr 29, 2002
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Content Rating: Teen


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an epic, open-ended single-player game where you create and play any kind of character you can imagine. Be the hero embarking on an epic quest or a thief rising to leadership of his guild. Be a sorcerer developing the ultimate spell of destruction or a healer searching for the cure to a plague. Your actions define your character, and your gameplay changes and evolves in response to your actions. Confront the assassins' guild, and they take out a contract on you; impress them, and they try to recruit you instead. No two sagas are the same in the world of Morrowind.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows ME/98/XP/2000
  • Processor: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphics: 32MB Direct3D Compatible video card with 32-bit color support and DirectX 8.1
  • DirectX®: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 1GB free hard disk space
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card

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Dec 22, 2020
A sublime mess of a game that has stood the test of time, thanks especially to the ever-growing support of the modding community.
Kishore Sainath

Kishore Sainath

Mar 14, 2021
Ant Peach Giang

Ant Peach Giang

Feb 16, 2021


Nov 14, 2020

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William HarmsMar 30, 2006
Morrowind's extreme open-endedness sets it apart. Despite the linear story, the way the other characters in the world interact with you changes based upon your actions. There are various guilds within the game, like the Assassins Guild, and whether or not they see you as friend or foe is determined by how you interact with them. Attack an assassin, and the entire guild will be hunting for your hide. That kind of flexibility means that each game can play out a little differently.
Greg KasavinMay 10, 2002
It's a beautiful-looking, sprawling, and completely open-ended game that allows you to play pretty much however you like as long as you're willing to fill in a few blanks using your imagination. If that's that case, then you could easily spend a couple of hundred hours over the course of days, weeks, or months losing yourself, deliberately or not, in Morrowind's carefully detailed world. And if you're hard-core into computer role-playing games, then that's about the highest recommendation you could hope for.
Barry BrenesalMay 15, 2002
Morrowind isn't perfect and its system requirements are huge; but its accomplishments outweigh any reservations, in my opinion. It isn't for everybody, but then what game is? This one shows more planning, talent (aesthetic, programming, and design) and creative vision than anything I've played in a very long time. And I'll stand by those words.

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