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The Banner Saga 2

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Patrick PerraultMay 09, 2016
Overall, The Banner Saga 2 is perhaps what the first one should have been to begin with, but it’s a welcome addition to its own little genre all the same. For those interested in anything to do with Chess, Final Fantasy, or RPG’s, you could do little better.
Leif JohnsonApr 19, 2016
The improvements may be small, but they're also substantial: the new combat units, the introduction of a second caravan story to follow, and the obstacles in the battlefield add up nicely. While beautifully written and populated with memorable characters and twists, the story does slightly suffer from a case of the "middle episodes" that may leave you eager for more. On the bright side, we know that more is on the way in a third and final installment.
Edmond TranApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2’s wonderful balance of systems and their effectiveness in heightening the ongoing narrative can still be appreciated if you aren’t familiar with what came before--but much more so if you are. Like the original game, The Banner Saga 2 leaves you holding your breath, completely invested in the world, its inhabitants, and their struggles, anxiously eager for more.
Robert LashleyMay 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 picks up right where the Banner Saga left off and makes for a wonderful sequel. It answers a number of questions that the first game let linger and raises a few more for a potential sequel to close the loop on. If you liked the original Banner Saga then this one is a no brainer.
Matt WhittakerMay 04, 2016
Outside of its disappointing final battle, The Banner Saga 2 is a masterpiece of storytelling and engaging turn-based strategy combat. The combination of a dedicated sense of player agency and a stark moral dichotomy between the two sides of the narrative make for an experience that will immediately prompt thousands to start a countdown until The Banner Saga 3.
Matt BuchholtzApr 27, 2016
While many reviewers will point to The Banner Saga 2’s breathtaking art, or mention the sophisticated elevation of a turn-based strategy/RPG, the game’s largest success is that it makes you feel like a true leader.
Easy AlliesJun 02, 2016
Daniel TackApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 carries the banner onward for the series, and while it’s made a few steps forward in creating more interesting tactical decisions and has added some more options for customization, it seems to have taken a step back in terms of making your journey across the world memorable. If you enjoyed the first chapter, you are ready for a great time continuing your tale right where you left off.
Chris SchillingApr 19, 2016
You’ll forgive the occasions where the narrative and mechanics don’t always dovetail perfectly for the moments in which they do—spectacularly so during one story beat, as Stoic somehow generates nerve-fraying tension from a sequence conducted at walking pace. Yes, there’s still room for improvement, but this is a smart, worthy sequel: denser, richer, more complex and yet more intimate.
Shubhankar ParijatApr 24, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 improves upon the original in almost every way possible and is, as a result, one hell of an experience that shouldn’t be missed.
Carli VelocciMay 06, 2016
The combination of gameplay, character building, strategy, and narrative highlights the power games have in telling stories, and that experience is uniquely Banner Saga — even if I have to wait until the third installment to see if anything pays off.
Nic RowenMay 30, 2016
Too often RPGs and turn-based tactical battle games are the domain of knock off Middle-earths. Of poor fantasy pastiches stitched together with wizards sporting wispy gray beards, dwarves slurring cheap Scottish accents, and knights brandishing impractical shoulder pads. It is a joy and a treat to spend time with a world so different, so unique and intriguing.
Chris J CapelApr 19, 2016
Banner Saga 2 may be just the next part of Stoic’s ongoing tale but basically everything has been improved. They’ve kept the lovely art, animations and design and continued the wonderful apocalyptic story for a gripping twelve hours filled with twists, turns and probably deaths, with hard choices that can have real consequences to the story.
David JenkinsApr 20, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 is a difficult game to recommend simply because we’d advise starting with the original. If you have played that and enjoyed it then don’t look for more than minor improvements in the sequel, although the experience is still intriguing enough that if The Banner Saga 3 also turns out to be just more of the same we still won’t be complaining that much.
Fraser BrownApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 captures much of what made the first game such a compelling fight for survival. It has a tendency to focus on the bigger picture and with the large number of characters that don’t have much to say, some of the emotional engagement from the original is lost, but both the management side of things and the tactical battles have been lavished with improvements. The journey is bleak and savage, but the game is great.
gamesTMJul 13, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 sticks closely to the formula of the original, with stunning art, an intricate story and a solid battle system. The plot can be tough to follow at times, while the battle system and its many nuances could be better explained in game. Overall, then, Stoic has served up another competent strategy experience, but it doesn’t appear to be stretching itself.
Jon NewcombeApr 19, 2016
It is not a perfect game but it is a wonderful player-crafted story packed with enjoyable mechanics. Any game that forces players to consider morality from the perspective of desperation deserves to be noticed. That The Banner Saga 2 does so with such flair, so interestingly, and in such an immensely enjoyable way deserves a significant amount of respect.
Chris WhiteApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 continues the fantastic story or Rook, Hakon, Alette and Bolverk, with dynamic combat and the Horseborn keeping the battle boards fresh and unique with every fight.
Jordan BiordiApr 19, 2016
Overall, I recommend The Banner Saga 2. If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem, Oregon Trail or any of the Telltale games, then you’ll find something to enjoy on this. If, like its predecessor, it goes to mobile, I’d probably say grab it there. You’ll get a fuller experience from it on mobile, and those are words I’m hesitantly glad to say.
Baz MacdonaldApr 28, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 isn't mechanically distinct from the first game and its story suffers second act syndrome, but it's nonetheless a cracking title that will both satisfy and leave players in desperate need of the trilogy's closing act.
Carlos LeivaApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 es una secuela que apuesta sobre seguro ofreciéndonos más y mejor de lo mismo. Se echa en falta un número mayor de novedades, aunque la experiencia de juego sigue siendo tan intensa y divertida como la recordábamos gracias a una historia muy bien escrita, más oscura y madura, y a un desarrollo que nos pondrá a prueba a cada paso que demos.
Alejandro PascualApr 20, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 solventa muchos de los puntos más urgentes de su primera entrega, creando un combate más rico y elaborado. Pero en el camino no se olvida de añadir una mayor profundidad a toda la obra, mientras mantiene y ensalza aún más la gran calidad artística del estudio. Un videojuego para quienes quieran continuar la saga del estandarte, pero en el que recomendamos empezar por su primera parte para seguir la historia en orden.
Jose A. RodríguezApr 19, 2016
Tras el éxito del primer The Banner Saga, era de esperar que el equipo no se quedase atrás a la hora de desarrollar una secuela. Y así ha sido, y es que si bien se mantienen aspecto y gran cantidad de las características del primero, los añadidos y el sentido narrativo y de continuación hacen de TBS2 un gran juego de estrategia por turnos, a la vez que un relato excelente. Ojalá la historia no acabe aquí.
Reiner HauserApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga ist ein perfektes Beispiel dafür, dass man gute Geschichten auch mit kleinem Budget, allein mit liebevoller Zeichenkunst und einem Geschick für glaubwürdige Dialoge erzählen kann. Dass der zweite Teil das Niveau seines Vorgängers nicht nur halten kann, sondern sogar in fast jeder Hinsicht übertrifft, macht ihn zu einer mehr als würdigen Fortsetzung.
Jörg LuiblApr 28, 2016
Hier wird angenehm reif erzählt, ohne emotionalen Kitsch oder zu dick aufgetragenes Pathos. Es entwickelt sich ein Drama, das das Menschliche mit subtilen Untertönen und das Sagenhafte mit heroischen Momenten vereint. Schade nur, dass das Gelände in den Kämpfen immer noch flach bleibt und dass das "Finale" etwas enttäuscht - aber es gibt ja einen abschließenden dritten Teil.
MrderivMay 02, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 conserve les excellentes bases de son prédécesseur sans chamboulement majeur de la formule. Il reprend sa patte artistique marquée et somptueuse, son écriture intelligente, et l’impérieuse nécessité pour le joueur de prendre de lourdes décisions et donc de faire de nombreux sacrifices.
Alaric RoorApr 20, 2016
Les dessins sont toujours aussi beaux, la musique signée Austin Wintory est toujours aussi inspirée quoiqu’un peu trop en retrait, et l’écriture reste d’excellente facture. On retiendra toutefois quelques différences : les combats gagnent en profondeur grâce à de nouvelles classes et compétences, alors que le scénario suit son cours plus calmement malgré quelques rebondissements, et s’affranchit presque intégralement des choix cruciaux que pouvait offrir le premier épisode pour se concentrer sur la gestion de la caravane.
Rosario SalatielloApr 25, 2016
Quando qualcosa è già bello così com'è, diventa difficile andarne a cambiare qualche aspetto senza rischiare di rovinare il tutto. Lo sanno bene i membri di Stoic Studio, che con The Banner Saga 2 hanno portato avanti l'ottimo lavoro svolto col capitolo iniziale, apportando delle aggiunte piuttosto limitate a un'opera che già prima spiccava in ambito strategico, narrativo e stilistico.
Claudio ChianeseApr 19, 2016
Soprattutto, scelte e conseguenze hanno un legame piuttosto labile, e il senno di poi rimane l'unica, mesta consolazione di fronte alle vittime delle nostre decisioni sbagliate. Siamo onesti, è così anche nella vita. Ma è anche, devo ammetterlo, poco "ludico" per i miei gusti. Non si tratta di una critica, piuttosto di un avvertimento. Se la cosa non vi turba, il sentiero di The Banner Saga 2 merita di essere percorso fino alla fine.
Олег ЗайцевApr 19, 2016
И хотя авторы заботливо добавили в новинку краткий пересказ событий хита двухлетней давности, что якобы делает сиквел самостоятельным, я настоятельно рекомендую браться за игры сериала в хронологическом порядке: как и задумывалось с самого начала, трилогия в итоге станет одной грандиозной Сагой. Осталось только дождаться ее захватывающего финала.
Александр ТрофимовApr 25, 2016
Я ставлю Banner Saga 2 «всего» девять баллов, потому что эту игру несколько затмевает ее же предшественница. Если после финала первой игры я чуть не плакал – таким мощным и красивым вышел промежуточный финал, то концовка второй игры вышла несколько скомканной, торопливой, не дающей того ощущения свершения, что и первая. Да, это проблема многих промежуточный произведений.
medicApr 19, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 ma w sobie aż tyle świeżości i klimatu, zaś wszystko to napędza tak interesująca opowieść, że nawet niektóre nienaprawione od pierwszej części defekty rozgrywki nie popsuły moich bardzo pozytywnych wrażeń. Mam nadzieję, że przygotowując kolejną część, Stoic Games skupi się nie tylko na jej walorach fabularnych i artystycznych, ale poprawi to i owo w mechanice rozgrywki. W końcu łaska graczy na pstrym koniu jeździ!
John AnderssonApr 29, 2016
The Banner Saga 2 gör allting som gjorde det första spelet så bra och kryddar upp det ännu mer. Det är små men vitala ändringar som gjorts och spelets första två timmar berättas med sån nerv att det är snudd på omöjligt att sluta spela. Höj fanan, min vän! The Banner Saga 2 är precis så bra som du hoppades.