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Tales From The Borderlands

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Tyler WildeOct 22, 2015
It does get bit sentimental and cheesy—always winking at us to make sure we know it’s aware of its own cheesiness, of course—but dammit, it’s cute. Rhys is cute, Fiona is cute, Vaughn and Sasha are cute, Loader Bot and Gordys are cute as hell. Even when I felt like I ought to roll my eyes at a weak joke, I liked the cast too much to want to. Tales from the Borderlands is a great game, even if you don’t care about Borderlands.
Drew LeachmanNov 03, 2015
Obviously, fans of Borderlands will get much more out of it, but even if you haven’t played the first person shooter RPGs, you’ll still have a great time seeing this world in the eyes of a couple of cons. It is well acted, has tons of style, and brings a great story to the table. I highly suggest this adventure game to both fans of Borderlands and fans of adventure games.
Ian SoltesNov 03, 2015
The game even manages to have some rather emotional moments as well, which is surprising considering that Borderlands has never been that big on emotional story-telling. Some moments can be outright tragic, and others outright awesome, and some just laugh-worthy, but they all provide a great mix and are capable of creating strong feelings.
Fabien PellegriniOct 26, 2015
Terminons enfin par préciser que si le jeu s'avère particulièrement enthousiasmant pour les joueurs ayant déjà parcouru les FPS Borderlands, il reste plus que recommandable aux novices de la série, car ses qualités intrinsèques dépassent largement celles relatives au respect de la saga. Bref, ce Tales from the Borderlands a quasiment tout bon !