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Matthew HayesFeb 16, 2016
It's gorgeous to watch in action, accessible to newcomers, and offers depths of variety that that the competitive and hardcore will be mining ambitiously for years to come.
Mike WilliamsFeb 15, 2016
Street Fighter V is a great core for the next generation of Street Fighter. The roster of 16 characters is varied, the game has been tuned to be easier for new players, and everything feels relatively balanced. Unfortunately, SFV is missing most of the bells-and-whistles we've come to expect from a retail fighting game. Capcom is updating the game, so it'll reach greatness eventually, but it's not quite there yet.
Louisa BhairamFeb 15, 2016
Although it still has much to achieve, Street Fighter V is already a very impressive comeback for the iconic fighting series. Stunning visuals and new fighting mechanics add to this game's already winning formula. Though it is promised for later, missing content is a disappointment. What is here is good enough quality to please fans though.
Peter BrownFeb 22, 2016
Street Fighter V has a long road ahead of it, and Capcom has to iron out the game's issues if it wants to keep casual players engaged. If it sticks to its projected update plans, that may very well happen; time will tell. Those willing to stick it out now will discover one of the best fighting engines around, with a great cast and intelligently balanced fighting styles making it both challenging and fun.
Jacques WaughFeb 16, 2016
Overall Street Fighter V is extremely playable, responsive and looks great and is a really strong entry in the Street Fighter franchise. The game that has been released today is the one designed for people who want to play online, for those of us who enjoy the stories and challenge modes, there's still some time to wait.
Mitchell SaltzmanJan 16, 2018
Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition marks the completion of a transformation from bare-bones fighting game with a rock-solid core to a fully featured example of the genre at its best. The new V-Triggers are sure to shake up the competitive scene, while the nostalgic new modes breathe new life into the single-player fighting.
Alexander BaldwinFeb 20, 2016
Street Fighter V is an extremely pure and honest fighting game, polished to near perfection. Sadly, this is completely overshadowed by the lack of core features, online issues and very little single player content. The type of person I would recommend Street Fighter V to at the moment are probably the people who have already bought the game, those self-proclaimed members of the fighting game community who will devote time and effort to get better and play competitively or those more casual fighting game fans who are looking for matches against friends whether online or locally.
Mitchell SaltzmanFeb 16, 2016
While it is incomplete by design, with the missing content being dolled out for free over the course of the year, Street Fighter 5 is the most accessible the franchise has ever been and remains mechanically brilliant. Those without a desire to sharpen their skills against friends or against players online may want to wait for the cinematic story mode to drop in June, but for everyone else, Street Fighter 5 lives up to the hype.
Vince IngenitoFeb 15, 2016
It sports a wonderful, diverse cast of characters, places a clear emphasis on strong fundamental play, it gives competitive players a great online experience, and it does it all while looking gorgeous. Strictly in terms of mechanics and competitive features, Street Fighter 5 is just about peerless, but it has quite a ways to go before it stacks up against other fighting games - including its own predecessor - in terms of overall content.
Ravi SinhaFeb 16, 2016
Street Fighter 5 is as stoic and reliable as ever, right down to its character balance and network performance. Though Story Mode is underwhelming and there's a noticeable lack of content, its gameplay is still stellar and worthy of any fighting game fan's time.
Matt WalkerFeb 16, 2016
It's gorgeous to watch in action, accessible to newcomers, and offers depths of variety that that the competitive and hardcore will be mining ambitiously for years to come.
Nathan BrownFeb 22, 2016
Street Fighter V is two very different games. To the battle-hardened it is simply brilliant, stripping away much of the nonsense and complexity of its predecessor, with a cast of characters that each feel unique thanks to the V-systems. To the single player it is as convoluted and baffling as ever, and miserably light on content.
Arthur GiesFeb 23, 2016
We don't doubt that Street Fighter 5 will be more than it is today at some point, and it may not even take long to get there. The most important skeletal elements of a strong fighting game are here, and they set the stage for a fighter that should have the legs to carry it years down the road. But for all but the most dedicated Street Fighter player, Capcom isn't making a reasonable case to jump on board yet.
Jonas MäkiFeb 15, 2016
It feels a little unfinished and we would have liked to get a few more characters, a descent single-player mode, and better crafted menus. It really isn't the massive leap that we had hoped for, and it certainly should have been nicer. However, it's still borderline impossible to put down the controller and once again it will lead to late nights fighting with friends.
Alex DonaldsonFeb 15, 2016
If we get down to brass tacks, Street Fighter V is mechanically one of the best titles in the genre and possibly the best in this storied series, but it’s also lacking in single-player content to the extent that in places it feels unfinished.
OfisilMar 11, 2016
Capcom has made a terrible mistake by releasing one of its flagship franchises at full price, but with half the content. Strange as it may seem, however, and even though Street Fighter V currently feels like an Early Access title, it is a worthy purchase because of three things. First, the Japanese developer is truly doing a great job at rapidly updating and fixing some of the stability problems; second, there won't be any need to spend money on any future updates, since all content (apart from some cosmetic elements) will be available for free; and, finally, the actual battles are very enjoyable - simplified without being simplistic, and, thus, catering to both casuals and pros alike.
Tom BickmoreFeb 15, 2016
All in all, Street Fighter V is an excellent expansion of one of history’s most prestigious franchises. Capcom have addressed the weaknesses and redesigned the combat for the next generation, and introduced a small cast of new characters who should quickly become as memorable as your Blankas and your E.Hondas of old. Though lacking what feels like some basic modes, we know they’re coming soon.
Alonso ZamoraFeb 17, 2016
Al final, esas carencias no impiden la emoción de la batalla tanto de manera local como en línea, pero es un punto en contra para aquellos acostumbrados a toneladas de contenido jugable desde el día 1. Para el resto, aquellos comprometidos en el camino de ser mejores peleadores cada día y encontrar la verdad en el corazón de la batalla, puedo decirles que Street Fighter sigue siendo el mejor.
Toni PiedrabuenaFeb 15, 2016
Supone un nuevo comienzo para todos los luchadores del mundo, y Capcom ha centrado todo su esfuerzo en convertirlo en un eSport que sea capaz de superar todo lo visto en el género de la lucha en los últimos años. En su mano está el lograrlo: el compromiso parece total, pero puede que no sea suficiente para todos los seguidores de la franquicia.
Nacho OrtizFeb 15, 2016
Street Fighter V llega con una ambición tremenda. Abandera un nuevo modelo de negocio, por temporadas, incorporando contenido de forma gratuita, desbloqueable, de pago, nuevos personajes, modos y temporadas a futuro que lo alejan del viejo modelo por expansiones que tanto irritó al usuario.
Valentin AschenbrennerFeb 19, 2016
In den nächsten Monaten könnte Street Fighter 5 tatsächlich zum „definitiven Beat 'em Up“ werden, sofern Capcom tatsächlich konsequent an sämtlichen genannten Problemen schraubt. Doch bis dahin ist es definitiv noch ein weiter Weg, den man in der Zwischenzeit genauso gut mit Ultra Street Fighter 4 überbrücken kann.
AnagundFeb 15, 2016
Street Fighter V réussit un véritable combo : être plus accessible tout en bénéficiant d'une technicité digne de l'eSport. En avantageant un peu plus les comportements offensifs par rapport à Street Fighter IV, le jeu de combat de Capcom gagne en spectacularité. Mais c'est la courbe de progression des joueurs, fluide et quasiment infinie, qui prouve que son gameplay s'approche de la perfection.
Guillaume TutundjianFeb 15, 2016
Bref, au vu des promesses et de son gameplay, Street Fighter V paraît taillé pour un avenir radieux. Mais on espérait fêter dès aujourd'hui l'éclosion d'un nouveau prodige, et pas seulement l'arrivée d'un candidat déclaré pour un futur On refait le patch.
Aligi ComandiniMar 12, 2016
Mi riesce comunque impossibile valutare negativamente il gioco, perché siamo davvero davanti a un prodotto dotato di meccaniche calcolate a meraviglia, e capace di divertire come non mai quando funziona. Con la speranza che Capcom sistemi tutto, e la promessa di tenervi aggiornati sui cambiamenti futuri, chiudo quindi questa recensione consigliando per ora Street Fighter V solo ai veri appassionati, capaci di passar sopra a tutte le sue mancanze.
Николай ХолодовMar 09, 2016
Даже несмотря на все недостатки, назвать Street Fighter V плохой игрой невозможно. Видно, что над ней было проделано много работы, ощущается её огромный потенциал. Выйди она примерно на полгода позже, у неё были бы все шансы получить множество "десяток" от разных критиков. Пока же, к сожалению, она больше похожа на проект из раннего доступа, чем на готовый продукт.
Theo WeberFeb 15, 2016
Capcom heeft met Street Fighter 5 een dijk van een game neergezet. De game ziet er erg goed uit en speelt heerlijk weg. De gevechten zijn erg dynamisch door de V-aanvallen en de gevarieerde cast en ook de levels zien er bijzonder goed uit. Wat betreft modi bevat de game ruim voldoende spelplezier voor zowel online als offline.
Piotrek WardachApr 14, 2016
Sam z siebie, Street Fighter 5 prezentuje się solidnie. Dzięki przebudowanemu systemowi, gracz nie musi już walczyć ze sterowaniem, by wykonać bardziej zawiłe kombinacje, co pozwala skupić się na grze psychologicznej – na którą tutaj położono zdecydowanie większy nacisk. Choć postaci nie jest za dużo, to postawiono na ich jakość i zróżnicowanie.