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Star Wars: Empire at War

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Bob ColaycoFeb 16, 2006
Empire at War will deliver all that in a fun, compelling package. You can't really lose in any game in which you can blow up a planet with the Death Star, can you? Combined with a presentation that is as epic as the films that inspired the game and a slick, dual-layered strategy design, Empire at War is easily recommendable to any strategy fan, especially those who are fond of George Lucas' space classic.
Mike ChasselwaiteFeb 22, 2006
Not only is this a great game but like most Star Wars videogames, the production values are beyond reproach. The game looks fantastic. The camera offers an amazing panoramic view of outer space and can be zoomed in to highlight the smallest of details. The trademark Star Wars laser sounds zip, zing and zap from speaker to speaker. The music is lush and empiric as it drives you into battle. The voiceacting is the third addition to the aural component of the game.
jkdmediaFeb 21, 2006
While Star Wars: Empire at War is one of the best Star Wars real-time strategy games around. The only problem with this game is that it could have been so much better. The game's land battles tend to get repetitive but thanks to the wide variety of missions and options, this game will be playing in your PC for a very long time.
Steve ButtsFeb 15, 2006
If you're hoping to enjoy this game because you really like Star Wars, you'll probably be satisfied for quite a while. As I said, the game is remarkably faithful to the brand. If, on the other hand, your interest in the Star Wars property takes a back seat to your desire for a solid strategy experience, the few innovations aren't going to be enough to overcome the repetitive nature of the fights.
Jim RossignolFeb 23, 2006
Ultimately, there's no single aspect of the game that really demands your interest. To place it in perspective I've also refreshed my memory of Rome: Total War and Dawn of War. The pace and visual impact of Dawn of War make Empire At War's RTS sections simply disappear into the shadows, and the tactical map of Rome Total War would have been a fine game even without the beautiful sieges and epic battles that underpin it; Empire At War by contrast looks a little but like "My First Wargame". But hey, at least it's not Force Commander.