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Ethan HawkesAug 12, 2013
Those who missed out on the XBLA release of Spelunky and want a good tough rogue-like should pick it up from Steam. It’s a little more based on reflexes than most rogue-likes, but even if you find out you’re not that good at it, it is still a riot to watch friends try to get as far as the can before making the wrong step and getting crushed by a boulder.
Mitch DyerAug 06, 2013
Spelunky is a game that takes experts 10 minutes to complete, but it will take you hours before you’re remotely ready for that challenge. This is a superb 2D platformer that’s as easy to hate as it is to love, and your patience for punishment will be the determining factor. Players who live to overcome abusive challenges and obsess over discovering new things will hunger for Spelunky's deeply rewarding exploration.
Chris PlanteJul 02, 2012
The beauty of Spelunky is how constantly it encourages learning by doing; it does not tell, show or coddle. Spelunky is an elaborate series of mechanisms that react not just to you, but one another. It has the precise input/output feedback of Tetris, but with the breadth of gameplay of Super Mario Bros.
Johnathangrey CarterJul 27, 2012
The game features up to four-player local co-op, it's frantic fun for the first few levels, but there's a delicate balance to the single player that's lost when you've got four people throwing bombs all over the place. It's still really good fun, but the punishing nature of the game makes keeping a four-player group from turning into a four-player brawl difficult. The deathmatch mode is a fun, but shallow diversion. Spelunky is a game best enjoyed alone.
Tom Mc SheaAug 16, 2013
Returning to this downloadable adventure one year after the original debuted only solidifies how expertly designed it is. Spelunky makes excellent use of its random nature to keep you hooked as you strive to dive ever deeper into the mysterious depths. And if restarting from the beginning seems too much punishment for you to bear, there are shortcuts to open if your skills are honed enough.
Craig DavesonSep 03, 2013
If you are the kind of masochist who enjoys the hardest and most punishing of games I would recommend Spelunky to you in an instant. The feeling of achievement when you conquer a cave system is unmatched by games which constantly hold your hand and throw health at you every step of the way.
Graham SmithSep 10, 2013
Spelunky's moving parts are simple – the free version was built using the entry-level game development tool, Game Maker – but they click together in ways smart enough that they've kept me joyfully exploring its depths for years, without ever reaching the bottom. You don't need to be careful about this. Just buy it.
Tom BramwellAug 08, 2013
Spelunky is perfect. I wouldn't change a single line of code that makes jumping around this 2D platform roguelike so pleasurable. I wouldn't touch a single variable in the algorithms that govern its procedural level generation. I wouldn't change a pixel of its gorgeously smooth and chunky cartoon graphics or a note on its horribly catchy, ceaselessly lovable soundtrack.
LespolSep 06, 2013
A l'occasion de ce remake, Spelunky s'offre une multitude de nouveautés bien senties et d'améliorations en tout genre. Le contenu a également été nettement étoffé et au final, les 14 € demandés paraissent amplement justifiés. Le résultat s'avère ainsi tout simplement jouissif, notamment grâce à un gameplay beaucoup plus profond qu'il n'y paraît. Espérons simplement que la difficulté extrême ne rebutera pas les moins tenaces d'entre vous.
Mattias SörbomApr 28, 2016
En välskriven och underhållande bok som dock kräver sina timmar i Spelunky för att man som läsare ska få ut och förstå alla nyanser och referenser. Med sina 220 sidor så är den lättläst och gås igenom snabbt även om den avslutas något tvärt och gärna hade fått vara mycket längre - det märks tydligt att det finns många berättelser kvar att delge fansen.